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    SENOrpheus 90
  2. bluemonkeyflyer

    Measurements of 6 Sennheiser Headphones Starting With HE90 / HEV90

    Sennheiser makes TOTL and Mid-Fi headphones. Having a few on hand, I thought it would be interesting to post some measurements taken during one testing session. Given numerous uncontrolled variables between different testing methods / kits, consider these graphs FWIW / YMMV ---> Compare these...
  3. 3602

    Who here tried the Sennheiser Orpheus?

    God, headphones system for 16K$... If this doesn't sound good, then I don't know what does. How many were made? I saw some data that says less than 100 systems.
  4. mmmmcheese

    If you had won the lottery what would you buy?

    If you won the lottery what headphone setup would you buy?
  5. ywd

    Best headphones ever

    What would you say are the best headphones ever made, price-no-object. I know its subjective, but if you could have any one pair of headphones to use most of the time, what would it be?
  6. MetalPhoenix

    Question For Stax 009 & HD800 Fans Who Like Electronic Music

    I've been steadily upgrading my gear over the last several years. Currently, I'm running a Headroom Max into HD800s.   I went through several different upgrades on my way to the HD800s, with the previous step being the HD650s. Of course, both are awesome, but the HD800s are SO much more...
  7. Duggeh

    Jecklin Float Electrostatic: Refurbishment & Review (lots of pictures)

    Everything Old Is New Again. The Jecklin Float Electrostatic: Refurbishment and Review. Intro: I have, ever since I first laid eyes on them, had a love for the Jecklin Float headphones. Last year I was lucky enough to own both the Model 2 and the Model 1 dynamic Floats. I still have the...
  8. WeDontCare

    Why do you people spend hundreds of dollars on headphones

    Reading around and and you have guys asking for recomendations on headphones that cost 200 bucks.   I wouldn't pay more than 50 bucks for a pair of headphones, if that.   I have 20 dollar sony headphones and they sound betetr than this overrpriced beats garbage or whatever
  9. catscratch

    What is your favorite sound signature (i.e. what kind of sound are you really after?)

    I think this might be a useful discussion. We all talk about our favorite headphones, but because we all hear in different ways we have rather different takes on them. So, let's take headphones out of the picture for a second and see what we're really after in a system. Then, we can put them...
  10. oldmate

    This auction should be interesting....

    Came across this auction on eBay today whilst browsing for 2nd hand headphones. This, however, is way out of my budget.   Wonder what they will go for.   Thought some people here on Head.Fi might...
  11. MattTCG

    **Flagship HP Mini Review**

    TOTL Headphones Review: Purk’s Perks   This past Saturday I had the great pleasure of visiting the home of a fellow headfier (Purk) to have a listen to many of the headphones that have been on my bucket list for years. The lineup:   *Stax sr-009   *Hd 800   *Sennheiser He90 (Orpheus)  ...
  12. Wala

    Sennheiser Orpheus HE90/HEV90

    Hello there!   I´m new here, I´m living in germany and I am no HiFi-Specialist, but several people told me, this is the right forum for my concern.   I have got one of the 300 Sennheiser Orpheus Headphones with the corresponding tube amplifier, in a very good state. As I found out in the...
  13. Jon-LF

    Best Limited Edition Headphones

    This is a constantly evolving thread about Limited Edition & Out of Production headphones worth collecting. The compilation keeps improving and I will humbly strive to compile impressions from this thread and across the internet. To bear with me in terms of speed of update as hold a very time...
  14. C

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Sennheiser HE60 Headphone with Stax adapter and a HE90 adaptor SOLD SOLD SOLD

    SOLD SOLD SOLD   Brand: Sennheiser Model: HE60 (headphone only)    Nothing much to explain here. This is a top-of-the-line rare Electrostat headphone   Condition: Perfect condition. I have had this unit for over two years now. Always took care of it, and was placed back in the box...
  15. msjjr

    IC Sennheiser HE-90

    I'm almost 100% sure I will be selling these, but I'd like to test the waters first.  If any prospective buyers could please PM me with an offer,  I can send photos then. I have a NOS set of ear pads but I use the old ones whose leather has flaked off, but are still perfectly comfy. This is an...
  16. pjv1990

    Is Sennheiser considering an Orpheus (HE90) revival?

    Given the fact that Sennheiser decided to showcase the Orpheus headphones at CES this year, this has got me thinking that Sennheiser could possibly be thinking of a revival in some guise as a successor to the HD800's and make it their new flagship headphone. To me it seems like the next step in...
  17. OmoNemo

    My Sennheiser HE90 Orpheus impression

            First of all I'd like to say that I've been dreaming to listen to the legendary "Orpheus" since I'm begin to fall for headphones few years back, seem to me everyone I knew always mentioned these cans as the best electrostatics cans ever made, so once I have my chance from the...
  18. Lil' Knight

    Wanted - Sennheiser HE-90 chassis jack

    I'm wondering if someone happens to have a spare Sennheiser HE-90 chassis jack? I need one for my build. Thanks.
  19. W

    Wood upgrade of Baby Orpheus HE 60 to the Orpheus HE 90 housing.

    Stage I.   1. List of materials and consumed time:     Thin Plywood for Model Making 2 mm Cheese head screw  M2 8 mm Cheese head screw  M2 5 mm Standard screw fi ca. 2 mm Push-Pins fi ca. 3mm Anti Vibration Washers Universal Steel Mesh Car speaker grill Fisher 105 genuine plug...
  20. bgmyers

    WTB well maintained Sennheiser HE-90 or HE-60 headphones

    I am searching for a pair of HE-90 or HEl-60 headphones. Please send a PM with any assistance you may be able to offer. Thank you
  21. gradofan1

    Margin of diminishing returns?? Do $200 headphones sound "the same" as >$500, or $1000 headphones? (assuming proper amplification)

    I've always been wondering this -- at what price point does the margin of diminishing returns hit the peak, for headphones?   For example, I'm listening to my Beyer DT880-600 right now and they hold a solid ground against my much more expensive D7000's. Though given I am listening off a pretty...
  22. lsb9012

    Anyone tried RSA A-10 to SR-007,009 or HE90?

    Hello, I'd just like to know how the RSA A-10 drives the top notch phones like 007,009 or HE90 compared to some other electrostatic amps like WES or BHSE. have anyone tried hook up on anything above? Thanks
  23. strungoutt1

    FS: Sennheiser Orpheus HE90 + Singlepower ES-1

    Hi everyone,   I'm thinking of letting go of my HE90 and my ES-1. Both are in excellent condition.   The HE90 is from the later production batch of headphones, serial #331. I have all the original packaging and paperwork. This includes the outer box, the cardboard protector, the envelope...
  24. ast

    FS: Sennheiser HE90 ( Orpheus )

     headphone only (no amp). condition is mint.  I have a spare pair of earpads and a headband to go with it.  Serial# 329 which is of Jan Meier's last batch.    Rarely used.       
  25. ericohgb

    WTB: Sennheiser HE90 - Orpheus

    Dear friends, Looking for a mint condition Sennheiser Orpheus. If, by any chance, there's someone interested, please shoot me a PM with price. Regards, Erico