pl-30 for basshead is it possible?
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Apr 20, 2011
I am basshead but really want to get soundmagic pl-30. Does Dnb, Dubstep, Hip-Hop would sound ok with bass bost on source and an amp? or i should go for brainwavz m2 ? i also listen to singing poetry, pop and stuff. And price is VERY important so that 20bucks that m2 cost more means alot. off topic, does someone knows where to get m2 for less than 60bucks? even used 
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You'd probably wanna go for the PL21 if you're into bass.  I'd also recommend checking out Meelec's lineup.  Take a look at ljokerl's thread and see what you think:
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PL-30 is mid centric. Listening to Dubstep now on them just sounds wrong. The mid emphasis just makes everything sound like you're listening to it underwater. Bass boost wont help, it's missing that brain shaking punch and impact.
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Yup, the M2s are pretty nice.  Definitely some nice bass for the price.  Or you can always get some refurb Monster Turbines.  You can buy them direct from the Monster Outlet for 50 bucks.  Pretty nice price for some substantial bass.  Pretty much the ultimate <$100 basshead headphone.
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Absolutely no way would the PL-30's satisfy you if you want strong bass.  I made that mistake a while back when trying to use them to listen to metal.  The M2's would be much better for you.  You might consider some Xears earphones as well.  I'm loving my TD-II's, and I have some PB120's that have quite a lot of mid-bass, though treble is somewhat lacking (for rock/metal)...but for hip-hop, I suspect they'd be great.  The PB120's were pretty cheap, too...I think I got them off his ebay store for $24 shipped. 

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