1. vinekly

    WTB: Alessandro Music Pro

    Please contact me if you have a pair of these that you would consider selling. Let me know what your price would be. Thanks!
  2. arteom

    Alessandro MS-Pro "i" Version SOLD

    This is my second set of MS-Pro's. This is the revised version over the originals, with a thicker cable. From what I've read this version is more desirable than the "e" version, which is the latest. I bought this set after regretting selling my first set, and yet here I am again. I'm selling as...
  3. ywd

    Best headphones ever

    What would you say are the best headphones ever made, price-no-object. I know its subjective, but if you could have any one pair of headphones to use most of the time, what would it be?
  4. kontai69

    RS-1 vs MS-Pro: a comparative review

    INTRODUCTION I’ve been comparing the Grado RS-1 (#26xx) and the Alessandro MS-Pro (no SN) for several weeks now and would like to describe, as best as I can, some of my observations. I initially bought the MS-Pro and really liked it. However, I was very curious to hear the infamous RS-1 in my...
  5. jpr703

    Alessandro Vs. Grado

    I'm not sure I understand the relationship between Alessandro and Grado. I know that they collarborate somehow and that many of their products look remarkably similiar, but that's all I know so far. Can anyone explain to me how they work together and what the sound difference is between their...
  6. ToneDeath

    Alessandro MS PRO Driver Blob.

    Sorry if this has been covered before. My Alessandro MSP's have a strip of Dynamat or other material stuck to the back side of the drivers. Is this one of the tweaks they do to the Grado's? Do the MS1, MS2 also have this, and what about the Grado line?
  7. nemomec

    Alessandro Music Series Pro + Sieveking Omega include free shipping to EU Price Drop!

    For sale is here a Alessandro Music Series Pro the better Grado RS 1 with sieveking omega stand in the colour maple! The MS Pro is in very good condition. Delivery with mini headphone jack adapter and sieveking omega headphone stand.   Non smoking pet free home. Payment Paypal or Bank...
  8. shack

    Alessandro MS-Pro [AUS] (**SOLD**)

    Selling a pair of Alessandro MS-Pros as I want to try a different sound. Bought from headfi forums 2 years ago when they were basically new. Functionally they are perfect. Visually speaking some of the black paint has worn off the grills and there are some very minor but barely noticeable...
  9. rictee

    FS: Alessandro MS Pro, 2012 model (AUS)

    Headphones are in great condition   Only selling because these deserve more attention than I can give. Life is just getting too busy and I find that I spend more time with my stereo setup as it is easier to kick back and chill.    Initially I auditioned the Grado RS1i and was captivated...
  10. G

    RS1i or MS Pro for metal - Decisions...

    I have been looking for a used RS1i recently for my metal purposes, however I have had a couple of people saying the MS Pro is also worth considering. I do not mind bright headphones or a warm presentation. I own the SR60i's and I really like them but wish for more detail and better bass. I like...
  11. Zuriel

    Hi-end cans and lossy formats

    Hello, Head-Fi! This is my first post here. Well, I'll get to the point. I'm wondering how these high-end cans will sound with the source as a LAME-encoded MP3 (-V 2 setting)   Sennheiser HD600 Alessandro MS Pro/Grado RS1i/Grado HF2 Sony MDR-V6 Beyerdynamic DT770 PRO   Will they be...
  12. RTF

    Alessandro MS-Pro

    Up for sale is a pair of Alessandro MS Pros in excellent condition. I am the 2nd owner, these are the newer version with the thicker cable. Asking Sold shipped and paypaled. Shipping to the conUS only. Thanks for looking.
  13. Townyj

    WTB: Alessandro MS-Pro or AKG K501

    Looking for a great condition to excellent condition pair of these headphones with extension cord and adaptor. International shipping to Australia.   Please let me know if you have a pair and would like to move them onto a new home. Looking to buy the MS-Pro for $500-$525 shipped to Aus...
  14. rzy6cn

    [Sydney, Australia] FS GRADO Alessandro MS-Pro [SOLD]

    Alessandro MS-Pro 8/10. Some cosmetic issues. 1. Some small black pieces comes off the grill. See picture for details. 2. The serving of cable slightly breaks at the left side near the wood cup, which is caused by abrasion of the cable and the wood cup. This is a common problem of Grado...
  15. Danno

    FS: (Sydney AUS) Audeze LCD-2 & Alessandro MS-Pro

    Hi Folks,   Have for sale here the Audeze LCD-2 (4 months old) in immaculate condition and a pair of Alessandro MS-Pro (1 week old) in brand new condition.   Prices: Audeze LCD-2 - SOLD AUD Alessandro MS-Pro - $700 AUD   Have original boxes for both (and wooden box for LCD-2)...
  16. rayk

    FS: Alessandro MS-Pro (aus pref)

    Hello, For sale are Allesandro MSpro headphones bought about 1 and a half years ago. The headphones are in excellent condition apart from the very minor scratches on the grills. Selling these off as I don’t have much time anymore to spend listening to music. Original box included. Can do...
  17. Nick01

    Alessandro MS Pro (1 & a half month old)

    I received these directly from Alessandro on 27/04 this year. Still mint condition....ok i lied, a few specks of paint has come off the grill (shocking isn't it... but not my fault, I blame Grado for the bad paint job). Reason for selling: coming from a MS1, I expected a big improvement in...
  18. willmax

    WTB: Alessandro MS Pro / Grado RS1 [AUS]

    The tittle says it all. Looking to buy an Alessandro MS Pro or alternatively a Grado RS1. The headphones need to be sonically perfect and should be in reasonably good cosmetic condition. Happy to negotiate a price around $450-500 bucks. Please note I'm locate in Australia.   Cheers
  19. johnmo

    Alessandro MS Pro

    Thisheadphone is brought on the 2/2010 and recabled with 22awg alo sxc cable (4 feet) with invoice,extension cable,box no original cable,6.3 -> 3.5 adaptor Mint condition, working perfectly well (especially piano) Selling Price is 650USD (paid by paypal) included Shipping and paypal.
  20. Nick01

    Alessandro MS Pro with ALO cable

    Very good condition. 1.4m long ALO cable. Box & extension cable included, but no adapter.   Shipping and paypal are extra.
  21. mihirwadia

    Alessandro MS Pro with Wood Box

    I have for sale a pair of Alessandro MS Pro headphones. Only a few months old, still under warranty and barely used. I don't use them enough to justify owning them.   These are in absolute mint condition with no dings, scratches or any signs of use. Bowl pads included.   Included: 1...
  22. Nick01

    Alessandro MS Pro

    This is the old type (old fonts, skinny cable, square rods) A few nicks, and the paint is a bit chipped. Foam box, adapter & extension cable included.   Shipping and paypal extra     Registered post for shipping weight up to 1.5kg: to America $59 to Canada $50 to Europe $62...
  23. bookaboo

    Alessandro ms pro

    Anyone interested in parting with their ms pros. Please send me a PM. I am located in australia
  24. 357Ollan

    Alessandro MS PRO vs Grado ps500

    Hello! which model of these do you recommend? I can get both these for exactly the same price so that doesn't matter. What i like about these are that they both sound like Grados but with a bit smoother highs. I like airy sound with normal to big soundstage and i most often listen to rock...
  25. ProjectDenz

    WANTED: Alessandro MS Pro OR Grado RS1i (Australia)

    Name your price folks, would appreciate pictures with your name in the background. Would like a description of how old it is, its condition etc. I pay via Paypal.   Australians only please!