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New Head-Fier
Aug 19, 2012
I want to buy headphones to replace my Yamaha EPH30 which spoiled the jack. With interest mainly for movies from iPad and other tablet nook and some times music . I want to have enough and good bass. I think: affordable Sony MDR EX71xl, JBL, sennheiser cx300 ii, Refence 220, Vsonic GR02-GR99, Ecci pr200, soundmagic pl21, and litle more expensive klipsch image s4, soundmagic e10. It is necessary to sentence by anyone above and set up certain other? I have put a limit of around 50 $
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Its too expensive. I want under 50$. At this time my choice is klipsch s4, soundmagic e10, vsonic gr02bass or sennheiser cx300II

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Last question : soundmagic e10 or vsonic gr02 bass???
This is bass version or r02 proII ?

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