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<100$ range for gift

  1. m27gio
    I'm looking for the best pair of IEM's I can buy that is less than $100.
    They can be on sale for less or available on amazon for less or anything like that.  They are a gift to my girlfriend...who will use them for all kinds of music (hip-hop, alternative, rock & roll, etc.). I know that she wants something comfortable (will probably use them for running also), and she doesn't really need anything bass heavy.  I think the overall quality and soundstage will be more important to her than the bass.
    Just as a side note I have the Monster Turbines and she likes them a lot.  I can get them on Amazon for about $100; I was just wondering if anyone has any other suggestions.  THANK YOU!
  2. dbdynsty25
    Check out the Brainwavz M3...they are a great pair of all around earphones and they can be had for under 100 bucks on Amazon.  They would be a bit better to run with because they are lighter.  I've got a pair of both and I listen to the Turbines (both regular and copper) at home and the Brainwavz at the gym.  They are just better for active use.
  3. DaBomb77766
    Apparently the JAYS t-JAYS make great gifts, though they may not be the best bang-for-the-buck IEM out there.  But the packaging and such is apparently very amazing, and Joker at least says they would make a great gift.
    If you can get the Turbines for $100 they'd be a pretty solid choice too, but maybe not the best for running with, they're pretty heavy.  Though you have Turbines yourself so you'd probably be able to make that judgement better than me. :p
    The RE0/RE-ZERO are pretty amazing choices too at this price range, and sound as good as IEMs that cost two and even three times as much.  They can sound anemic to those who like lots of bass, but their clarity is unmatched unless you want to spend a lot more.  I've heard issues about build quality though, they seem to break fairly often.
  4. cifani090
    A pair of Shure 215's would be a great pair of earbuds. The return, if she wanted to sell them, and very good so you wont be loosing too much money.

  5. Raguvian
    What about the Phonak Perfect Bass? They're $89.
    I keep trying to stay away from the "add to cart" button on those... You can also try the Shure SE215, which I love. Those are $99.

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