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JH16..Now What?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by kimchee, Mar 30, 2012.
  1. KimChee
    Hey guys, 
    I'm looking for some headphone advice.  Ive been up and down the Grado line up to the 325, Beyer DT 770, ATH M50, AKG702, not really sure where to go now.  I'm looking for a V shaped fun signature, but I'd like closed if possible.  I mostly listen to rock, heavy metal, punk,etc  Ive tried most top tier IEMs, UM Miracle, and now hopefully the JH16 is the end all be all upgrade for me.  Looking for a good headphone, but not looking to buy really expensive. Probably $300-$400 budget less would be better.   
    Got my eye on:
    AKG K550
    Sennheiser 600
    Any other suggestions or advice would be appreciated.
  2. KimChee
  3. Gwarmi
     DT990-600ohm - one very fun V shaped ride - smooth highs when properly amped, silly amounts of bass, 
     mids a little distant but never washed over by the bass. Very good imaging, one of the best in the Beyer
     line - only the T1 and T70 do it better in my opinion.
     A cracking movie watching can or a deluxe basshead alternative.
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  4. planx


    Silly amounts of bass as in a plentiful to work with? If you say that the DT990 has a large amount of bass in terms of body and impact, I would have to disagree. I find the DT990 (32, 250, and 600) to have a good amount of bass, but never enough to satisfy my bassy needs. I remember reading a review on the AKG Q701 vs DT990 saying that the amount of bass produced in both HPs were surprisingly similar, which I can agree on. The DT990 isn't as bassy as a lot of people describe it as, but nevertheless it's still one fantastic HP. Great V shaped headphone. I also recommend the Senn HD-25-ii for a very fun V shaped sound
  5. Gwarmi


     The Headroom graphs certainly show a few dB advantage to the DT990 Premium
    AKG Q701
    DT990 Premium
  6. ssrock64
    Have you considered the Denon D2000? It's not basshead bassy, but it's got a V-shaped sound signature, and has quite a lot of detail along with big impact down there. It's perpetually recommended by people (some of whom have never heard it), but I can personally vouch for it. I spent over 20 hours with a friend's D2K, and using it with your genres (I listen to everything from Chewing on Tinfoil to Rise Against to Dead Kennedys) it sounded great.
  7. planx

    Thank you for the graph, it is very imformational. But my case still stands on the bass being similar in terms of quantity. I agree that the DT990 has more bass, as shown in your graph, but after listening to both, I can strongly say that they aren't the "bass monsters" and "bass powerhouses" as some say they are. It's good bass, but not as emphasized as many would say so. Maybe people find them to be "bass strong" because of the recessed mids? It all depends on what your mind makes you believe.
  8. scoopbb
    ultrasone pro 900
  9. raelamb


    ditto ditto
  10. Maxvla Contributor
    Sounds like the OP doesn't know what he wants at all...

    V shaped and closed, yet two of the three choices are open and fairly flat in response... even the third the K550 is fairly flat in response, though it is closed.
  11. Craigster75

    Just saw your post today which is the reason for the delay, but sounds like you MUST try the Ultrasone Signature Pro.  I also really like my B&W C5 in ear for a fun sound.  I am also holding out for the V-Moda M-100 and Sennheiser Amperior.  I don't believe the Sennheiser HD600 will provide the bass you want.
  12. Hedonism
    I can personally vouch for the D2000 as a fun V-shaped can, but with a $400 budget, you can upgrade to a D5000.
  13. worx

    +1... look for open box or used deals before they are gone forever!
  14. huberd
    I have the DT990 and I find them to have a decent amount of bass compared to my other HP's. I have Denon D-2000 which have the deepest bass but can be too full if you turn them up too loud. This can be fixed by turning them down a little. The T-90 have a nice dynamic fun v-sound but are not my cup of tea because of the treble brightness but that is my preference . 

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