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Concise Multi-IEM Comparison (FINAL UPDATE March. 1st, 2013)

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  1. ClieOS Contributor
    Neither of them has good isolation. They are either about or slightly below average, but to to a point that can't be used on busy street.
  2. kanuka


    that's bad news [​IMG]. most of my iem use is on busy street , peak hours travels
    guess, i should start the search again from those that are more suitable for that use
    so, do you mind if ask you again  [​IMG]....?
  3. WakiDabeast
    how would the ps 210 isolation compare to most headphones like the ath-m50? , better worst  ?
  4. ClieOS Contributor

    PS210 isolates as much as a typical iBud, so I would imagine M50 to be just a little better.
  5. kanuka
    i dont if to post this here or in the tips thread. but i'll post it here
    the thing is, i give up on the pl50. they sound really great, and they're my 1st good iem.
    but i cant get a decent isolation nor fit (specially, strangely , in the right ear)
    bought different tips, and none of them really worked.
    (havent tried comply foams yet)
    i wont sell/give away , as they're a gift
    too bad, i was expecting much more from them in these aspects. it even makes want to "go back" to earbuds
    so , any suggestions  for another iem?
  6. ClieOS Contributor


    Without knowing what issue you have with fitting, any other IEM recommendation could just be another IEM that doesn't fit. I don't think that will be useful for you right now. Why not tell us what eartips and size you have already tried?
  7. kanuka
    in order they are:
    all the stock tips that came with the pl50, silicone and foam.
    sony hybrids clones, 3 sizes
    tri-flanges for ety/westone/sure (im pretty sure they arent originals). 2 sizes. also, i trimmed some of them in different ways
    and finally, the meelec bi-flanges for m6/a151
    the ones i most used were the stock and the hybrids , both in mid and large size 
  8. ClieOS Contributor
    Seem like you already tried most of the typical eartips recommended in the forum. I would recommend large Shure olive for a last try. If not, I think SE215 could work for you, granted if you can look pass possibility of the cable issue.

  9. kanuka
    where should i buy them?
    i found this 2 sellers in ebay
    not sure about the second one
    how are those prices? or should i buy in other place?
    and how are those olives different from the pl50 large ones? the pl50's are too long and hurt inside my ears and dont have a good "grip" or fit
  10. ClieOS Contributor

    The price is okay. You can also look into the mid sized as well. I think we can assume your ear canal is probably a bit odd shaped on one side, so I don't know how well it will fit you. The only way to find a solution is keep trying, or give up for good.
  11. kanuka

    i think i'll try those foams if i can get the 2 sizes. funny but im spending more money on tips than the earphone itself
    so, can you please confirm me the length of the olives, if they're long as the pl50 ones?
    as for the se215 that you suggested. i think that cable issue will be bothersome to me. besides i cant find them online for $100 and with shipping to my country.
    in local stores they're about $130, but seems i can test them before. but that price is a bit high for me right now
    anyway, i asume the tips that come with the se215 are those olives you mention before,  right?

  12. ClieOS Contributor
    Mid sized olive is about 1cm in length. I am not sure where I placed the PL50 foam tips but I think it is a little shorter, but not by much.
  13. kanuka
    i checked both mid and large pl50's
    the M is 1cm and the large 1.2cm, i guess the large olive are at least like that
    if so, then i think they wont help me with the pl50
    so, when you say give up for good you mean just the pl50 or any iem at all?
  14. ClieOS Contributor

    That's entirely up to you to decide.
  15. kanuka
    i wont mind leaving the pl50, but of course i dont want to leave the iem world.
    im ready to try another iem. for comfort/isolation/fit sake i wouldnt mind much about the signature (as long it isnt just bassy) nor about driver type
    at first i wanted the pl50 as they were famous for being comofortable, and they're. but maybe the design of small housing or angled nozzle just dont match me
    maybe a straight nozzle should work? or something else?
    im open to any other suggestions within the sub $100 (for now) category (but i can consider the re-zero as an exception)
    the ones like hf5 look good but are a too risky bet right now
    thanks again for all the help and sorry if im bothering too much
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