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LCD-2 and LCD-3 Owners - which aftermarket cable do you use?

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  1. Wulvy
    Just paid for my LCD-2 and its only a week away. I'm after some opinions on cables specifically from LCD-2 owners with aftermarket cables.
    I've tried to search the forum with limited success. It seems the ALO Chain Mail is a popular choice but on the more expensive side...
  2. MacedonianHero Contributor
    I own the Moon Audio Silver Dragon and absolutely am very happy with it. No microphonics....very light (unlike the uber heavy stock cable), improved mids/treble response with a slightly better sense of air.
    I did think of the ALO cable, but the reports of it being really heavy had me look elsewhere. Not to mention, I think the LCD-2s really benefit from a silver cable.
  3. Happy Camper
    I'd like to hear the LCD-2 with a silver cable. Ohhh, the possibilities.
  4. Wulvy

    Yes I see the Moon Audio Silver Dragon is also popular. One user in the LCD-2 thread said he bought the Silver Dragon and didn't like it so returned it. He claimed it was good in terms of mid/treble but it took away from the bass. Apart from that have only heard good things.
    Would be interesting to see how the Silver Dragon and ALO Chain Mail compare. Has anyone heard both?


    Yes I've heard the LCD-2 is voiced quite darkly and silver cables are supposed to aid treble response. Apparently if the LCD-2 is matched to the right amp and using a balanced cable it can go a long way to help correct this, and others say its "darkness" is a more natural response and most other high end headphones have an unnatural treble boost which some prefer.
  5. MacedonianHero Contributor


    To repeat, I hear no effects on the bass. If one concentrates on the bass, (at least with my ears) there are no deleterious effects on impact in any way. The slightly improved treble/mid response make portray a slight decrease in bass overall, but when using bass frequency sweeps and my ears/SPL meter....the bass is unchanged. [​IMG]
  6. Skylab Contributor
    I bought both the ALO cable and the Moon Silver Dragon. Both were an improvement over the stock cable. I marginally preferred the sound of the ALO, but found it too heavy and cumbersome, and so I sold it, and kept the Silver Dragon, which is very good sounding and also very nice ergonomically.
  7. Equus
    I use the ALO cable.  It is, as Skylab mentions, pretty bulky, but I'm usually listening to my LCD-2 while reclined, so the weight doesn't factor in as much for me.
  8. Wulvy
    Thanks for all the input from everyone I appreciate it.
    I ended up going with the Norse Audio cable... OCC like ALO and awesome aesthetics. Cheap price too.
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  9. Frihed89
    I had an 11 feet length of Audio Note (UK) AN-Vx silver interconnect cable that i am using.  It definitely is more resolving than the stock cable.  The rest is hard to tell as I have replaced the coupling and output caps in my SinglePower MPX3 Slam SE with some "upmarket" types that take a while to work in.  However, I am convinced that this amp drives these headphones easily, no matter what tubes I use.
    What/where/who is Norse Audio that is making a cable for the LCD-2?  I can't find anything on Google that doesn't take me back to headfi.org where I've not been able to find any information, just pictures, no information about a website or how these cables are constructed.
  10. Equus
    If I'm not mistaken, Norse Audio is Tigzstudio's venture.
  11. sachu
  12. GeorgeGoodman
    I don't own the LCD-2 and don't plan to as I can't afford it, but I listened to it with the Chain Mail Copper cable and that was a huge, heavy cable. I don't think it really bothered me, in fact I liked the look, but it may bother others. And of course I can't comment on the sound as it was noisy in the room and I have never heard them with the stock cable.[​IMG]
  13. Wulvy
    Frihed89, it is a venture by Tigzstudio as Equus said.
    He is launching a website which he said is planned to be released on the February 1. Until then he is offering a promo price on his cable. He can be emailed at norseaudio@gmail.com
    My cable shipped within 48 hours of paying, great service. Hopefully its comparable to the ALO and Moon-Audio SDv3. One user in the LCD-2 forums is going to directly compare it against the Moon-Audio SDv3 soon.
  14. Equus
    If anyone in the Pacific Northwest have aftermarket cables, the next Seattle area meet is scheduled for March 5th.  I'll be there with ALO chainmail cabled LCD-2s in tow.  [​IMG]
  15. Frihed89
    Thanks for the help on Norse Audio.
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