1. Cirofost

    Best headphones for Electro-Ambiance and Electro-Drone? - I.e. Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin, 36, EUS.

    Hey all! This is my first post on this wonderful website, so be nice.    Okay, so lately I have been searching for the headphones that are perfect for my needs, and I think I have certainly found the model line. The main genre of music I listen to is ambient, IDM, drone, and sometimes...
  2. Arzach

    Good headphones for jungle/drum & bass?

    After reading lots of reviews, i'm going to try the dt 880 (600) but i'm also open to any advice. p.s. My plan is to buy a xonar STX.
  3. 343 Grenadier

    Decent all-around headphones for under 250 USD.

    Good day, Head-Fi. I'm a newcomer to the world of high-quality audio. My first question and post here on Head-Fi's forums concerns a computer I recently constructed for someone else that I plan to turn into an HTPC some time in the next few months. It is limited to PCIe x1 sound cards and will...
  4. Macmuffin

    Need A Middle Ground

    Im looking for something in the middle of the DT800/600 and the HD600.    I love the HD600 because its ease of listening, everything seemed balanced. I like the DT880/600 for it's amazing detail and bright sound, but for me sometimes they can be a bit harsh in the treble.   So to make a long...
  5. mikek200

    Beyrdynamic DT 880{600ohm} vs AD 900x-differences

    I  would like to know,for those who have both of the above headphones,the major likes,dislikes,of these two headphones. Recently,I bought the DT880,s,and am using them with a Schiit modi/vali setup. The AD900x are coming in ,in about a week. What is your opinions,personnel likes,dislikes,and...
  6. chewynuts

    Looking for Headphones equally good for Gaming and Music

    Hi Guys,   I live in a college dorm and need some advice on which headphones to buy for late night gaming. Read the entire list of reviews here and still can't make up my mind; I have some very specific requirements for this pair of headphones. Let me share my background to give you an...
  7. Abovetheair

    My Dog has Caused me a Heart Attack (Picture inside)

    So, Head-fi. How would you like it if you bought some Dt880's a month ago, and have them ruined by your dog? This is what I was greeted with today, how lovely, right? The headphones were on my dresser. He knocked them off and completely chewed through a cord. I think I can repair it, I'm not...
  8. Wolfdale

    Two pairs of the same headphones, different sound quality?

    So the title pretty much explains it all, but I just started wondering whether there are dogs and gems in headphones as there are when it comes to choosing a guitar, for instance.   Is it possible that two brand new pairs of, say, Triple.Fi 10s sound different than each other? Is it highly...
  9. wolfetan44

    Next upgrade in my chain?

    My system right now is an O2, ODAC, Mad Dogs, and a DT880/600. Next upgrade? Max budget is $1500. I am open to upgrading any part of the chain, amp, DAC, or headphone. My music preferences are indie rock, alternative rock, and folk. Some of my favorite artists are Animal Collective, Radiohead...
  10. seag33k

    HIFIMAN: HE-400 Compared to BEYERDYNAMIC: DT 880 (600 Ohm)

    I have read many reviews of these two pairs of headphones but thought I'd get some feedback from people who have actually listened to them.  Are either of them difficult to drive? Would my FiiO E17 suffice to drive these cans? Eventually I'll be getting another amp but this is what I have at the...
  11. inasafeplace

    Advice required (Beyerdynamic)

    So here it goes. I have never had a chance to try out any Beyerdynamic product and I'm quite liking the reviews I have been reading. Now I want to go for a pair but I need advice as to which one to get.   What is the best one I can get? Which one will get me the best results for my money? A...
  12. lukEM22

    Headphone for home use (movies, music, gaming)

    Summary : I want a super comfortable headphone that doesn't have very reccessed mids, doesnt skimp out on the highs and has a good amount of bass for music and movies, under $250     Let me start off by saying comfort comes first. I want a headphone that is better for listening to movies...
  13. Bassicle

