1. ptolemy2k6

    Stax SRM-727A Electrostatic Amplifier w/ Transformer

    I have for sale Stax SRM-727A Electrostatic Amplifier for Stax SR-007 SR-009. This is a Japanese 100v model but I am including transformer to convert. These are very well made and around $60 by itself. The unit is in a great shape, lightly used but otherwise works perfectly. I tried it in few...
  2. [No title]

    [No title]

    Endgame set up almost complete
  3. audiokid

    Audeze LCD-X vs Stax 007 / 009

    Hi,    I have the excellent Audeze LCD-X and a Chord Hugo. It's a very good system, and portable too.    I'm thinking of a permanent desktop system, and interested in the Stax 007 and 009 with the recommended energisers. These systems are obviously very expensive but I have enjoyed headphone...
  4. thatryan

    Help Finding Great Headphones for Home Theatre Use

    Hi all,    I could use some help finding some good over-ear headphones please.   So our house has a new baby which means time to get some headphones. They will only be used for BluRay movies and plugged into a Denon AVR-2313 CI...
  5. NHMN

    Closed back headphones help

    Hi, new here. I'm looking for a set of closed back headphones for personal listening. I listen to a wide range of stuff from classical, to blues, and electronic music. Looking for something that has good clarity but also smooth highs. Not going to use them for any studio mixing etc. but more or...
  6. MetalPhoenix

    Question For Stax 009 & HD800 Fans Who Like Electronic Music

    I've been steadily upgrading my gear over the last several years. Currently, I'm running a Headroom Max into HD800s.   I went through several different upgrades on my way to the HD800s, with the previous step being the HD650s. Of course, both are awesome, but the HD800s are SO much more...
  7. yakumo2897

    STAX SRS 2170 VS. HiFiMan HE-400 with Magni/Modi Amp and DAC *Opinions needed*

    Hello Everyone,    My Father recently got a set of Stax SR Lamdba Pro and a SRM-1/ MK-2 connected to a Primaluna tube amp that is the best, most detailed, sound I have ever heard. After going home and listening to my Sennheiser RS 170, it made me reevaluate my life and now the hunt for a new...
  8. oktapod

    HD800 plus top-notch head amp OR Stax SR-007mk2 & Stax Energiser?

    Hey folks.   Having built up a fairly impressive main system with large active speakers, I'm planning to downsize and invest into my headphone setup.   I currently have a pair of HD800s which I drive unbalanced from the class-A headphone output of my DAC/Pre (a modified Audiolab MDAC).  This...
  9. S

    masters sx-3000BD! Can drive both electrostatic and dynamic headphone together

    The picture comes from one of the headphone fan in China(   This is a Japanese amp which can drive both electrostatic and dynamic headphone together.     Sounds good?  Anyone try this amp...
  10. tonho_rp

    Dac for 007 Mk2 and 323s amp

    I'm thinking about getting the 323s and the Mkii, but I'm a bit lost regarding DAC options (below 1000usd preferably). From the little I've gathered so far I've seem the cambridge dacmagic (100 and plus version), and the W4SD2 dacs (Both version 1 & 2). I'd apprecite any inputs from anyone who...
  11. gatorengineer64

    How much of an upgrade would a Stax SR-007a Mk2 be over an HE-500

    Like the HE-500 but the bug has bitten.  How much of an upgrade would the Stax be?  Night and day or subtle?  Thanks   I assume the plug on the Stax is a standard balanced plug, and any good amp can be used correct?
  12. rsbrsvp

    Sr-007 MK2 (sr-007a)

    Stax Sr-007 MK2 (SR-007a)  SOLD   A: In 9/10 condition Physically.  In 10/10 condition sonically. B: Includes Stax flight case and box in mint condition. C: Includes extra set of brand new earpads purchased from Stax dealer (I paid about $120)   D.  Purchased from Price Japan about 10...
  13. anil

    How comfortable are the Stax SR-007 MkII headphones?

