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Need A Balanced &/Or Single Ended Amplifier Around $2-$3K for the HE-500.

  1. Austin Morrow
    As the title says, is what I need. I'm looking to build a setup around the HE-500's, as I already tried a lot of other high end setups with the HD800, LCD-2, LCD-3, HE-6, and the T1, and found that the HE-500 suits me the best. I have both a Charleston Cable Company HE-500 cable with a 4-Pin XLR connection (as well as a 3-Pin Dual XLR adapter) and a ForzaAudio Works Noir Single-Ended headphone cable coming. I prefer single ended, but will work with balanced as well. Amp needs to to make the HE-500's shine sonically, and needs to look good aesthetically (to give you an idea of what I like when it comes to looks, think of Schiit and Woo). I currently am using the Sabre DA8 from Yulong as recommended by Project86, and while I think it sounds phenomenal sonically speaking, I'm looking for a dedicated DAC, so if you know of a high end DAC I can couple with the amp you're recommending as a stack, that would be muh appreciated.

    I've been keeping an eye on the GS-X MKII and the Stratus all as viable options, and If I wanted to spend less I was also looking at the Mjolnir/Gungnir combo and maybe even the D18/A18 combo.
  2. Austin Morrow

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