    Need advise on buying good headphones for trance

    After 4 years of using Creative- and Sony in-ear plugs, I figured that music sounds so much better through headphones. So now I'm looking for very good headphones that suits trance music the best. I almost always listen music on my phone, so I don't know if I'm able to use headphones like the...
  14. slytherin

    Best entry audiophile headphones under 250 dollars

    Hi,guys I am looking to forward to becoming an audiophile, and I would like  to know what are some of the best headphones I can get for less than 250 dollars. I usually listen to classical rock, or alternative rock, and sometimes house music. I would like to know what are the best headphones in...
  15. Kilroy

    Need help picking basshead headphones

    Hi, I'm currently thinking about getting the beyerdynamic dt 880 pro with the fiiO E10 amp. My budget is 355$ and i need a headset for at home music listening that can have crazy bass. I don't know a lot of the headphones out there right now and need need to know if there is anything better I...
  16. ryno1791

    New Headphone and Amp Combo for Monitoring/Referencing

    Hey Everyone,   First post here. I've been lurking for a while trying to absorb all the info I can, but I figure it might be best to make a topic tailored to my specific needs.   As a graduation present, I will be getting a new set of headphones as well as a desktop amp.   My main...
  17. Sonido

    Headphones that scale well with a good amp in $200-300 range

    I'm looking for headphones that really improve if you have a good amp. I recently ordered the Bottlehead Crack and am looking for modestly priced headphones that will really take advantage of this amp. Probably need to be higher impedance. I have the Sennheiser HD598, but it's lower impedance...
  18. dannie01

    Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite

    Hi buddy, I wonder to start this thread earlier when I received my amp and searched that there is no such tiltle so I start it. Please also state what headphone/s you're pairing with and how do you love the combo. My WA6SE arrived by mid-March this year. I ordered a Sophia Princess 274B and...
  19. caddie444

    Headphone amp for Xonar STU and DT 880 600ohm

    Hello,   I just recently purchased a set of Beyer DT 880 600ohm headphones and a Xonar Stu.   Having hooked them up to my comp I was expecting the volume level to be extreme, but I must say I am a bit underwhelmed by how the xonar stu powers these headphones. I am thinking I should purchase...
  20. shiorisekine

    PlusSound Cloud9, The portable newcomer first impressions and review

    Considering this amp just came out I thought I would start up a first impressions thread for everyone that would like to post up what they thought about this awesome looking amp. I will post up my impressions in the morning and post some pictures.
  21. Me x3

    Beyerdynamic DT880 Pro & DT990 Pro (Comparison w/ pictures!)

      As short as possible take on: who am I and why am I here (for those interested) -you can skip this!    My name is Agustin and I'm from Argentina (by convention: somewhere in the south of the world). I'm now 23 years old. I've been listening to music since I was a child when my father bought...
  22. DavidMahler

    Is Audiophile level sound an acquired taste?

    I invited 3 friends over to my house to finally try out some of my gear that I've been raving about for months. This gear consisted of..... Sennheiser HD650 Sennheiser HD600 AKG K701 Beyers DT880 Pro Beyers DT770 (250 ohm) 2005 Denon D5000 Ultrasone Proline 750 Audio Technica W5000...
  23. Bassman999

    Powering Beyerdynamic DT-880 Premium 600 OHM

    I have 2 amps currently... JDS cMoyBB V2.02   I dont know the specs of this one, but doubt it would be up to the task??   Little bear P-1 hybrid amp specs:   Please read the following Message to determine which configuration of this amplifier you will need. 1.The amplifier board supports...
  24. Kaelin

    Looking for a good IEM for gaming

    Title says it all. It's too damn hot around where I live and wearing a headphones all day gets very gross. Trying to find a good solution for a IEM. I also have longer hair, so not having to fuss with it after sessions with headphones is a plus. ATM I have a Sennheiser HD558 that is foam...
  25. J

    DT880 Pro and Apogee One.

    Hello, i'm going to study Audio engineering and as a requirement i need Professional headphones and the apogee one (or duet), i want to buy the beyerdynamic Dt800 Pro (250 ohms), do i need a headphone amp? or it will work with the apogee? Sorry for my english, is not my native language.