1. sethgi

    Good combo?: Beyerdynamic dt880 premium 600 ohm with a Maverick Audio TubeMagic D1 Plus DAC

    Hi all,   I am getting ready to invest in a high end audio setup, including a nice pair of headphones as well as an amp/dac. I have pretty much decided on the dt880 600 ohms. I listen to mainly jazz music and I have hear that for instrument separation and soundstage, the 600 ohm version is the...
  2. mehrdadiii

    Mixing headphone,In-Ear Or Full-size

    I am completely confused! I want to set up a professional studio. But as we live in mobile world, I want my studio be portable. my goal is arranging, monitoring, mixing and mastering professionally. I have a laptop with Cubase 5 installed. Someone told me use a full-size headphone like DT880pro...
  3. nofuture

    Closed Headphone to complement my Beyer DT 880PRO

    Hello,   So I have some problems with my neighbor and I'm forced to use headphone to make music. ( Mostly Sound Design, EQing, "Mix", "Mastering") I have some DT-880PRO but the problem is that I end up almost every time with way to much bass on my sounds. And there is a lot of noise (car...
  4. ady1989

    Sennheiser HD 575 mod completed!

    I hope this is the right subforum for this, here goes! I bought a pair of 575's years ago for dirt cheap and I never used them much. For those who may recall, the 575s were a limited run that they stopped because the drivers cost too much to manufacture. I think they retailed for about 150. They...
  5. mehrdadiii

    DT880 pro vrs Beats By Dr. Dre Mixr On-Ear Headphones

    Hello, As I read in Head-Fi I found DT880 a great neutral product for arranging and mixing. But as a matter of fact in the site: I found that some favorite producers like Skrillex use Beats by Dr.Dre ! I want to know If DT880 pro or HD650 are great headphones, why Skrillex...
  6. nonononononono

    Pairing a Beyerdynamic DT880 Premium 600ohm with Audioengine D3

    Will the amplifier inside a D3 be powerful enough for these 600ohm cans? If not, would it be a reasonable idea to use the D3 with an O2 amp?
  7. DeathDomokun

    First mid-fi headphone

    I thought there was a headphone rec sticky? oh well   Alright guys, so I'm in the market for some headphones. I'm not quite sure what I'm looking for in a headphone: I don't care for the soundstage all that much. I like natural highs; I don't want them boring nor pronounced. I don't it...
  8. Lesmiserables13

    Beyerdynamic dt880 250 ohms vs 600 ohms

    I'm looking into these two headphones so I'm wondering if you can tell which one is 250 ohms and which one is 600 ohms? Does it actually say on the headphones itself? (says if you're buying one without the original box)
  9. I

    soldering advice - DT880 repair

    decided to replace the 3.5mm jack on a stock dt880 cable.   cut the cable.   stranded enamel wire. why the hell do they use enamel wire?   How do i tin a solder this stuff??
  10. Macmuffin

    Should I Buy?

    A new pair of DT880 pro 250, Or used DT880 600?   I generally tend to lean away from buying used, but its it's a good enough upgrade i would consider it.
  11. rEEcEj

    Best headphones for listening to music (under £150) ?

    I've owned a pair of Sennheiser HD650s before which I liked very much with some boosting on the EQ around 80-160hz and 9-15khz, though they broke after 2 years and £250 is way too much for me to spend on replacing something I need.   I currently own a pair of Sony MDR-7506's which are the best...
  12. Leeown

    Beyerdynamic DT 880, 250 ohm or 600 ohm.

    Hello Head-Fi!   I decided to buy the Beyerdynamic DT 880 Cans. I will be using them for my PC. The soundcard I have is the Asus Xonar Xense. I have been searching alot on the internet for answers on this, and with the things I've read it should drive 600ohm just fine. But I need some...
  13. BenRand

    Powering Beyerdynamic 880s

    I recently decided to purchase a pair of Beyerdynamic 880s, but I haven't the slightest clue about how I should power them.  Can anyone give me an overview of what I need in the amp/DAC categories, and maybe suggest some affordable equipment for me?  I see a lot of posts about how good the...
  14. gradofan1

    Margin of diminishing returns?? Do $200 headphones sound "the same" as >$500, or $1000 headphones? (assuming proper amplification)

    I've always been wondering this -- at what price point does the margin of diminishing returns hit the peak, for headphones?   For example, I'm listening to my Beyer DT880-600 right now and they hold a solid ground against my much more expensive D7000's. Though given I am listening off a pretty...
  15. CaptainSpork

    Closed headphones for <$200

    After searching through many past threads on this topic and reading countless reviews my head is starting to spin with more and more options being discovered all the time!  I thought I'd make a thread with my personal preferences, if any members of the community could take the time to offer...
  16. predatowned

    Little Dot mkiii

    Posted this in the dt880 thread but didn't get any feedback so I'm posting it here. Also wasn't sure where to put this. If it needs to be moved to the headphone section, go for it. Right now I'm using the dt880 600 ohm with the asus essence stx. I was wondering if its worth upgrading to an...
  17. kingcrimson69

    Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro amping query

    Hello everyone!! I recently bought the Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro (250 ohm) and I'm more than happy with its performance. Now, in the next few days I will start my own home audio system, which will contain a vintage technics turntable, a Kenwood Ka 1500 vintage stereo amp and speakers (I don't know...
  18. Earbones

    Shoot-Out: Beyer DT880 600 Premium vs 250 Pro... On a Woo Audio WA3

    I haven't seen a full-featured A/B shootout between the DT880 Premium 600 and the 250 Pro when both are well-amped and sourced. Seems most of the questions regarding the difference between the two has to do with exactly this scenario. Enjoy!   The rig basics: Macbook Air Peachtree Audio DAC...
  19. Poppacheez

    Crappy Spotify music and good headphones

    I listen to a lot of music on Spotify, and I know that some of their music isn't the highest quality. Which of the headphones below would be forgiving of low quality files? 1. Beyerdynamic DT880 600ohm 2. MrSpeakers Mad Dogs  3. Sennheiser HD600 4. Hifiman He-400
  20. Tristan944

    Difference between Beyerdynamics'

    I'm interested in getting a Beyerdynamic headphone. I want to know what the difference in sound is between them.   1.Which one has the best clarity and overall best sound? 2. I see there a few headphones labled "Premium" and these are more expensive. What is the "Premium", and is it worth...
  21. JB2012

    Need advice for gaming headphones

    Total noob here so please excuse my ignorance. This will be the first decent headphones that I have purchased and I'm a little bit confused after searching this forum as to exactly what I need to buy.  I will be using the headphones for 100% gaming only.  I play predominantly FPS so it's...
  22. Swordchan

    Soundcard! Creative SB Z Vs ZxR ! And new Headphones in a near future? Dt880?

    Hello!  I got a little problem here. I'am having a very hard time deciding wich soundcard i shall buy. Its between Creative Sound blaster Z and the more expensive model ZxR.. I Got Sennheiser pc 360 atm. But looking to buy a DT 880 600ohm in a near future. Or any other headphones in that price...
  23. Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro -  600 ohms

    Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro - 600 ohms

    Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro / 600 ohms Studio Headphone The Beyerdynamic DT 880 PRO is a reference-class, semi-open studio headphone which combines all strengths of open, transparent headphones with those of more powerful, closed headphones. Specially designed housings and an improved system...