1. jason41987

    has anyone done these following mods to t50rp headphones?

    i have a large head.. so the size of the band could be an issue as it is with most headphones... but is it possible to make them larger if needed?... most my headphones snap and break constantly... is there any guarantee the t50rps will be rugged and able to take abuse, and should they snap...
  2. huxley1

    New here, Looking for closed warm headphones...

    Hey everyone! Long time lurker making his first post here! When I say warm I mean what you normally think of as being warm, but still good all around,  and pretty good detail. Would like it to have not much leakage, or at least not nearly as much as the vmoda m80's or ibuds. Would like to be...
  3. audiophile6500

    High-End Audiophile Headphones For Acoustics With Powerful Midrange

    Hola people! This is my first thread here (and maybe by 100th time :D). I cannot imagine a better website for this kind of genre, and I just love every aspect of it. So some background info of me just to introduce myself: I started out as a basshead. Bass was all I ever cared about, and Datsik...
  4. Jabse

    mads dogs vs akg k167

    mad dogs possibly with velour pads(or dog pads)? anyone had any experience with these, from what i've heard mad dogs will need a decent amp unlike the k167... but im more interested in their sound comparison
  5. iMusicLover

    Heaphones for 200-250$

    Now i have Sennheiser HD 515 i want to go for something new what about sennheiser hd 598  I like Rock, Pop, R&B, Vocal, Instrumental music. Recomend me Headphones worth 200-250$ ? Huge Diference will be if i upgrade from HD 515 (55$)  to 200-250$ headphones?
  6. Ckc4043

    I am Freshmen of over- ear headphones: Do you have any suggestions for sennheiser headphones (below $150)?

    Freshmen for over- ear headphones: Do you have any suggestions for sennheiser headphones? Budget: below $100-150, I do not mind buying used headphones, but I do not know what place is good for buying used one. If there are no good headphones in sennheiser around my budget, would you mind...
  7. rt310

    Good pair of closed headphones for ~$250?

    Price can be increased if necessary. I mainly listen to K-pop as well as a little rock. 
  8. Jmurphly

    Looking for a closed headphone for rock\blues around ~$200

    Hey there everyone one.   So I'm not exactly new to the headphone game. I've got a modest setup of a set of HM5s and a brand new Schiit Vali/Modi stack. I really like my HM5s but I'm starting to get the itch for something a bit better. I live with a couple of loud room mates so the headphones...
  9. Evanc56

    Closed over ear headphones wanted for $300

    I currently have the bose OE 2's but I want something with more sound quality. They need to be over ear and closed. Comfortability is a priority. I have a 300 dollar budget but I could go higher if there is a good deal. I will be listening mostly on my android phone with a beats audio chip. I...
  10. thatryan

    Help Finding Great Headphones for Home Theatre Use

    Hi all,    I could use some help finding some good over-ear headphones please.   So our house has a new baby which means time to get some headphones. They will only be used for BluRay movies and plugged into a Denon AVR-2313 CI...
  11. Eliteoomph

    What do you recommend for me?

    Hello everyone this is my first post.  I am a complete head-fi noob and for some reason at the young age of 31 I decided I wanted to start hearing music the way it ought to be heard ;)  Also, I own a web design company that requires me to work late and at times extreme concentration...  I am...
  12. Blnd2Spll

    Thunderpants Impedance (for Bottlehead Crack)

    Hey Everyone,   I am thinking about buying the Thunderpants TP1 headphone kit.  Does anyone know the impedance of these cans?  The original Fostex T50RP has an impedance of 50 ohms, but I assume the mods alter this reading.  I currently have the Bottlehead Crack OTL as my headphone amp...
  13. Th3rd3y3

    Cannot decide....really need some help here....Please

    Been searching and searching for a new headphone....mostly listen to rock and metal....dont find grados comfortable...really want an around ear headphone   these are what Ive narrowed it down to....   M-Audio Q40 T50rp Sa1000     any input would be greatly appreciated
  14. KJSmith

    Headphones near the $100 range

    Hi!   Definitely someone new to buying a more expensive set of headphones. I'm looking to buy a new set of headphones and have a budget of around $100. (Yes, I know a really good pair could cost a lot more...but when I've only really used what has come with a product I have bought...this is...
  15. Oregonian

    Mad Dog owners............were you once a basshead? Because I gotta know how you adjusted............. not really feeling the bass with Mad Dogs.  I'm used to Sony XB700's and M Audio Q40's for a point of reference.  I love bass and my truck has 1200 watts with a 10" sub so yes, you could say I like the thump.   I hear and see on graphs that the MD has plenty of deep bass. ...
  16. wakazuki

    A newbie questions

    Hey guys so I'm new to headfi and I wanted to get some advice from you who are quite into headphones :)  So I've owned a v-moda crossfade LP for 2 years and they were fine while I was really into house and those kind of music's but recently I've started to listen more and more to pop and more...
  17. Noahjaws

    Would You consider the Mad Dogs Neutral?

    Are these cans considered neutral?   What do they compare to?
  18. seag33k

    Mad Dog Explanation and Opinions

    I’ve been researching possible candidates for an addition to my small headphone collection.  Sound qualities that are important to me are extended bass with good impact, smooth treble that is detailed but not harsh, decent soundstage with separation of instruments,  and midrange that is not in...
  19. Noahjaws

    Sony MDR-XB700 vs. Mr. Speaker Mad Dog

    Hey everyone, sorry for another vs. thread. I've been interested from upgrading from my xb700s, and am interested in the mad dogs. I would love to know how these fare up against the 700s in terms of comfort, soundstage, quality, isolation, ect ect. Thanks
  20. April2Ari

    Help please. Sound you can feel?

    What headphones would you recommend for these types of songs:   Miguel Jontel "The Thrill" (anything else by him too), Kings of Leon "Closer", Alex Clare "Too Close", Nero "Promises", Enya "Only Time", and Dido "Here with Me" :   Miguel- The Thrill  ...
  21. AzureBeat

    $200 for one can to rule them all. Sub $300 shootout?

    So, that's my objective. I currently have $200 for headphones. I may get more sometime, but at this moment I'm not sure. If I do get more, than I'll have $300 to play with, so I'd like to see a sub $300 can shootout. (I did search for one, and didn't see such a thread.) So here's what I'd love...
  22. Jakoul

    Fostex T50RP vs Brainwavz H5 (and variants)?

    Hi, I made a thread a few days back and thought I had decided on a pair of headphones to order but ended up putting it off a few days. Now I've stumbled upon the T50RPs and see all of these wonderful things about them. I know the T50RPs will need (at the very least) a amp and new cushions but...
  23. Noahjaws

    D5000 vs Mr. Speaker Mad Dog

    Hey everyone, sorry for another vs. thread. I've been interested from upgrading from my xb700s, and am interested in the both the mad dogs and D5000. I would love to know how these fare up against the 700s and each other in terms of comfort, soundstage, quality, isolation, ect ect. Thanks
  24. Saoshyant

    To spend or not to spend...

    I've been spending awhile, on and off for maybe 6 or so months, debating on spending some money to get some serious headphones.  I currently own and listen to Grado SR80 for alt and rock (my main headphone), XB500 for some EDM and other bass-focused music, Fostex T50RP for Les Mis and similar...
  25. Edoardo

    I've been away for a while ... closed-back HD600/HD650 soundalikes?

    wrong section