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Concise Multi-IEM Comparison (FINAL UPDATE March. 1st, 2013)

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  1. ClieOS Contributor
    Updated with four Xears.
  2. lina
    great update!
    btw. i havent read all the full-reviews in this thread, but may i ask: is there any iem with a very good isolation level . which is not an Etymotic or Shure , and IT IS in the sub $100 range?
    and not the Eterna
  3. ClieOS Contributor
    ECCI PG100, Ultimate Ears 100 and 200 added.

    Sorry for missed the question last time. Actually Etymotic and Shure both have the best isolation on all price level they cover. The just reviewed UE100 and UE200 both offer pretty good isolation, though they are far from the best sounding sub-$100 IEM. MEElec CC51 is a good option but not for small ear canal. MEElec A151 has decent isolation (less than CC51) and better for smaller ears.
  4. keanex Contributor
    I second Meelectronic A151 for good isolation and performance.
  5. ClieOS Contributor
    Spider realvoice added.
  6. lina

    thank you!
    and great updates!
  7. kanuka
    my new  RE0 (only a week) already broke. housing spltting. i asked for replacement or a refund.
    if a refund, i'm considering the Xcape IE or Xcited. but do they have a better build quality?
    really dissapoiting. even the PL50 were better
  8. ClieOS Contributor

    PL-50 has housing split issue too. It seems to be a common issue with RE0 these days, they really need to use better glue. If you can live with it, the easy way out is to superglued them together. I'll say Xcape IE and Xcited is a little better in build quality, but not vastly.
  9. kanuka
    i dont want to mess with that, yet. it's only a week, way too soon to fix 'em myself.
    how about the meelec's? they you mentioned on most (of all) of them the build quality as a Pro.
  10. kanuka


  11. ClieOS Contributor


    MEElec has excellent build quality, but doesn't have model that compete directly with RE0 yet.
  12. kanuka

    yes, i'm awared of that, but i'd rather get a better build. i mean, less than  a week, and split? maybe it was just my bad luck that i got a bad one. i have a meelec on its way, so i'll decide after that.
    too bad, the RE0 ARE awsome
  13. alphaman
    Quick note:
    IMO, ClieOS's review "format" and style comes closest to ideal. joker's color-coded matrix is good, but I don't agree with his conclusions as much as ClieOS's (which is marginal :wink: at most).
    IAC, nice work.
  14. ClieOS Contributor
    Thanks for the comment, alphaman. It has taken a few twists and turns to get to the current format and I sure hope it is as useful as I thought it would be.
  15. alphaman
    You've got a long test list. Unfortunately, SEVERAL popular and/or higher-end models are missing, so I don't visit your review thread as often as I'd like.
    Would like to see these added:
    Westone 4
    Senn IE-8
    ES3 v2
    JVC 700
    Sony EX1000
    Grado GR10
    beyer 101
    Add $USD for each unit, say after Pro/Con.
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