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    Endgame set up almost complete
  2. audiokid

    Audeze LCD-X vs Stax 007 / 009

    Hi,    I have the excellent Audeze LCD-X and a Chord Hugo. It's a very good system, and portable too.    I'm thinking of a permanent desktop system, and interested in the Stax 007 and 009 with the recommended energisers. These systems are obviously very expensive but I have enjoyed headphone...
  3. thatryan

    Help Finding Great Headphones for Home Theatre Use

    Hi all,    I could use some help finding some good over-ear headphones please.   So our house has a new baby which means time to get some headphones. They will only be used for BluRay movies and plugged into a Denon AVR-2313 CI...
  4. NHMN

    Closed back headphones help

    Hi, new here. I'm looking for a set of closed back headphones for personal listening. I listen to a wide range of stuff from classical, to blues, and electronic music. Looking for something that has good clarity but also smooth highs. Not going to use them for any studio mixing etc. but more or...
  5. MetalPhoenix

    Question For Stax 009 & HD800 Fans Who Like Electronic Music

    I've been steadily upgrading my gear over the last several years. Currently, I'm running a Headroom Max into HD800s.   I went through several different upgrades on my way to the HD800s, with the previous step being the HD650s. Of course, both are awesome, but the HD800s are SO much more...
  6. yakumo2897

    STAX SRS 2170 VS. HiFiMan HE-400 with Magni/Modi Amp and DAC *Opinions needed*

    Hello Everyone,    My Father recently got a set of Stax SR Lamdba Pro and a SRM-1/ MK-2 connected to a Primaluna tube amp that is the best, most detailed, sound I have ever heard. After going home and listening to my Sennheiser RS 170, it made me reevaluate my life and now the hunt for a new...
  7. oktapod

    HD800 plus top-notch head amp OR Stax SR-007mk2 & Stax Energiser?

    Hey folks.   Having built up a fairly impressive main system with large active speakers, I'm planning to downsize and invest into my headphone setup.   I currently have a pair of HD800s which I drive unbalanced from the class-A headphone output of my DAC/Pre (a modified Audiolab MDAC).  This...
  8. S

    masters sx-3000BD! Can drive both electrostatic and dynamic headphone together

    The picture comes from one of the headphone fan in China(   This is a Japanese amp which can drive both electrostatic and dynamic headphone together.     Sounds good?  Anyone try this amp...
  9. tonho_rp

    Dac for 007 Mk2 and 323s amp

    I'm thinking about getting the 323s and the Mkii, but I'm a bit lost regarding DAC options (below 1000usd preferably). From the little I've gathered so far I've seem the cambridge dacmagic (100 and plus version), and the W4SD2 dacs (Both version 1 & 2). I'd apprecite any inputs from anyone who...
  10. gatorengineer64

    How much of an upgrade would a Stax SR-007a Mk2 be over an HE-500

    Like the HE-500 but the bug has bitten.  How much of an upgrade would the Stax be?  Night and day or subtle?  Thanks   I assume the plug on the Stax is a standard balanced plug, and any good amp can be used correct?
  11. anil

    How comfortable are the Stax SR-007 MkII headphones?

    Hi all:   I'm in the market for these headphones and as I look for them, I wanted to find out how comfortable these are. I've read a couple of posts where they are mentioned as being somewhat tight but with good ear pads.  I have a pair of Sennheiser HD600s which when new were very tight and...
  12. edstrelow

    STAX SR007 Resonance Problems?

    I don't recall seeing this issue raised before about the 007A.  The other day as I was listening to my 007A (Serial # SZ2-1286) I noticed that if I tapped the metal bands in the arc assembly (as Stax calls it) I could hear a low frequency  ringing for a bit over a second. Now I have always...
  13. PinkFlag

    Best amps for the Stax Sr-007 MkII.

    I decided to buy the flagship Stax headphones and was wondering which amps would synergize best with them. I was looking at the WooAudio GES along with the Blue Hawaii and KGSS. Does anyone with experience with these headphones know which setups would work best with them?  
  14. gomincha

    SR-007 Omega II vs K1000 vs Qualia detail wise and for low volume listening??

