1. Razorback

    AT CKS70 replacement earbuds

      HNey guys,   I really need the replacement buds for my iem.   ER-CK50M Black   where can i find this product. Please help me.   I am living in Turkey.
  2. Razorback

    AT CKS70 replacement earbuds

    Hey guys,   I really need the replacement buds for my iem.   ER-CK50M Black   where can i find this product. Please help me.   I am living in Turkey.
  3. Razorback

    Audio Technica cks70 - Atrio M5 Pro MG7 Comparison

    Hey guys,   For a few years i am using the AT cks70 and i am very happy with the sound.   Could you please inform me about "how much" will it be better if i buy atrio m5 ??   and where can i find the cheapest m5 ...   Please help.. Thanks...
  4. Razorback

    Which IEM do you suggest after using Audio Technica CKS70

    Hey guys,   Around 3 years i am using the Audio Technica cks70 iem. And i am very happy with its sound.   But now i want to use a better iem and waiting for your valuable suggestions...   Thanks..
  5. Razorback

    What do you suggest after Audio Technica CKS70 - I REALLY NEED HELP

    Hey guys,   First of all i really respect to this forum and its unique members who are full of information and knowledge. Your suggestions are very important for me to make my purchasing decisions.   I posted a few threads to this forum about a new iem suggestion but i did not get any...
  6. Razorback

    Audio Technica cks70 --- cks99

    Hey guys,   Would you please comment about buying cks99.   Currently i am using cks70 for 2 years and i am very happy with cks70.   -Do you recommend me to buy cks99 ? -Will i have a far experience with cks99 after cks70 ? -or do you suggest me anything else?     THANKS.
  7. Bassheadspl

    Please help a basshead out?

    Hi, because i am a basshead, i went for the jvc fx1x and hate the bass on them its bloated, muddy, not much sub bass, more mid bass. I am after low sub bass that moves your eardrums, so what do you recommend?   Also the JVC fx1x don't vibrate your eardrums, which i though it would, so i am...
  8. Razorback

    Which IEM do you suggest after using Audio Technica CKS70

    Hey guys,   Around 3,5 years i am using the Audio Technica cks70 iem. And i am very happy with its sound.   But now i want to use a better iem and waiting for your valuable suggestions...   can spend around 150 usd   Thanks..
  9. tWiStEd-nOiSe

    Lost My Turbines , Looking for a Replacement

    My First Post Here so Be Easy .   2 months Ago i lost My Monster Turbines(Loved the Bass on those) that i Got from amazon Deals for $65 Shipped , those were my First Proper IEM that i Had,  and i cant take the Stupid IPod's Standard Earbuds anymore  , so im looking for a reasonably Priced/...
  10. macshooter

    Just ordered some JH16's

    Hey all.  Haven't been very active here lately, but I just wanted to post and say that I just took the plunge on a pair of JH16pro's.  I want to thank this forum for all the good info that finally lead to this decision.  It's been an interesting but short journey for me that started with Senn...
  11. jc222284

    Best IEM's for JDSLabs Bass Boost cMoy v2.03?

    My Birthday is coming up and I would like to know what IEM's will fit this amp the best. I was going to get Audio Technica ATH-CKS70's but I would like to have more suggestions tell me what you guys think.
  12. nextinline

    Upgrade from Klipsch Image-S4

      Hi there, I've been searching around for an advice on upgrading from Image S4 and all the roads seems to lead head-fi. I've read couple threads of similar topic, but people that were asking this question seemed to had more money to burn than me, hope it is not too big of problem for me to...
  13. brianhem10

    Super.Fi 5 EB vs Triple.Fi 10

    Hi. I've narrowed down my IEM search to these two based on what I can buy them for ($109 and ~$160-$180). I listen to mostly hip-hop and classical rock with 192kbps WMAs. I will not have amp (at least for a year) and have fairly small ears. I just returned a pair of Westone UM1s because they...
  14. AlexanderMKD

    Upgrade from Sennheiser CX300 II to Audio-Technica ATH-CKS70... good choice?

    Hi all, im new here and i really need some help.   I currently have the cx300ii, but i want to upgrade to something with more bass, a lot of bass, heavy, strong and punchy. I read lot of reviews for the CKS70, and when talking about bass all reviewers says that they are one of the best...
  15. DTKZ

    Audio Techica ATH-CKS70 "Solid Bass" IEMs First Impression and Pics.

    Hi dear fellow Head-Fiers, I have the fortune to be in Tokyo at the moment and picked up the new Audio Technica ATH-CKS70 iems. I thought I'd just share my initial out of box impressions for the moment. A more in depth review will be forthcoming after burning in and when I get back from Japan...
  16. Chefano

    CKS-70 Filter substitution.

    HI. I think my CKS-70's filters are clogging up, does anyone know if the filters can be changed? If yes how to do that?   Thanks!!
  17. adriangpc

    Help on Audio Technica CKS70, CKM55 and CKM77

    Hi! My friend is in Japan right now and I have the chance to ask him to buy me an Audio Technica IEM. (I recently bought FC700 and I was looking for a good IEM for portability)   I have read relatively good reviews here about CKS70 and CK55M.   Here are my questions.   1. Since CKS70...
  18. ClieOS

    Concise Multi-IEM Comparison (FINAL UPDATE March. 1st, 2013)

    This thread is meant to be a simple comparison / reference, to make things easier for new comer to sort through dozens of IEM quickly in regard of finding the sound signature they are looking for. However, sound signature is not purely a translation of frequency response graph – and certainly...
  19. smittyryan

    Best IEM's For Hip Hop (BASS HEAVY)

    My Price range is about 60 and below. I'm looking for something that sounds like subswoofers in your ears! Ive been thinking about rf punch plugs or radius atomic bass 2's.
  20. jacobap100

    Help Choosing IEM's

    I really need advice on what IEM's I should get for 300 and under. The poll has my choices but I am very open to suggestions. I know the coppers are over 300 but onecall can give me a good deal.   I love bass!!!!!! I want the most isolation possible and them to be comfortable as well...
  21. onlyjoekin

    Headphone and portable amp question...

    Hello, this is my first post so I will straight up apolagise if I haven't done something right. I currently have some <£30/<$35 on ear headphones which I'd like to uprade, except when I plug them straight into my iPod the sound is good but not great (reason for uprade), yet when I dock my iPod...
  22. iBud destroyer

    $100 range IEMs with good bass response, isolation and build quality?

    I am in the market for a new pair of $100 IEMs. I am coming from bass-heavy IEMs so I'm after something which will let me feel the bass. I am leaning towards the SoundMAGIC PL50 but the appreciation thread has some mixed feelings about the low-end. I'm also interested in the Etymotic MC5 because...
  23. lilkoolaidman

    Triple flange on CKS70s?

    I'm going on a few trips over the next six months, and I thought about even getting some ANC phones for the jet engine noise, but quickly decided against that. I do have the CKS70 IEMs, although to me they don't isolate well enough, so I thought about getting some triple flange tips, but would...
  24. Biesas

    Looking for most suitable IEM for DnB ~100£/150$

    Hi Everybody!   Have been stalking these forums for well over a year now. These forums have helped me hugely to decide on my first set of IEM's which was Eterna rev.1. But sadly after owning them for a good year they gave up on me (after a LOT of abuse).   I really LOVE the Eterna! The...
  25. mudcakez

    Need new earphones.

    Hi guys. I'm pretty noob at all this stuff and was searching google for advice and came by this site. I would like to ask you guys what in ears you would recommend for the $100-200 price range. I'm not really sure on genres but I listen to a lot of Taylor Swift and electronic, metal and various...