My Dog has Caused me a Heart Attack (Picture inside)
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So, Head-fi. How would you like it if you bought some Dt880's a month ago, and have them ruined by your dog?
This is what I was greeted with today, how lovely, right? The headphones were on my dresser. He knocked them off and completely chewed through a cord. I think I can repair it, I'm not sure. Oh, and he ate a half a bag of Dorito's that we're unopened too (See the chip under it?). What a life. Help me.

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I'm not sure, but maybe it would be possible to have them repaired by some Beyerdynamic service center, obviously for a fee :)

If you want to do it yourself, the headphones can be opened by praying this plastic ring surrounding the foam with a screwdriver. Then you will need to buy some cable and solder it to the drivers or have someone else do it for you. It isn't rocket science, but requires some care to avoid diaphragm damage.
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From the picture, it looks like it can be salvaged.
Recable, new pads, new headband, maybe some bondo for the teeth marks and some tlc.
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Your dog has been reading Head-Fi and is giving your reason to upgrade to a higher grade cable.
He then reward himself by eating chips.
He use your headphones for rock music when you are not at home so he is feeling a better cable might improve the SQ.
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We all know one must tell the wife/ninja something-something for another $$$ headphones. Sure, blame the dog. I'm sure it's time he is replaced. 

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I "own" a giant insane tom cat. Which is why my good phones are HD25s - they're not just hard to destroy but you can buy every component needed for a repair online and snap broken parts out and new ones in like lego. All of my IEMs are kept on high shelves in sealed plastic boxes. I sympathize, I really do.
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I could sell you my DT880 250 ohms

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Good excuse to upgrade the cable..
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I could sell you my DT880 250 ohms

Not before you get your 600 ohm 880s and provide a thorough analysis of any differences you perceive between them. :D
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does beyers warranty cover vicious dogs? if not you should release a pack of rabid dogs into beyers HQ and then they will add a feature to the headphones that cause them to detonate violently if a dog gets within 5 feet of it. It should also release confetti in the explosion.
At least these things are built like tanks. The cable and pads are probably the easiest things to fix.

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