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Upgrade from Klipsch Image-S4

  1. nextinline
    Hi there, I've been searching around for an advice on upgrading from Image S4 and all the roads seems to lead head-fi. I've read couple threads of similar topic, but people that were asking this question seemed to had more money to burn than me, hope it is not too big of problem for me to asking it again.
    I was quite satisfied owner of Image S4, until recently when a cable gave up, leaving me fondling with it trying to get at least one of the ears working. My primary genres of interest are Electronic music, mostly Dubstep, DnB, IDM. Budget is up to $150, with ipod use in mind. I really liked the bass in Image S4, and was wondering if there is an option with decent step up in sound quality. So far my bit of research and limited knowledge presented me with following options:
    1. Audio-Techinca ATH CKS70 SB
    2. JVC-Victor FX500
    3. Head-Direct RE0
    4. Future Sonic 010-045 Atrio M5
    5. Ultimate Ears SuperFi 5 EB
    Am I missing any options? Which one would you recommend?
    Thank you!
  2. navmau
    With your taste in music and given you have experienced the S4, the Atrio would be a fantastic upgrade for you. They are better in every way and with your music preference, they will be nothing short of magical :)
  3. Jables280
    I also listen to a lot of electronic music and my next step up after the S4 was the Shure SE215's and I have been very happy with them, especially for the money spent (or not spent...).
  4. nextinline
    Thank you for the responses. Has anyone else gone thru this and could help me make my choice?
  5. nextinline

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