    Hi,   As the titles says anyone who has heard all three? I'm also interested in low volume listening performance.. Which of these maintains the same character at all volumes?
  15. Scottsmrnyc

    Stax-SR007 Is there a way to change the ear pads so that they don't scratch against my ears?

    I need a slightly longer or wider earpad to increase the distance between my left ear and the surface of earspeaker.  I know that this might alter the sound signature but when I am listening to them; I just don't fell relaxed and it ruins my listening sessions.  Is this also going to be a...
  16. gomincha

    Stax SR-007 (Omega II) vs Stax SR-009 on BHSE ... So how do they compare??

    Both are excellent systems but which one has the edge on details, imaging, speed , tone? In other words which is the most neutral, natural and capable headphone when driven by a BHSE?
  17. Elysian

    SR-007 O2 MKII for Electronica/Metal

    Hi all.  I've been a lurker on Head-Fi for the last two years, but decided it's finally time to make an account and go all-in with this hobby I recently entered the headphone world a year ago with a Grado SR-225i, GS-1 (w/ DACT), and gamma2.  Everything's routed through S/PDIF (Xonar...
  18. rudi0504

    Impression Stax Sr 007 Mk2 And Sr 009 + Srm 727 Mk2 as Active Speaker drive with Tube Pre. Amp T + A P 10.2

    Hi Head Fier Friends   I would like to share my new set up with Stax as follow   Source : April Music CD Player Stello CDA 500   DAC : by end of May April Music Eximus DP 1 as pure DAC   Pre Amp : Tube Pre Amp T + A  P 10.2   Power Amp : Solid State Stax Srm 727 Mk2   Cable : use all...
  19. AllsWell

    Stax SR-007 Omega II MK1 vs MK2 vs SR-009 ?

    So,.... can anyone "enlighten" me on these three headphones ?   I want to buy a pair, but have no idea which ones because;   1. I can't find any threads comparing them 2. I can't find any place to audition them here in Toronto, Canada.
  20. AllsWell

    Stax SR-007 Omega II MK1 vs MK2 vs SR-009 ? (Making the jump into High End)

    So,.... can anyone "enlighten" me on these three headphones ?   I want to buy a pair, but have no idea which ones because;   1. I can't find any threads comparing them 2. I can't find any place to audition them here in Toronto, Canada.   ALSO,   I am contemplating on a proper...
  21. mwilson

    Pairing notes: Cavalli LL, Woo WA-5 w/ WEE, First Watt F1, HE6, Jade, Stax SR-007 mk I, SR-009, SR-507, Lambda Nova Sig.

    Notes reflect audition during a mini-meet in Boca Raton on 6/30/2012. Audiogalore, Sridhar3 and Mwilson in attendance.     EQUIPMENT   Sources Esoteric X-03SE as CD player PS Audio PWD w/ Bridge Resolution Audio Cantata Music Center as CD player   Amplification Cavalli...
  22. astrostar59

    SR-007 - will it work ok from an SRM-313??

    Hi All   I am hoping anyone can help me.   Has anyone got a SRM-313 kicking about that they can plug into their SR-007 headphone, and see how it goes?   I know from members that the SRM-323s is fine with the SR-007s, and it has only a bit more power output (400v as apposed to 350v on...
  23. mingde10467

    My Stax SR-007- - Does It Need to be Repaired?

    When I replaced one of the ear pads on my 007s the part of the metal spring that fits in the center of the pad attachment plate slipped through the plate and made a small tear in the plastic membrane (?) below the plate.   The sound, at least for now, is unaffected. Do I need to get this...
  24. charliex

    Stax SR-007 Mk1 HELP urgently needed!

    HELP!  Thanks to my pet cat (Kayo), a sudden  jump off the couch, a snagged SR-007 Mk2 headphone cable on his way off the couch, a headphone on the floor ….. So now I get intermittent and highly annoying one or both channels cutting in and out so as to make use basically unlistenable.  I...
  25. 563

    Is there anyone in the NY area that can install replacement earpads and headpad for the SR-007 mk1?

    I don't want to do it myself, but wonder if there's anyone that does this?  Woo maybe?