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Jays a-Jays - One vs Two vs Three - Worth the difference?

  1. kristoficus
    Besides the extra one or two accessories and slightly different 'finish', is there actually a noticable sounds difference between the three versions?
    Looking at the specifications the one has a 95dB sensitivity. Two has 96dB and Three has 97dB. Similarly, each have a 2kHz frequency response increase on each other. Does this add a noticable sound difference between say, the one and three? I ask because the one is £20 and the three is £40 and just interested in knowing if the price difference can be justified in terms of sound quality?
  2. mark2410 Contributor
    i believe shizego is about ot do a review of all three of them
  3. kristoficus
    Sorry for being dumb... shizego is a member here or is it some review site? Tried looking for him here and found nothing. Couldnt see anything on Google either.
  4. shigzeo Contributor
    You have to spell my name: shigzeo. I prefer all lower cases, but whatever you want. I run a hobby iPhone/iPod touch site with earphone reviews and app reviews (shameless plug?), but I have been a posting member at HF since 2006. 
    Mark - you were 1/3 correct; I am about to do a review of the a-Jays THREE. I could run out and borrow the other pairs now, but I wouldn't have time to really write anything before I make a splash back in the semi arctic. 
  5. Azathoth
  6. kristoficus
    Sorry shigzeo. As you can see i'm fairly new here - only recognise some of the regulars and your name is new to me, so just took it how mark typed it. Looking at a few headphones and considering a higher-end pair as well as one of the a-Jays as a second "knock-around" set. I would go for the two or three, but just wasn't sure if the extra £10 was worth it in terms of sound quality.
    I patiently await your review of the three's :)
  7. shigzeo Contributor
    The THREE, like the other a-Jays sound good and ... okay, they look really good. The thing that needs to be cautioned is that the a-Jays are not the earphone that will last hugely long. They are made well, but the cable will be prone to more stress than regular round cables.
    To tell you the truth though, I don't care! The a-Jays is the classiest earphone in its price range; it happens to sound good, and it looks fab. Fit can be fiddly depending on your ears but it is a serious contender.
  8. mark2410 Contributor
    whoops, yes i really cant spell sorry shigzeo.
    i thought you said were doing all three, i must have misread you saying the THREE, not all three.  my apologies
  9. shigzeo Contributor
    Haha, it is Jays' fault; THREE nomenclature is a tricky one! I should be able to demo the ONE and TWO this week for a few hours though.
  10. rowrow

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