1. Icenine2

    AKG K701 pads dirty-how to clean

    Forgive me for this anal post. I have AKG K701's and I when putting them on the other day I noticed the pad looks dirty where the temples from my glasses hit them. Is there any way to clean these? If not obviously not even a minor deal here but wondering. Thanks Keith
  2. Me x3

    What would you choose?

    If you have to choose between this five headphones considering sound quality, build quality and mainly what they are beyond how they sound. I mean, there are some products that is nice to have, no matter if they are perfect or not. An old mechanic watch for example, it doesn't matter how precise...
  3. aristos_achaion

    Someone in the Boston area to fix a k501?

    I was a bit late to the K501 game, so I got mine second-hand, and the owner before me had recabled them. After a few years of being my favorite headphones, one of the soldered leads on the cable broke. It'd be a really quick fix, but I'm such a DIY noob that I don't trust myself not to slip with...
  4. BushGuy

    AKG k240 DF or k340 for a jazz person

    primarily female vocals, but also broadway and some classical. I was heading toward k701 but have begun to see where some folks are not liking them as much after full burning-in process has ended.......soo......consideration is now more to the "old goldies" the k240 DF, and k340........looking...
  5. Kukuk

    Mid-centric closed headphones?

    I've been kind of out of the loop with new headphones lately, and am wondering what closed headphones out there are very mid-centric. I've owned the AKG K271s (which are great) and the Sony MDR-CD900STs (which are beyond marvelous), and I've heard, very briefly, Beyerdynamic DT48's, but I'm...
  6. appar111

    K501, DT150, K271S, HD280 or DT250-250?

    After reading Fewtch's comments about how the Go-Vibe could drive the K501's adequately, and the K501's being so cheap nowadays, I thought I would possibly pick up a pair of them, or one of the following: AKG K501 - $129 Beyer DT150 - $163 AKG K271S - $160(?) Senn HD280 - $75 ($95 if I get...
  7. fewtch

    Received AKG K240s...

    Received my AKG K240S today (55 ohms). First impression... they sound nothing like what I was expecting. From certain posts, I was expecting a muddy/loose bass (ala Portapro-ish) along with plenty of coloration, but there's nothing of the sort to be found. They are much closer to neutral than...
  8. ScottK

    New desktop setup...

    I'm in the process of changing job and am going to spend a lot of time in an office on my own over the next few months and I was looking for suggestions for some new kit.   My source will be a macbook pro (mainly ALAC files) and I can spend ~$500, to include a DAC/amp and some headphones...
  9. TheManFromMars

    How many hours per day to you listen?

    I am quite curious as to how many hours per day do you spend with your headphones on? Personally, I spend about four to five hours per day with mine.
  10. wes1099

    AKGs with good soundstage?

    I have a tight budget of $70 and I was wondering if anyone knew of any AKGs with good soundstage, because i really like AKG for their durability and warranties, but i need something with good soundstage and a solid bass would be nice too. I listen to many electronic genres such as dubstep, and i...
  11. Fungus

    Best recommendation for budget closed full size over the ear headphones under $25

    Must be extremely durable (must last for many years), preferably with detachable cable, easily driven straight from laptop, very comfortable and similar in performance to:  Akg 501 Goldring dr150 Superlux hd668b . Akg k240 Fostex t50rp
  12. CSMR

    In-ear headphones similar to SoundMagic PL50 but low sensitivity

    I currently have SoundMagic PL50 balanced armature in-ear monitors.   I like them both for comfort and fit and for sound. I got them because I listen to classical music and read that balanced armature is recommended, and they were a good choice.   The main problem is they are too sensitive...
  13. theobservatory.

    Best Headphones for Jazz

    Recently gotten back into head-fi and am building a setup around my iMac. I'm looking for a set of cans that do Jazz very well - since I listen to Jazz almost exclusively. I will be getting a DAC and amp soon, once I've learnt more about them but until then I'll be running the cans out...
  14. sgbwill2

    AKG K401 vs K501

    Hi, I have recently bought a pair of AKG K401's off ebay for £45 (on their way) and was reading up about them and was wondering if sonically they are lacking much behind the K501's which people state have great highs, mids and soundstage but lack bass. I also read that the K401's have a lot more...
  15. Capt. Z

    Re-cabling AKG 501

    Planning to re-cable a AKG 501 with Toxic cable copper.   Question is: How do I get the cover off on the headphone without messing up the headphones?
  16. Rob80b

    Phones imparting the least individual signature, read neutral sounding!

    Ok so I’ve had my Bryston BHA-1 all of 3 weeks and resurrected my life as a semi-serious head-fier after a hiatus of 5 years or so. Spending hours with my past collection of phones; those being the AKG K501s, AKG701s (balanced), Senn HD 580s (600 grills w/ nylon mesh mod, balanced) and Grado...
  17. doobooloo

    Quitting Head-Fi...

    So. It's been a fun ride so far. I've tried many different phones, some out of my budget and some within: Koss PortaPro Grado SR-80 Grado SR-225 Grado SR-325i Alessandro MS-1 Alessandro MS-2 Alessandro MS-2i Alessandro MS-Pro Sennheiser EH-2270 Sennheiser HD-580 Sennheiser HD-600...
  18. VR6ofpain

    Worst Headphone ever

    What would you all consider the worse set of headphones you have heard and why? My example is the Senheiser HD-455 I bought these back in the 90's for $90 at Good Guys under the belief that I was entering the 'high end' headphone market. Unfortunately they didn't sound that much...
  19. glorkaglickflic

    I'm new at all this and not a sophisticated audiophile...

    ...but I have audiophile aspirations.  I would like to find a full sized headphone amp that would be able to drive the HE 6 and the Etymotic ER 4S.  I would be buying for the future, since I have neither of these phones.  I'm looking for a neutral amp.  I'm not looking for pleasing coloration...
  20. TsukiNick

    How many headphones are too many?

    How many headphones does it take to make a collection excessive.  Just wanted some opinions from some fellow head-fiers.
  21. RetardedUnicorn

    AKG K501s: the right side doesn't work, how do I fix this?

    Hello people!   I recently bought a pair of AKG K501s off of some random guy, and when I got home and excitedly tried to listen to them, I realised that the right side of the headphones did not produce any sound.    Now people who know about the K501s know that they're now rare, and...
  22. Hadden

    Discontinued AKG 501

    Hey gang, I just found an old AKG 501 in the back of my closet I completely forgot about. What do you think they would be worth? Perhaps people only want the new AKGs now. Upwards and onwards and all that. I thought they sounded rather refined when I listened this morning for the first time in...
  23. juantendo8

    AKG K501 Help

    Hi, I have decided that I may move on to my second pair of open headphones after my happiness with my Senn 595s. I was truly looking for a headphone that could reproduce piano and other acoustic instruments very faithfully along with having an ideal soundstage for classical music. I stumbled...
  24. porschemad911

    Recommendations - PC audio -> Little Dot II+ & AKG K501

    Hey everyone. Back after a while away    I've recently done a new desktop build, and am looking to complete my audio setup. For the last week since my build, I've been running onboard sound -> Little Dot II+ (stock tubes) -> AKG K501   My motherboard is an Asus M4A87TD-USB3, with the VIA...
  25. Navermyr

    AKG K501, 601, 701 case

    AKG never produced a bag or case for storing their headphones?