kilpsch s4a (II) vs jays one+
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Nov 6, 2010
I've tried searching for this comparison and can't find it.

I am looking for a decent pair of IEMs (sub $100) with a great mic.
I've come down to these two models, but am open to any suggestions.
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Is the mic an absolute must have?
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I just bought a new android phone, and it is quite cumbersome to hold and talk at the same time to my head.  A good mic is important to me because I talk on the phone quite a bit with with my girlfriend + family.
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I would get the Klipsch S4A, mainly because Ive never heard of the Jays, and personally I dont think they look very comfortable.
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I have personally owned the Bose MIE2, a-JAYS One+, and Klipsh S4i.  For this price range the S4i sounds the best. 
The MIE2 is extremely comfortable and looks good as well. However the mids and highs are not as bright as some audeophiles would like it. It's a very consumer friendly sounding set of earphones if that makes sense - good looking, comfortable, decent quality which leans more towards a bassy sound. 
The a-Jays One+ are probably the cheapest among the three, I picked mine up for only 30 quid as a spare when I had to send my MIE2 in for repair. They are comfortable to wear however the microphonics with the thick, flat cable is really bad when you're walking around. You'll probably hear more vibrations than anything else if you're using them for a conversation over the phone. 
Sound-wise it's just alright, extremely muddy and filled with boomy base rather than anything else. They're alright for what they cost buy I can't really recommend it. 
The Klipsh S4i sound really good and provide an impressive level of noise isolation as well. The sound coming through them is clear, crisp, and filled with punchy bass. They look and feel great, the only gripe I have against this product is the skinny cables that feel a tiny bit flimsy. 
All that said, I'd recommend the Klipsh! Sounds like it would fit the bill nicely. :)

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