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Battle Of The Flagships (58 Headphones Compared)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by davidmahler, Oct 31, 2012.
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  1. Hooster
    Thank you so much to the OP. Absolutely stellar effort. [​IMG]
  2. HelloHell
    Definitely one of the most epic threads I've ever read on Head-Fi. Mr. Mahler deserves a big round of applause! 
  3. TrollDragon
    Amazing review, absolutely Amazing!
  4. K_19
    That was truly a special read. A big thank you for your efforts [​IMG]
  5. wazzupi
    epic post btw, im just curious if you have any impressions on the q701's compared to the he-500 or just in general thank you :)
  6. rasmushorn
    what a great job! ... now I want a HD650 or HD600 again... [​IMG]
  7. PunchMaster
    Amazing...great reviews. Just in time too because I'm in the market for a a new headphone.
  8. HiFiGuy528
    It's gonna take me a few reads to take it all in.  Thanks for sharing.
  9. Katun
  10. garetz
    Stupendous review, This took serious dedication to complete and for that you should be commended. I suggest you contact a publisher and get this published as a book or magazine.
  11. qazxsw80
    Have your ever tried to listen your pairs of Akg K1000 without grills ? Are they still rattles? I just think that this problem doesn't depend on them.
    I had this problem with my pair when I listened  soundtrack from Inception. There is a track with huge bass and my pair made rattles. But it rattled even without grills! 
    After that I totally dismantled my pair a few times and when I almost despaired, this problem disappeared.
  12. niten
    I am powerless due to hurricane Sandy, but with what little internet time I can manage on my phone I have been enjoying your thread in-between charges.
    I am still trying to methodically work my way through your reviews and impressions, but I wanted to say thanks for the work you put in to share this.
  13. PeterK53
    Really an epic effort to put this comparison together. Thank you so much!!
    I normally hang out at AVSforum and when someone there posts a "review" or personnal comments about a new piece of equipment, they get jumped for not doing analytical testing with lots of measurement gear and posting charts, graphs, double blind test results, etc. It is a testament to the document posted that so far, not a single comment has been made criticizing some part of the review steps. Well done!!! Oh and it took 102 pages to print it out. [​IMG]
    Grade S music choices
    P.S. - I own 600ohm DT880's: Even straight from the headphone out of my computer they sound fantastic
  15. QQSB
    Thank you, what a epic review of headphones.
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