Jays T-Jays One review
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Feb 5, 2002

It comes in a black hard plastic casing, which slides out to reveal the t-jays, numerous number of sleeves, the extension cord and the user guide. Very classy, quite a change from the filmsy see through packaging that other companies use.
The wires are pretty thin, which is on par with the consumer grade phones that other companies make. The body of the T-Jays One are plastic. The strain on both the plug and earphones are ok. There is a slider at where the wire splits into left and right, so that the user can slide it up for a more secure fit. The phones can be worn with the wires down, or over the ears. Over the ears, the left and right channel are swapped, since the cables are not detachable. The nozzle is covered by a non-replaceable wire mesh.
One of T-Jays's selling point is its comfort. The bodies themselves are very light, and the sleeves are soft. They do not feel weighty in my ears. However, the angled edges might be uncomfortable for people who has a small cavity for their ears.
I tested this on my Samsung Galaxy S mobile phone. Has burned in for around 24 hours.
Highs - The highs are present crisp, but not sparkly like analytical earphones sound. There can be a hint of sibilance in some music that emphasizes them.
Mids - Mids are present and crisp as well, without sounding nasal nor distant. It does not stand out from the rest of the frequency.
Bass - There is some amount of mid bass, which can make the overall presentation sound a tad boomy. Low bass extension is pretty decent. Bass details are ok, maybe not as detailed as other phones which excel in this area. The amount of bass is good, not extremely bassy nor bass light.
Soundstage - The T-Jays One excel in this area. The soundstage is very wide and involving, which is excellent when watching movies.
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Thanks for the review. Any conclusion?
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i paid $108 singapore dollars for it. for the price, i feel its worth it. its has a consumer friendly sound which takes a middle ground, not overly analytical nor excessively bassy. i do like its sound overall.
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I think I saw it at the same price in a store @ Singapore last week (I bet we are talking about the same store). Unfortunately my money was committed to something else at the time.

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