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Concise Multi-IEM Comparison (FINAL UPDATE March. 1st, 2013)

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  1. ClieOS Contributor
    PL50 is a fairly shallowly fitted IEM with a semi-small nozzle. For your case, I think an IEM with wide nozzle or deeper fitting might be the direction you want to go. I am kind of out of idea at the moment.
  2. kanuka
    thank you very much. at least i get an idea what to look for, and specially what NOT to
    i might ask you again soon if get any options
  3. keanex Contributor
    Wow, as someone who wasn't sure what IEMs to even look at, you sure make it easy. Thanks!
    Edit: I do have to disagree about the RE0 though. I didn't like how off balance they sounded with the T400 tips. Some songs sounded better with the added bass, some songs were veiled. 
  4. ClieOS Contributor


    That probably has to do with the fact that I never listen to RE0 without an good, powerful amp, so sloppy bass (which is a good sign of being underpowered) is not an issue for me.
  5. keanex Contributor
    It wasn't so much that the bass was sloppy, it was that the sound was heavily veiled on tracks like, "Come On! Feel the Illinoise!" by Sufjan Stevens, which features many instruments and some nuances that I previously could hear, but now couldn't. Even when changing the position, insertion, and trying the FiiO E7 or Total Bithead amps the problem persisted. I wonder why we have vastly differing situations.
  6. ClieOS Contributor
    I never really find RE0 to be veil with T400, but it does slow the bass down a tad and make it more blunt. It could very well that you are hearing the same thing and call it veil. But making it more blunt to increase it presence (making it warmer) is exactly why I use T400 at the first place, to exchange a little quality for quantity and achieve a better balance.
  7. lina
    i'm trying to decide between the Xcape IE and the RE0 for J-pop and J-rock
    in "inearmatters" you mentioned the X-IE would make a better option
    but i also like jap female vocals to sound best , very detailed and clear. i can also use the RE0 with the E11
    is the X-IE still a better choice?
    i can also consider the ECCI 401
  8. ClieOS Contributor


    If you don't mind carrying an amp around, RE0+E11 is better for what you are looking for.
  9. lina

    is that so...
    i'm a bit surprised. i didnt expect that the E11 could make that difference. i hope it keeps the fun of the X IE
    btw, if were talking about Hifiman's iems, all of them come with spare filters. is that a Pro or a Con? or maybe it's just needed for the RE's
    most of the iems i saw dont come with any spare filters just metal fixed ones
  10. ClieOS Contributor


    That's because RE0 and E11 is a good match (synergy wise).
    Spare filter is always a good thing, but the better thing to do is to keep your ear canal as clean as possible. Earwax is always an issue with IEM and especially worst if you are the type with a lot of earwax.  Keeping the IEM clean is just the basic, then you won't need to use those spare filter.
  11. vwinter


    This ^
    But oddly enough, for those of you with more earwax, non-standardly shaped tips that come with the VSonic GR07's are a godsend. Because they significantly taper towards the tips, it keeps them from scraping up as much earwax from the sidewalls of the ear canal and into the nozzle as most other tips I've tried. Disgusting post I know, but this might help some people.
  12. kanuka
    in my case, the common ones like those that come with the Sennheiser cx series are worst for me. i think because the holes are TOO wide
    but when i used the PL50 tips there was no comparison. needless to say when i used the sony hybrids. NO wax at all not on the tips and of course not on the nozzle. i dont know about the GR07 ones, but they look like the hybrids
  13. lina


    they how you clean those ones that have no replaceble filters , like the sunrise's or meelec's , etc... ?
    i'm a bit curious, how the RE's look without the filters? is there another metal filter or just a deep hole?
  14. ClieOS Contributor


    If the clogging isn't very bad, submerge the filter (facing downward) into peroxide solution usually can fix the problem. If there is too much clogging to be fixed by peroxide, you can try to remove the filter (clean it or use without it) or throw the IEM away.
    There is a foam pad inside the nozzle for sound tuning. Underneath the foam is the speaker.
  15. lina

    i asume you should do with a lot of caution not to wet the iem driver.
    removing seems a easier method, but  of course not all filters are removable
    does it changes the sound?
    yeah, and thanks for the cleaning tips

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