    Hi all:   I'm in the market for these headphones and as I look for them, I wanted to find out how comfortable these are. I've read a couple of posts where they are mentioned as being somewhat tight but with good ear pads.  I have a pair of Sennheiser HD600s which when new were very tight and...
  14. jeffreybowman2k

    Stax SR-007 Mk 2

    For sale is a pristine Stax SR-007 Mk 2. I recently purchased these from fellow head-fi member, and I have an opportunity to upgrade to SR-009s -- so these are available. Appx 100 hours of use. There are no operational or cosmetic issues. Cable is also in pristine condition. Will come with...
  15. edstrelow

    STAX SR007 Resonance Problems?

    I don't recall seeing this issue raised before about the 007A.  The other day as I was listening to my 007A (Serial # SZ2-1286) I noticed that if I tapped the metal bands in the arc assembly (as Stax calls it) I could hear a low frequency  ringing for a bit over a second. Now I have always...
  16. nemomec

    Stax Omega SR-007

    I am looking for a Stax Omega SR-007 MK1 or MK2 in very good Condition. My price limit is 1300,- € include shipping to germany. Thanks
  17. Col12

    FS: Stax O2 System. SR007 mk1 headphone and SRM717 Amplifier.

    Up for sale is my Stax O2 combo. Consisting of SR007 mk1 headphones and SRM717 amplifier. Both are in excellent condition, no marks anywhere I can see. Both are boxed. This is a classic combination and sounds superb. The Sr007 mk1 is one of the most sought after headphones ever made, and the...
  18. jeffreybowman2k

    WTB: Stax SR-007 MK2

    Interested in immediate purchase of SR-007 MK2. Will accept minor cosmetic imperfections as long as no operational issues. Please send pictures with description of condition, age, where purchased, included accessories, and all-in asking price. Assume that I will pay via regular PP and shipping...
  19. jeffreybowman2k

    WTB: Electrostatic Amp for Stax SR-007 MK 2

    Interested in immediate purchase of an electrostatic amp for SR-007 MK2 -- Cavalli, Woo, BHSE, Stax, etc. I will accept minor cosmetic imperfections as long as no operational issues. Please send pictures with description of condition, age, where purchased, included accessories, and all-in asking...
  20. Clsmooth391

    Stax SR-007 mk2 with brand new diaphragms

    In mint condition.   At present, I am only looking for a local sale - Toronto, Canada. The $1,600.00 is a cash on collection price.
  21. rawrster

    WTB: Stax SR007 earpads

    I am looking for a pair of SR007 pads in excellent condition.    Thanks
  22. Lohb

    STAX Earpads for SR-007 BROWN Ear Pads ( Fit Fostex T50RP / HiFiMan )

    STAX SR-007 Series Ear Pads (Pair) Hand made with high quality lambskin leather Color : Brown For SR-007 and SR-007A   NEW. Bought to physically measure for a project.   Ship worldwide.      PM for any questions, please not on the For Sale thread as per the rules.   THANKS !
  23. Col12

    Stax O2 system. SR007 MK1 headphone and SRM-007t amplifier

    Up for sale is my Stax Omega II headphone system.   Both items are in extremely good condition. The SR007 is the more sought after and generally better thought of MK1 version. Condition is extremely good. Not a mark anywhere I can see. The pads are also in  good condition. Comes with flight...
  24. Col12

    FS: Stax SR007 MK1 electrostatic headphones. Super condition. Early example.

    Up for Sale are a set of Stax SR007 MK1 headphones. This is an earlier example MK1 that is and more sought after than later ones. Comes with earlier style box with carbon fibre finish. Serial number is 70615.    The SR007 MK1 is widely regarded as the best sounding SR007, as it sounds...
  25. struggles

    Stax SR-007 MK1 (70xxx)

    Hi,       The 007 is in excellent condition, I am the second owner. I searched for a while looking for the right pair, excellent condition, early production, single owner, and a clean history. I put new mk2 pads/headband/head pad on, it will ship with the originals as well as the box and...