1. ipodstudio

    Watches - another passion of ours, it seems...post your pics!

    Being as another thread is about to go waaaay off track with the introduction of our passion for watches into the conversation, I thought it would be interesting to start a new thread, instead. I love watches and always have done! They just fascinate me and I love to swap and change, but the one...
  2. Alwayswantmore

    K1000 amps: First Watt F1 & Red Wine Audio Signature 30 (A mini-blog)

    OK, so you love listening to your K1000s. But do still find yourself wondering: “Am I really using the right amp to drive these crazy Austrian ear-speakers?” If yes, this thread is for you... Introduction For the past three months I’ve gone through an amazing journey discovering what...
  3. whereas

    Best "out of your head" headphones?

    I'm looking for something where the placement and stage / imaging is such that I can close my eyes and it sounds like the person is singing in front of me in the room, rather than inside my head.   My experience is limited to the Denon D5000 and "lesser" headphones, so I haven't heard HD800s...
  4. hpl

    AKG K1000 buzzz

    My 8 year old K1000 is producing a buzzing resonance, typically when playing jazz with acoustic bass. The level is moderate, but the buzz is quit noticeable. Is that typical for older headphones and is there a cure for it? hpl
  5. SliceOfPierce

    High-End Over-Ear Discussion

    What are some of the most renown over-ear headphones of all time?
  6. TimSchirmer

    Martin Logan Headphones...Whaaaat?

    http://www.audioweb.com/Ad/AdInfo.asp?adid=111987 Maaaan....Id like to try out those
  7. pearljam50000

    Best unamped open or closed headphones for 300$ or less

    Hi so i think my situation is a bit special,because i had the HD800 and K1000 in the past but had to sell them,needed the money for something else. anyways,i'm looking for a downgrade that won't be too painful I'm looking for a good set of neutral sounding headphones for 300$ or less.  ...
  8. ev13wt

    Design / look of headphones and you

    Inpired by the "Do Grados Look Ugly? Or Do They Look Cool?" thread:   Does the design of headphones influence your buying decisions?       I am affected by the design. If they look ugly to me I have a hard time liking them. I do appreciate the sound for itself, but most probably...
  9. loui29

    accuphase as headphone amp

    has anyone out there had any experience with accuphase as a dedicated headphone amp? the new C-2810 preamp looks very interesting.
  10. beamthegreat

    Can a stereo amplifier be used as a headphone amplifier?

    If its possible, then are there any consequences or is it totally fine to use an stereo (speaker) amplifier to drive a headphone.
  11. shiorisekine

    PlusSound Cloud9, The portable newcomer first impressions and review

    Considering this amp just came out I thought I would start up a first impressions thread for everyone that would like to post up what they thought about this awesome looking amp. I will post up my impressions in the morning and post some pictures.
  12. zombie1210

    Cans with the absolute largest soundstage?

    What headphones give the largest soundstage? Coupled with excellent overall sound, of course.
  13. musikaladin

    Divine Moments in Music

    “Music (…) gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.” Plato   As a music enthusiast I’m on a permanent quest for really great music, for those rare moments in (recorded:-) human history where musicians are able to...
  14. MrPanda

    Coolest headphones for summer?

    HI,     Any recommendations for the "coolest" on-ear or over-ear headphones?  The Sennheiser, AKG, and Beyer's I have all have thick earmuff pads that get really warm.  Anything, well, cooler?
  15. Suncatcher

    What's up with this whole "hard to drive headphone" thing?

    I understand the whole impedance concept and its effects.   I ask this question because even when I set my soundcard to output 64 ohms max to my 300 ohms HD 650, the volume is still very loud. If I go on max volume at 300 ohms, I swear to god, my headphones become loudspeakers. As loudspeakers...
  16. kiikasi

    What if you hook up a subwoofer AND headphones?

    I'm not sure where to put this, but here goes: Headphones don't give the sort of physical feeling of bass that real speakers have, but they have all the frequencies you need to hear it. So how can we remedy this problem? What if we manage to hook up a subwoofer + headphones and use the subwoofer...
  17. Plecto

    What are the most power hungry high impedance headphones?

    Hi. I'm constructing a headphone amplifier that's supposed to drive any pair of headphones, but I'm not sure of how powerful I actually need it to be. I'm currently getting about at least 1W output up to about 150Ohms which is enough to blow most headphone, but what about headphone with a higher...
  18. HiFiGuy528

    Woo Audio WA234 Mono Blocks, AKG K1000, and Abyss....

    Your chance to hear one of the BEST headphones systems on the planet is about to come.  We will have the WA234 Mono Block amplifiers and the Abyss Headphones along with the legendary AKG K1000 headphones on hand for demos.  Visit us in room 902 at the Hilton Hotel during T.H.E. Show in Newport...
  19. noxicus

    I need some advice regarding my AKG K1000s

    I'll try to keep this succinct.    Not long ago I noticed a small crackling on the right side while listening to very low frequencies. I foolishly decided to open up the headphones to see if perhaps a hair had fallen onto the driver and was causing the imperfection. Upon putting the headphone...
  20. mikeg

    History of the AKG K1000?

    I'd sure like to know the history of the K1000? When was it first made? Who developed it? Were there predecessors? Is an upgrade in the works?
  21. musikaladin

    Toys for Boys

    ...returning home after a long and hard working day you quickly rush to the shrine and ...there it is... your favourite toy...errrr... or second favourite, or whatever...   Anyway... your set-up is more than just about listening music? It is passion for design, fine mechanics, precision...
  22. Jon L

    SuperMacro v.3 Op-amp Comparisons/Review

    I finally had some time to compare the op-amps in my SM3. 4G iPod with apple lossless->Sik Din->Xin mini adapter->SM3->Ety4P. Most comparisons done with 4P->4S switch on, bass boost on, gain to low, and crossfeed off. Sorry, no AD8610. I do have some but did not want to use up the few...
  23. Jon-LF

    Best Limited Edition Headphones

    This is a constantly evolving thread about Limited Edition & Out of Production headphones worth collecting. The compilation keeps improving and I will humbly strive to compile impressions from this thread and across the internet. To bear with me in terms of speed of update as hold a very time...
  24. Sonido

    Are DACs for headphones the same ones used by speakers?

    I could not find this anywhere, but can DACs we use for our headphones also be used with speakers, or do speakers have a different market of DACs? I know a lot of times speakers are connected to a receiver which has a DAC built in, but are receivers the only option for speakers? I ask because if...
  25. davidhunternyc


    After considerable thought and thanks to the input of everyone at Head-Fi, I have made a list of the "most beautiful looking headphones ever made." You may vote for more than one. I have not included "mods" or custom made headphones. I also know there are several headphones that are not on this...