1. xnor

    Headphones sensitivity, impedance, required V/I/P, amplifier gain

    The following table is based on measurements, not manufacturer specs.   Target SPL is 110 dB SPL. The source is assumed to output 2 V. The amp is assumed to be a voltage source (0 ohm output impedance). Voltage, current, power are RMS figures.   What do the columns mean? S@1V is the...
  2. Kevin.T

    Who else suffers from very little usable range on the volume knob?

    Hey guys, I have to get this off my chest. I'm hoping people can chime in with their experiences as well, because I can't be the only one! Context: My main headphones are the LCD-2; my source is a CD player that outputs a fixed 2 Vrms. With my Burson Soloist, the LCD-2 are driven pretty loud...
  3. Wulvy

    LCD-2 and LCD-3 Owners - which aftermarket cable do you use?

    Just paid for my LCD-2 and its only a week away. I'm after some opinions on cables specifically from LCD-2 owners with aftermarket cables.   I've tried to search the forum with limited success. It seems the ALO Chain Mail is a popular choice but on the more expensive side...
  4. retskrad

    Is the LCD-2 worth the $1k price?

    I currently have the HD650 and HE-400, would the LCD-2s make a difference in sound? Or would I be better of buying a speaker?
  5. Truesound

    What are the best headphones to buy?

    Hi, I'm new to the forums and I'm wondering what headphones I should buy? My budget for the Headphones + any equipment I need (Amp?) is around £2000 . I'm not an audophile, I just enjoy good sound and would like to purchase some top quality headphones. I was thinking about the Sennheiser HD...
  6. D

    LCD 2 vs HE 500 which one has the more haunting beautiful lush mids?

    I love these types of mids. I'm looking to finally get a flagship and these two are at the top. Im after Liquid, lush thick mids.
  7. otterhound

    Asgard 2 dynamic range compression in high gain mode?

    I just got my LCD-2's and have been experimenting with gain mode on the Asgard 2.   I perceive some dynamic range compression in high gain mode as compared with low gain.   From a technical standpoint, is that possible or just my imagination?
  8. KimChee

    JH16..Now What?

    Hey guys,    I'm looking for some headphone advice.  Ive been up and down the Grado line up to the 325, Beyer DT 770, ATH M50, AKG702, not really sure where to go now.  I'm looking for a V shaped fun signature, but I'd like closed if possible.  I mostly listen to rock, heavy metal, punk,etc ...
  9. 2thfixr

    Ordered new Audeze LCD 2s, expected 2.2s got 2.3s!!!

    Ordered some LCD 2s directly from Audeze and received them this week.  Listened for 4-5 hrs using an Audioengine DAC (only DAC I have at the momemt) and a Schiit Lyr with stock tubes and then Bugle Boys.  I didn't get the amazing well controlled deep bass that everyone has been raving about so...
  10. kreserb

    need help choosing future high end gear

    First off: longtime lurker, first time poster, im glad to finally have an excuse to join :D   I am in need of some serious guiding from some knowledgeable people.   Right now i have a Beyerdynamic dt770 pro headphone, with a really bad no-name DAC. but later this year, i will be getting abit...
  11. Wyd4

    "Portable Headphone Amp for LCD2 Headphones (I know this has been done BUT..)

    Hi all, I know this has been touched on on more than a couple of occasions, however all the posts i could find were quite old. I have just acquired a pair of LCD2 (Rev 1). I have currently got an e17 Fiio, which was fine for my Senn Momentums and Vmoda LP2's, which really didnt need any...
  12. sashua

    Any Audeze LCD-2's on Long Island?

    I am trying hard to get used to a pair of Alpha Dogs that just arrived but I fear that closed headphones are just not my thing.  I have listened to Sennheisers and Stax headphones and I think I need to go in the open direction.    Everyone raves about the Audeze headphones and I have never...
  13. willitblend

    How many pairs of Headphones did you purchase before you found "The one"?

    Still working on it..convinced I'll never find a pair.
  14. sarahkho

    Can a Fiio E12 drive a LCD-2 without causing damage to either one?

