1. dreamycreamy

    The best earbuds on the market?

    So i'm listening with my Sennheiser MX980s right now but was wondering of buying some new earbuds as these are slightly too big and keep slipping off my ear, plus the foam pads keep popping off and therefore i'm losing them which is kind of annoying.   I'm in the UK and the Sennheiser...
  2. 0waterbouys

    I'd like to buy a good set of cans but don't know if my reciever will be able to drive them properly.

    So here is my dillema. I have been looking at grabbing the Beyerdynamic DT880's. I would be playing them through my vintage Technics SA-600 but am unsure if they would be under/over powered by the amp and if they would really be getting their full potential being played through it. Here are...
  3. Mods12

    Shure 840 amp/dac

    I was hearing some annoying crackling sounds though my fiio e10 and sent it back today. i did notice an improvement. Should i just order another fiio e10 or get something else. i may get a pair of dt880s so an amp/dac that would fit those headphones too
  4. StudioTan

    Flattest, Most Neutral IEMs For Recording, Mixing, and Mastering

    I currently own the JH13, but after using them more for this purpose, I'm finding that they're hyped a little in one way or another and wondering if their are IEMs out there that are truer to the source, which is important in my work.  I have a one-room studio and am constantly micing...
  5. beyerlad

    Comfortable Headphones For Smartphones Around $200 +/-

    Any suggestions for some comfortable headphones with low clamping force? The headphones will be used with a smartphone. Supra-aural or circum-aural designs are not the priority. Comfort and low clamping force is top priority. Sound quality is secondary.   I have used the DT880 for some...
  6. superdell

    Can Asus Essence STX drive a 250 or 600ohm headphones?

    Just wonder if Asus card can get the job done.
  7. barca13

    headphones with sound similar to Fisher Audio dba 02

    I am thinking of buying a pair of headphones and from what i have read i am between the sennheiser hd 600 and the Beyerdynamic dt880 (250 Ω). I currently have the fa dba 02 and i am really pleased with them, so i would like a similar sound. Is the sound of these headphones similar to the dba's...
  8. HxCKhaos

    DT 880 vs K7XX?

    Sorry if this is not the greatest topic to ask a question about but honestly both on are sale for reasonable prices on massdrop atm and I've been looking for a more comfortable pair to wear throughout the day compared to my Grado MS1i with L-Cush.   I'm already well informed about frequencies...
  9. marone

    Logitech UE 500 IEM - Micro Review

    A few beginning points. I am in my mid-50's and have never used any device with IEM or ear buds. Never owned an iPhone or all that. Always listened to music with 'on' or 'over' the ear full size phones. I had a portable rig with an original Sony Walkman in 1980 but I only used it on the bus with...
  10. JensL

    A Hifi-version of the Beyerdynamic Headzone is coming

    It's a simpler and (hopefully) more affordable consumer-version of the Headzone Pro (well over $2000). Apparently available in October 2007. Now it's got a digital in, so you can connect a DVD-player directly to it (the Pro only have Firewire and analog 5.1 inputs)...
  11. Kodhifi

    Would this rackmount parametric equalizer work for removing HRTF from headphones?

    I'm trying to eliminate HRTF resonances in my listening setup. Right now I'm using a software parametric EQ but that only works in winamp and I want to do my entire signal path so that it works in games, in fruityloops, Itunes, etc so I can game, listen, and master, without those annoying 5k...
  12. Abovetheair

    My Dog has Caused me a Heart Attack (Picture inside)

    So, Head-fi. How would you like it if you bought some Dt880's a month ago, and have them ruined by your dog? This is what I was greeted with today, how lovely, right? The headphones were on my dresser. He knocked them off and completely chewed through a cord. I think I can repair it, I'm not...
  13. wolfetan44

    Relaxing headphone

    What would you guys consider a relaxing headphone? A DT880 relaxing? No? 
  14. tannerbnd

    My wife thinks I have a problem! Lol

  15. Tsujigiri


    Why is it that when a pair of headphones has a slight treble emphasis it's still called neutral, but when it has a slight mids or bass emphasis, it's always labelled as colored? Wouldn't all three scenarios represent headphones that are equally far from being neutral? Does neutral mean something...
  16. Sierra419

    Q701 question / help

    I'm purchasing a Q701 strictly for PC gaming (please don't try to talk me out of these cans because my mind is made up). I have a few questions because I'm pretty new to all of this.   1. I know I need a good amp (open to suggestions < $150), but do I need a good sound card and a DAC? My...
  17. MrPhilicorda

    Comparison HD540/DT880/K701/DT880 (quest for the best mixing HP's)

    I have been buying a few new headphones recently as I want to upgrade from my K240's that I've used for mixing for about 10 years now. The new aquisitions consists of a pair of AKG K701, Sennheiser DT880 Pro 250 ohm and a pair of vintage Sennheiser HD540 Reference II. It has been a very...
  18. whoelse

    Opinion needed: OEM pads for DT880 and HD650

    Any one uses (velour) these from ebay? Is it ok as replacement or go with the original which is kind of expensive.
  19. Hifihedgehog

    Beyerdynamic DT880S - What is it?

    I was glancing through the forums and I noticed the Beyerdynamic DT880S in my sidebar. Has anyone ever heard of it, have any experience with it or know about its history?
  20. ndee3

    What's the best headphone for under 200?

    Hey this is my first post, Looking for your opinions, I am going to invest in my first pair of good headphones, I had dre solos but I got the iPhone 5 and the new headphones that come with them had more bass, I love bass and I like when it has depth and I like hearing the music on a bunch of...
  21. track28

    wich headphoens are better for music with a lot of bass

    i want to buy a new heaphoens and i allready found some good ones  i hear music with a lot of bass, like dubstep and pop and thinks like that    those are the headphoens    beyerdynamic DT880 Premium 32 OHM   AKG K267 tiesto sireis    or V-MODA M100   thank for the help  
  22. Brooko

    REVIEW : Revisiting the Brainwavz HM5 – A Retrospective (plus bonus look at pad and cup options)

    Pros: SQ, clarity, comfort, build, balance, accessories, isolation, value, carry case (new), pad options Cons: Clamp force, slightly lacking some bass relative to treble (easy EQ though), pads can get sweaty, not the best for spectacle wearers. For larger views of any of the photos (1200...
  23. OmarSy

    First legitimate hi-fi setup?

    Hello, I was wanting to purchase my first "Hi-fi" headphone setup but before I did that I wanted the communities advice (For obvious reasons) Now, I already have a pair of closed headphones (Senn's momentum's) but I was wanting something a bit better for home use. My budget is around $700...
  24. eruditass

    Two people listening to the same music with open-back headphones?

    If I wanted to listen to the same music with another person sitting right next to each other, would both headphones being open-back cause issues?  Would the sound be influenced from the other headphone?  At what volume does this become a problem? 85 dB?    I currently have DT880's and wanted...
  25. jcdamascenojr

    ADVICE: How to make the jump into the (not anymore) high-end? – join if you enjoy loooong reading…

    Hi everyone,   Yes, it's another "what should I buy" thread, and yes, I know there's a fixed topic for that, but the fact is it's a mess. It’s very hard to get more than one or two advices before the next poster asks for something completely different. That being said, please move/merge it...