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Aug 15, 2011
Hi, my name is Arek and I'm really pleased that i found this forum :) This is why...

Since few days i'm looking for some good and quite cheep in-earphones I have to replece my old KOSS KE29 since after few good weeks i just lost them :frowning2:
I read some reviews about soundMAGIC pl21, pl30 and pl50 so besicaly what it's says here is that :
SoundMAGIC  PL21 > PL30 > PL50
Im almost, almost buying PL21 but wondering how do they fit in ear ? Similar like ke29 ? Like you see my budget is around 10 to 35 pounds (im based in U.K.)
Wondering also what can you tell me about SM E10 ? Also what can you notice that i like ke29 shape over pl30 (im quite picky about whats in my ear and if something not fit like it should be i just wont use) Have more question and seems that google just dont like me any more so like i said I need your help very much :-/
Thank you for fast and accurate help.
ps: sorry for my bad english :p
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Depending on the type of music you listen to, I'd recommend the new SoundMagic e30s...they are fantastic for around 40 pounds.  Little over your price range, but might be worth it.  They are essentially an updated version of the PL30s with a much improved sound.
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Hmm cant go more the budget thats the thing...
im this [.] much from buying pl21 but this pl30 are still in my head :)
im just worrying how they will fit in my ear are they uncomfortable in any way ? (pl30) and also most important question is pl30 are only over the ear style right? or can i ware them like koss ke29 ?
what type of music hmm to be fair all kind :D
starting from the spencer group to electronic music such as dnb and funky house stopin on korn...
will use edit for this one:
what i really need is earphones whit nice bass, clear and smoth sound, comfortable for picky ear and quite unbreakable since i might use them at work and dont want to break them (last pair of Cresent's lost 3.5mm jack at work)
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Sony EX310, JVC FXC50, CX300, Apple in earphones and M2.

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