1. blue90

    Looking for in ear headphones in the range of £20 - £25

    Hey guys,   I recently lost my jvc marshmallows so its time to buy new headphones. I absolutely loved the marshmallows but after listening to the air cushions, fx66, i kinda liked fx66 more because it had more punchy bass and were more comfortable. I have so far tried the air cushions which...
  2. Myon

    Newb time - Looking for cheap headphones

    Alright, you've probably been asked this a thousand times before but I'm looking for some good headphones under $50. I'm a poor college student and I'm going to be using them while I walk to and from school and local stores. My collection is mostly rock/metal and piano pieces (not sure why)...
  3. Headsore71

    Sound Magic PL21 problem

    Hi,   Had a quick look around and couldn't find an answer to my problem..I recently bought some SoundMagic PL21's, I'm happy with the sound but the comfort isn't great. I've tried all of the buds which are supplied and they're either falling out or too large. Does anyone know where I can get...
  4. ClieOS

    Concise Multi-IEM Comparison (FINAL UPDATE March. 1st, 2013)

    This thread is meant to be a simple comparison / reference, to make things easier for new comer to sort through dozens of IEM quickly in regard of finding the sound signature they are looking for. However, sound signature is not purely a translation of frequency response graph – and certainly...
  5. JamesXP

    Reccomend me some value IEMs

    Suppose I better give you some background - I currently own some Soundmagic PL21 IEMs and I like them, but after a year of use they've finally come to their death and they need replacing, I am in the UK so bear in mind, some headphone choices which are available in the USA might not be...
  6. E

    Looking for a good cheap pair of earphones

    Hi, I'm from Australia, recently my earphones died :\ (SoundMagic MP21) and I need a replacement, do you guys have any suggestions? I like bass, lots of it, but I don't really like muddy bass. My price range is anything below $80AUD ($100AUD if the earphones are really that much better).   ...
  7. C

    SoundMagic MP21 and PL21

    Hey everyone, it seems that SoundMagic has released two new pairs of earphones; the PL21 and the MP21 MP21 PL21 The MP21's are aimed to compete with the higher end iphone/phone headset companies. Seems like a good product for people who need a headset for their phone but don't want to...
  8. jant71

    Thoughts on Kanen and the KM-948

    I was looking for a cheap, comfy, low sensitivity solution for portable radio/podcast use. After a little bit of a search I decided to grab a pair of these for $6.33 shipped. DealExtreme: Photo Gallery - Kanen KM-948 Noise Isolation In-Ear Earphone (3.5mm Jack/120cm Cable) The KM-948 uses the...
  9. pudim

    M9, PL21/30, Hippo Pearl? Help, please

    Hi,   I've got 30€ to spend on IEM's, since my (fake) EP-630 broke a while ago.   These are the options I've seen so far: Meelectronics M9, Sound Magic PL21 or 30 and the Hippo Pearl.   I don't have any particular demand on characteristics; I use Alessandro's MS-1i for home listening...
  10. Pet

    Shure Black Foam Sleeves with Soundmagic PL21?

    Hi, can anyone tell me whether the black foam sleeves will fit on the SoundMagic pl21 nozzle?   I read somewhere that they could be modded to fit on the PL11. I used to have the PL11, and the nozzle was quite a bit bigger than the pl21's.   Also, can anyone tell me which comply tips will...
  11. lorafenik

    M9, PL21/30 or PortaPro? What do you think?

    Hey, I'm looking for some portable HP, mostly for bus travels, sometimes maybe also for running. I'd like to have rather fun presentation, with good quality/quanity bass (I don't consider my MS1 on the bassy side, also they have little subbass for my taste), warm but detailed mids and...
  12. Soodey

    Best In-Ears for ~$30?

    So I've dabbled in high end in-ears before, I currently have a set of the UE 10 pros that I picked up during that Amazon sale last year. My sister came to me asking what's a good In-ear to replace the stock buds on her ipod. I guess all my belittling finally got to her . As the title...
  13. Akash

    Sound Magic PL21 OR PL30?

    I can get both PL21 and PL30 for similar price.. Which one should I go for? I like good clarity with good bass Thanks
  14. lucascavalheiro

    SoundMagic P10/P20 vs Koss Porta Pro?

      Anyone has this 2 headphones to compare them?   They have almost the same price.     And a upgrade to Grado SR60i or SR80i wich costs 2 times will be worth?   ThanksAnyone has this 2 headphones to compare them?   They have almost the same price.     And a upgrade to...
  15. Playdo

    Best choice for under £25?

    I see there are a load of connoisseurs on this forum so £25 probably sounds pretty pointless to a lot of you. But it's all I'm spending . I've never used ear canal phones before but I have used buds. The thought of canal phones doesn't appeal to me but is it a case of just getting used to them...
  16. neologan

    which one for under £30?

    So far I've narrowed it down to these: Klipsch Image X1 Headphones: Electronics SoundMAGIC PL30 Earphones in Black: Electronics I do like an impactful bass, but naturally so. The rest, i'm just wondering which one has the edge in general, or if very close...
  17. Soyuz

    Buying advice; MEElec M2 vs. SoundMagic PL21 or others?

    Dear Head-Fi'ers,   First of all, I'm sorry to open an x vs. y topic. There's lots of information to be found on this forum, but I hope you experts can advice me a little in this personal 'dilemma'. What I need is a durable pair of earphones for a low price and with a decent but fun sound...
  18. stonecaper

    [Which One?] Sennheiser CX 200/.Lift Audio Groove Series/JVC air cushion/Meelec M9/Soundmagic PL-21

    Hi all,   Please Help Me to choose My Budget (and first) IEM   I Have Chosen   Sennheiser CX 200 Lift Audio Groove Series JVC air cushion Meelec M9 Soundmagic PL-21   Please tell Me Which one Should be the Best   For the Headphones i wanted to know If there Is...
  19. ClieOS

    [REVIEW] SoundMAGIC PL21

    Spec Driver: 9mm Dynamic Impedance: 12 Ω Sensitivity: 97dB±2 dB / mW @ 1kHz Frequency Response: 15Hz~22kHz Plug: Gold-plated L-shaped mini plug Weight: 8g Cable: 1.2m Packaging, Accessories and Build Quality PL21 comes in a similar style packaging as PL50, differentiating both...
  20. Soundmagic PL 21

    Soundmagic PL 21

    New generic universal in-ear stereo headset.Frequency range: 15-22000Hz. DC resistance: 12±10%Ω. Sensitivity: 97±2dB.Cable length: 1.2m. Connection: 3.5mm plug. Supper bass response and outstanding clarity. Comfortable, sound-isolating ear-tips reduce noise. Noise isolation near -20dB.