    Hello-   Can I use a Fiio E12 connected to laptop to drive a LCD-2 headphone without causing any damage to any of the components?   Thank you.
  15. Gadget67

    Wadia 121 balanced output question

    My Wadia 121 DAC has three pin balanced XLR outputs on the rear of the device. Can I use those to drive my LCD 2 headphones if I re cable them with balanced cables? The Wadia documentation isn't helpful. Obviously I don't want to spring for balanced cables unless I'm sure it will work. Any...
  16. thenewguy21

    Lets make the HD650 sound like the LCD-2?

    I'm looking for an amp/dac combo that would bring out the best in the HD 650. I loved the LCD2 sound, it seemed like a super powered hd 650. However I just couldn't stand the weight. What will give me those crystal clear mids, and tight bass with weight to it that the LCD 2 had? Budget is...
  17. veuxtres

    which USB cable for woo audio wa7?

    I just collected this baby in the morning from local dealer . Going to open it tonight but i dont have the usb cable so here is the questions. Im going to use a 5 dollar temporary, should i get a pure copper or silver cable for it? Btw im using lcd 2.2 +q cable with it which i belive is copper...
  18. the8o88y

    Obtained desired dac/amp/headphone chain, am CLUELESS about sound settings, audio players, bit-perfect playback, etc. Please help!

    I have an Audeze LCD-2.2 that I'm running with a fully balanced Mjolnir/Gungnir stack (usb 2.0), using iTunes, (mostly 256/320 files, a few 96/24) with Windows 7 (AMD/Realtek). As good as the sound is with this setup, I feel like I'm still losing out on significant SQ because I am largely...
  19. raddle

    warm? timbre character?

    I heard both the LCD-2 and the HD800 at a meet, and I prefer the LCD-2. I think I like "warm" sound, but I was thinking about something. I know that some people characterize very warm sound as a coloration (something not neutral). However, I noticed that the LCD-2 had what I would call "timbre...
  20. Colgin

    Black Friday Dilemma -- LCD-2, HE-400 or HE-500

    Some great Black Friday deals going on and I am stressing over which trigger to pull. I currently have a pair AKG  Q701 which I just play out of my Marantz receiver (no dedicated head amp) and VModa M-80s for portable, both of which I love.   I have wanted a pair of LCDs for a while but always...
  21. MuH4hA

    ROOM's Headphone Stands

    Hey!   What can you tell me about the stands from ROOM's [1] ? It's a german company and they make headphone-stands like the Sievekin Omega, but they also have a model, called the "FS" and I really like the looks of it.   Does anybody own this type of stand and can comment...
  22. commando

    Recommend the cheapest amp that's not awful for Mad Dog/Foxtex T50RP with Android phone

    I have a good setup at home (DAC/MisterX PPA/LCD2) but I'm looking for something cheap and not too nasty for work. Mains powered, very compact so I can lock it away if required, preferably in the $50 to max $100 price range. It will feed the Mad Dog modified T50RPs, which I'll only buy if I can...
  23. Austin Morrow

    Need A Balanced &/Or Single Ended Amplifier Around $2-$3K for the HE-500.

    As the title says, is what I need. I'm looking to build a setup around the HE-500's, as I already tried a lot of other high end setups with the HD800, LCD-2, LCD-3, HE-6, and the T1, and found that the HE-500 suits me the best. I have both a Charleston Cable Company HE-500 cable with a 4-Pin XLR...
  24. gosteffects

    Will a Pioneer DJM-900 mixer adequately power DT 900 Pro 600 Ohm or Audeze LCD-2 headphones?

    Hello!   I'm new here. :)   ...and I don't know much about headphone amps.    I currently have a pair of Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro 600 Ohm headphones.   Right now I'm monitoring through the headphone jack on my Pioneer DJM 900 mixer.  It seems to work fine that way.  They are more than loud...
  25. justin w.

    Audeze LCD-2: 20% off at HeadAmp while supplies last! (or December 13-19)

    The Audeze LCD-2 20% off Black Friday sale is BACK for the next week (December 13-19), or while supplies last! No backorders will be accepted at this special sale price.   Please do not place an order if your shipping address is not in the United...