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    (Left to right) MSB SELECT DAC II with Stax SR-007 Mk1 on top; MSB SELECT Headphone Amplifier with Stax SR-009 on top.
  2. darth nut

    STAX SR-007 (Omega II) ... A Review After 4 Years Of Ownership

    STAX SR-007 (OMEGA II) … A REVIEW AFTER 4 YEARS OF OWNERSHIP A madman is one who ‘hears voices in his head’. Headphone-user: ‘you calling me a madman? In September 1999 I posted a review of STAX SR-007 (Omega II) headphone at HeadWize. I wrote as detailed and exhaustive...
  3. slair76116

    What would you say are the best 3 IEM's out in the market now ?

    If money was no issue,   Which 3 IEM's would you consider are the best in the market right now ?   No music preference just looking for general individual recommendations.
  4. MattTCG

    **The Perfect Headphone**

    Just for giggles, I thought I might make for interesting conversation to contrive a list of preferences that would make up the perfect hp. Choosing your favorite aspects from different makers. There are no rules here so feel free to chime in with whatever.  For me:   1. He-400 bass   2...
  5. DavidMahler

    Battle Of The Flagships (58 Headphones Compared)

  6. Asr

    Mini-Review: Audeze LCD-3 (vs LCD-2 r2, SR-007, et al)

    Mini-Review: Audeze LCD-3 vs Audeze LCD-2 r2, Audio-Technica AD2000, Sennheiser HD800, and Stax OII MKI published on February 6, 2012 - download a printable 5-page PDF version of this review - download a printable 5-page PDF version of the notes that were written for this review. The...
  7. Asr

    Review & Story: Stax SR-007 / HeadAmp Blue Hawaii SE

    Review & Story: Stax SR-007 + HeadAmp Blue Hawaii SE a recap & postmortem of my SR-007/BHSE and related headphone journey written on February 28, 2012   Intro Since not much has been written about the HeadAmp BHSE by its current owners so far, I thought I'd take the opportunity...
  8. charliex

    Advice needed on a 'final' TOTL Electrostatic amp within $2k price range.

    Alright, it’s time for an electrostatic amplifier upgrade, enough with issues from aging tube electrostatics or DIY’s done by others.  I’m thinking of finally purchasing something brand new from a reputable dealer that will not only have some kind of warranty, but longevity in the long run...
  9. charliex

    Stax SR-007 Mk1 HELP urgently needed!

    HELP!  Thanks to my pet cat (Kayo), a sudden  jump off the couch, a snagged SR-007 Mk1 headphone cable on his way off the couch, a headphone on the floor ….. So now I get intermittent and highly annoying one or both channels cutting in and out so as to make use basically unlistenable.  I...
  10. Asr

    Mini-Review: Stax SR-009

    Mini-Review: Stax SR-009 published on November 11, 2012 - download a printable 6-page PDF version of this mini-review Intro I've been an owner of the HeadAmp BHSE for just over 3 years so far, which I use with the Stax SR-007 (OII MKI). My opinion of the OII/BHSE is that it forms the...
  11. astrostar59

    Anyone bought Headphones from Eifl in Japan?

    Hi all I notice they are selling sr-007s cheap, but is it genuine stuff? And do they deliver ok, no hassles or no shows?   I am kinda nervous about paying over the net to Japan outside of Ebay protection, but the prices are sooo low!   Any experience would be really helpfull.
  12. astrostar59

    SR-007 - will it work ok from an SRM-313??

    Hi All   I am hoping anyone can help me.   Has anyone got a SRM-313 kicking about that they can plug into their SR-007 headphone, and see how it goes?   I know from members that the SRM-323s is fine with the SR-007s, and it has only a bit more power output (400v as apposed to 350v on...
  13. davidgotsa

    Does it get much better than the HD800?

    Hey,    How is everyone doing this friday?    I've had the HD800 for a few weeks now and long story short, I'm loving the sound.    In only a few months, I've owned the Grado SR80i followed by Sennheiser HD650, then Hifiman HE-500, then Ultrasone Edition 8 and finally Senneheiser...
  14. oopsydaisy

    LCD-2 sound, less weight?

