1. SumLuckyGuy

    kilpsch s4a (II) vs jays one+

    I've tried searching for this comparison and can't find it. I am looking for a decent pair of IEMs (sub $100) with a great mic.   I've come down to these two models, but am open to any suggestions.   thanks!
  2. Trap-Jensen

    Replacement eartips for my T-Jays and A-Jays (where to buy and what size will fit them?)

    Hello there!   I have bought a pair of T-Jays Three and i love them for the price (55 US dollars)   They fit my ears perfectly with the biggest eartips and the cables over the ears! Big value for money!    Anyway! I'm an Android user and needed some in-ears with a microphone too (A shame...
  3. MrRamirez

    What are the best earphones under $50?

    Can you guys recommend me some earphones under $50? I'll give you the most information i can so you can easily pick some earphones for me Earphones i had before: Original Apple Earphones Lenntek Sonix 3 A Jays One They all did good (except Apple Earphones) but both of them broke on me...
  4. irevoz


    Should i get A-Jays Three or One+?
  5. keanex

    [Review] JAYS t-JAYS Three, Sleek Looks Meet Powerful Bass

        Pros: Deep, powerful and detailed bass, looks, packaging Cons: Potentially too much bass   As always I reviewed these stock from my iPod Classic to give users an idea of what to expect from these out of the box. I would like to thank Urban over at JAYS for the sample!  ...
  6. Blackline

    I have a hard time choosing!

    Hey, I'm new hear and I need some help! I've checked some reviews of countless in-ear monitors so I'm more lost now than before. I have practically no chance of trying some of them out since I live nowhere near a store like that. I've gained interest in these IEMs, and I need help in choosing...
  7. m27gio

    <100$ range for gift

    I'm looking for the best pair of IEM's I can buy that is less than $100.   They can be on sale for less or available on amazon for less or anything like that.  They are a gift to my girlfriend...who will use them for all kinds of music (hip-hop, alternative, rock & roll, etc.). I know that...
  8. mark2410

    t-JAYS one Review

      t-JAYS one Review   Thanks to Advanced Headphones www.advancedheadphones.co.uk for the samples (AMP3’s sister site)   First impressions:  Jays really do make a lovely box don’t they?  They also make a lovely looking IEM here even if it is a bit of a weird shape, I can’t help but...
  9. sproule17

    1st Pair of HQ Earphones/In earphones

    Hi there, I'm looking to buy my first ever expensive earphones and I'm really lost as to what to go for, the dre beats immediately got my attention but I don't like alot of the reviews, apparently the bass is brilliant but the sound and clarity is really poor, I have a budget of about £200 but...
  10. DogMeat

    Any Thoughts on Jays?

    I've read a bit about them, never had a listen.   And I wonder what anybody who's heard them thinks, and t's vs. q's?   Kind of wandering around in IE land, trying to decide on some things.     Any experiences are welcome.
  11. ClieOS

    Concise Multi-IEM Comparison (FINAL UPDATE March. 1st, 2013)

    This thread is meant to be a simple comparison / reference, to make things easier for new comer to sort through dozens of IEM quickly in regard of finding the sound signature they are looking for. However, sound signature is not purely a translation of frequency response graph – and certainly...
  12. kristoficus

    Jays a-Jays - One vs Two vs Three - Worth the difference?

    Besides the extra one or two accessories and slightly different 'finish', is there actually a noticable sounds difference between the three versions?   Looking at the specifications the one has a 95dB sensitivity. Two has 96dB and Three has 97dB. Similarly, each have a 2kHz frequency...
  13. Cheexy

    Choosing between t-jays or muse earbuds

    It took me awhile to decide to create an account n post here because all the earbuds u guys talkin about r all so highend. But I still decide to give it a go. I m lookin for a budget earbuds n was considering between t-jays or muse earbuds. Anybody got ant recommendation which is better?
  14. Sayajin

    Jays launching seven new products Spring 2010 - incl. x-JAYS quadro armature universal IEM

    This was actually been posted once here before but not so very highlighted to all of you. Then I liked to made a new thread about these exiting news. Jays is planning to release seven new products this coming spring. (Q2) Some of them are a-JAYS and t-JAYS which are two new series of...
  15. DigDub

    Jays T-Jays Three review

        i got these for $168 singapore dollars.   Packaging - It has the the most accessories out of the 3 models of t-jays. it has 6 pairs of sleeves of different sizes. It also comes with an airline adapter and a splitter. There is also an extension cord. Everything is packed in a...
  16. DigDub

    Jays T-Jays One review

      Packaging: It comes in a black hard plastic casing, which slides out to reveal the t-jays, numerous number of sleeves, the extension cord and the user guide. Very classy, quite a change from the filmsy see through packaging that other companies use.   Build: The wires are pretty...
  17. Jays T Jays One

    Jays T Jays One

    The t-JAYS One uses JAYS silicone sleeves which work to lower any intrusive surrounding noise by up to 40dB, ensuring a better listening experience in ambient environments. And in turn this means the 10mm earphone speaker does not distort as the media player’s amplifier does not get overloaded.