What are the best earphones under $50?
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Jun 11, 2012
Can you guys recommend me some earphones under $50?
I'll give you the most information i can so you can easily pick some earphones for me

Earphones i had before:
Original Apple Earphones
Lenntek Sonix 3
A Jays One

They all did good (except Apple Earphones) but both of them broke on me within 5 months.

Now i'm looking for some new earphones but i don't know which one's are the best for me!

I listen to Hip Hop and i am a bass head!
I like listening to music with a deep bass.
A couple of examples of songs that have "deep bass":
"Lose Yourself" by Eminem
"Till I Collapse" by Eminem
"Shook Ones Pt. II" by Mobb Deep
"Put You On Game" by Lupe Fiasco
"The Message" by Nas
"The Cross" by Nas

Also, they should be durable! I want them to last at least 5 months like my previous earphones did.
So i think that's all the information you should need to help me pick out some earphones.

Thank you all in advance!
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SoundMAGIC E10, Visang RO2, MEElectronics M31, Phillips SHE3580, Vsonic GRO2 Bass Edition.

There's too many to mention in your price range.

Take a look in this thread and have a read.
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DUNU trident or Hisound POPO, reviews in my Sig.
Good luck
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I don't think the Trident will have enough bass for you. My vote is for the POPO.
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+1 for Phillips SHE3580 -- very balanced, dynamic sound with very good sub-bass -- amazing for only $15 or under on Amazon.com.
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The HA-FX40 is very good, but some find it to be too bright. For around the same price($20) the Panasonic RP-HJE355 also has great detail, but a somewhat warmer sound overall with less treble.
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I love the VSONIC GR02 Bass Edition silver  phones.  after they break in the bass is not muddy at all but resolved controled
and killer, especially if amped with a good usb/amp out of a portable device.  the Nuforce uDac works well with them and the
Ray Samuels Predator makes new listens to these phones melt with ecstasy.  Highly recommended for electronic music
check them out with HBR1.com psytrance from Germany, Transponder station and you might, like me, order several pairs
to share with friends because they are a technological breakthrough at their price 29$ plus 6$ shipping from hong kong on ebay.
they rock my world at a reasonable price!
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LOL,   ...if only Bass matters at the cost of all others, may I suggest the JVC HAFX1X

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I also have the PK3 and can recommend it. Sound is amazing for the price, but build quality is relative to the price range (I find the wires a little weak).
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I also have the PK3 and can recommend it. Sound is amazing for the price, but build quality is relative to the price range (I find the wires a little weak).

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Ok, I have the JVC Riptidz (HAFX8) and LOVE them for all around use.  They are super light and I can listen to them for hours without having any fatigue.  How would you guys compare them to the HAFX40 and HAFX101??  I mainly listen to Deep House and Tech.

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