    Title says it all, but I'll go into a bit more detail. I've had my LCD-2s for almost a year now and I love the sound they produce, but... they're so damn heavy. I can't go for more than 1-2 hours without having to take them off and take a break because my neck feels like it's being compressed. I...
  15. Asr

    Review: Audeze LCD-2 (r1 & r2), HiFiMan HE-6, Stax SR-507, Stax OII MKI/BHSE, et al

    Review: Audeze LCD-2 (revisions 1 & 2) vs Audio-Technica AD2000, AKG K701, Grado HP1000, HiFiMan HE-6, JH Audio JH13, Sennheiser HD800, Sony Qualia 010, Stax SR-507, & Stax OII MKI USA retail prices at press time: AKG K701: $349.00 Audeze LCD-2 r1: discontinued Audeze LCD-2 r2: $945.00...
  16. V-DiV

    most comfortable headphones

    I am on a quest to find a really comfortable set of full-size headphones for long, all-day listening and listening in bed (don't like to wake up with my phones still on and pressing uncomfortably). I find Grados to be very uncomfortable. Sennheiser is so-so to me. What are your picks for...
  17. HeadphonesHero

    Your phones and your style.

    All right, first time posting here on head-phi, But you all seem pretty educated to me.   So i'd like to ask more of an opinion based question. Which headphone, or Brand of headphones do you believe have the Coolest/More interesting "Style".   Granted a lot of people hear...
  18. RPGWiZaRD

    Why do expensier headphones generally get brighter and more laid-back?

    This is something I've kept wondering, many expensive headphones and flagship models tend to be bright (cold/analytical) and laid-back. Of course there is some exceptions but it gets more and more common with that being the case the higher up you go on the pricelist. What is there that says...
  19. roma101

    Best Headphones for ALL genres.....

    I thought it would be fun to discuss this. I think it would also be really helpful for people who are just looking for one headphone. Please don't hesitate to share your comments and opinions. The only headphones I have found to work well with most/all genres, at this point, have been the M50's...
  20. Bill13

    Stax Headphone mod - convert to "open air" mounting

    I was more than pleasantly surprised by doing a ‘mod’ of my old Stax Signatures.  IMO, this mod has much promise, and even sounds very good without adding EQ (yet).   Easier to listen to than my Stax Omega SR-007 --- dare I say ‘better’ in some respects. Because of the close proximity to the...
  21. chelboed

    Flat sound vs. "fun sound" flat isn't fun?

    I just don't get this whole headphone review mindset of "these are great b/c of the ultra flat freq response". Flip side...these are fantastic because of the warm "fun" sound they portray...far from a flat response, but very desirable.    So which is it? I hear people who praise the flat...
  22. allm1ghty

    Sennheiser Orpheus

    this might be silly question, but i'd like to know Orpheus's (as one of the best headphones in the world) "multi-functionality". i mean, is Orpheus built _only_ for music listening OR will it do "kickass" job in movies and games as well? well, guys, who you have/are owned(ing) it, have you...
  23. jonoh248

    Good looking n good sounding headphones a myth?

    I like fashion and dressing well. And I like goooooood sound too. I find pro headphones all perfect sounding but kinda ugly looking. I also like how fashion headphones look but not how they sound. When will someone merge the two? Or has it been done already?
  24. Chefguru

    Anyone ever heard the stax Srm-323s with the omega II ?

    I'm looking for a budget electrostatic amp for the omega II, until I raise enough money to buy a blue hawaii or WES amp. It seems like the Stax Srm-323s might fit the bill just fine, but I'm wondering about if it's even a powerful enough amp to correctly drive it, get it to max volume kind, etc...
  25. customcoco

    The most involving set-up/headphones

    hi post your impressions here. by "involving" I mean a piece of gear, (everything from headphones to amps, dacs, cd player, speakers, everything...) or a complete system, that just makes you forget about the sound, focus on the music. it can be (objectively or technically) the best you've...