1. ywd

    Best headphones ever

    What would you say are the best headphones ever made, price-no-object. I know its subjective, but if you could have any one pair of headphones to use most of the time, what would it be?
  2. kontai69

    RS-1 vs MS-Pro: a comparative review

    INTRODUCTION I’ve been comparing the Grado RS-1 (#26xx) and the Alessandro MS-Pro (no SN) for several weeks now and would like to describe, as best as I can, some of my observations. I initially bought the MS-Pro and really liked it. However, I was very curious to hear the infamous RS-1 in my...
  3. jpr703

    Alessandro Vs. Grado

    I'm not sure I understand the relationship between Alessandro and Grado. I know that they collarborate somehow and that many of their products look remarkably similiar, but that's all I know so far. Can anyone explain to me how they work together and what the sound difference is between their...
  4. ToneDeath

    Alessandro MS PRO Driver Blob.

    Sorry if this has been covered before. My Alessandro MSP's have a strip of Dynamat or other material stuck to the back side of the drivers. Is this one of the tweaks they do to the Grado's? Do the MS1, MS2 also have this, and what about the Grado line?
  5. G

    RS1i or MS Pro for metal - Decisions...

    I have been looking for a used RS1i recently for my metal purposes, however I have had a couple of people saying the MS Pro is also worth considering. I do not mind bright headphones or a warm presentation. I own the SR60i's and I really like them but wish for more detail and better bass. I like...
  6. Zuriel

    Hi-end cans and lossy formats

    Hello, Head-Fi! This is my first post here. Well, I'll get to the point. I'm wondering how these high-end cans will sound with the source as a LAME-encoded MP3 (-V 2 setting)   Sennheiser HD600 Alessandro MS Pro/Grado RS1i/Grado HF2 Sony MDR-V6 Beyerdynamic DT770 PRO   Will they be...
  7. 357Ollan

    Alessandro MS PRO vs Grado ps500

    Hello! which model of these do you recommend? I can get both these for exactly the same price so that doesn't matter. What i like about these are that they both sound like Grados but with a bit smoother highs. I like airy sound with normal to big soundstage and i most often listen to rock...
  8. cmac2010

    Help a college student. (Alessandro MS-PRO)

    Hey head-fi'ers. I know that I'm a noob, in regards to this forum. Well as far as posting wise. I've been surfing this forum daily for about a year and a half. I invested in my first pair of cans August 2011. I purchased the Alessandro MS2i headphones and I fell in love with music all over...
  9. mrAdrian

    MidFi: Reviews and Discussions! [Reviewed: AKG K400; Alessandro MS Pro]

    Update: I loaned a pair of DT880 for myself in the end, and decided to start reviewing all these MidFi headphones!   AKG K400: Alessandro MS...
  10. nehcrow

    Alessandro MS-Pro's

    How do these compare to the rest of the competition around the $700 mark? And also why are they so unpopular here? It's kind of strange since MS-1 is popular :\
  11. atistatic

    I want Spend 1000U$S

    Hello, How are you, im for joining almost "High End" Headphones the story is going like that, I have as DAC a Xonar ST + LD MK IV SE, i know this is a poor source for a High End but worht it spend 1000 U$S in Headphones if is so, i had in my mind HE-500, GS1, GS1ki, or Alessandro MS pro. Or may...
  12. DavidMahler

    Battle Of The Flagships (58 Headphones Compared)

  13. autumnholy

    choosing an open can

    hi, im currently using Beyerdynamic T70. Source is Sony entry level sacd player into Govibe peak hp amp. I'm considering an open can. I love Bon Jovi's song. I love drums. i listden to some vocals and acoustics. But my main objective is comfort as I want to listen to hours using the hp.  ...
  14. LogicalDisconnect

    Recommendations for replacing Beyer T1

    Hi all.   I'm looking for something to replace my Beyer T1s and am hoping for some advice. The T1s are very transparent and detailed which I generally like but I have personally found them a bit bright and a bit distant. I'm looking for something with a fuller sound that's also more engaging...
  15. nehcrow

    Anyone found their headphone nirvana yet?

    Just curious... or are you guys only going to satisfied until you've gotten the Stax SR009? ...Because I've pretty much reached my pinnacle, the Alessandro MS-Pro's. They are definitely end-game for me! Heaps of clarity and detail yet doesn't render My Bloody Valentine's 'Loveless'...
  16. nehcrow

    very loud buzz in the left channel occasionally

    ok, so I thought it was iBasso d7's fault but even when plugged directly into MacBook Pro's soundcard, my headphones make like a few short sharp BZZT BZZT BZZT (this will continue for a while, haven't tested unplugged them straight away) I have Alessandro MS-Pro (modified Grado RS1's), anyone...
  17. manzana

    Which are the best headphones under U$1000 for classical music ??

    Hi everyone, since I met headfi I'm looking for a good setup to play/enjoy classical music. I´ll start by the headphones. I'm thinking not to spend more than U$1000 on them. Nowadays I use HE400, but in my opinion they don't have enough bright. I mean I want to hear the breathing of the players...
  18. karlbright

    Repairing Grado MS-Pros

    I have had my Alessandro Grado MS-Pros for approximately 2 years now and recently ran into a problem.   It seems that the cable had been yanked or caught on something at some stage and the soldering within my left earpiece has come slightly loose, resulting in sound cutting in and out.  ...
  19. buckles

    Alessandro MS Pro: Bass Distortion Problem?

    Hi Guys,    This happens to be my first post in the forum but I did do my research here in helping me make my decision.  About a week ago, I took delivery of a gorgeous set of Alessandro MS Pro's.  Initially, I had the MS1i but quickly wanted more...damn it!  Anyway- my current rig...
  20. KneelJung

    A Grado Head With A Fostex Fetish

    I had to laugh…I looked up fetish in the dictionary and it’s defined as an object of irrational reverence or obsessive devotion. That probably more aptly describes my feelings toward my Grado’s; or just a headphone fetish in general. When I first stumbled across Head Fi though, I never imagined...
  21. Squeek

    MS-Pro? Excellent.

    I just got a very well cared for pair of MS-Pro from a fellow Headfier. What a nice pair of cans! Beautiful to look at and exactly what I was looking for in headphones. Needless to say I am very pleased. I upgraded from a pair of MS2i (which now belong to Ken_Loo) and could not be...
  22. bookaboo

    Grado/Alessandro Advice

    I have the Hd650 and Dt250 which i love as i am a bit treble sensitive but i am wanting to get into the grado sound. i have owned  both the sr60 and sr80 and loved the intimacy of the upfront nature of these phones but found the highs too much for my ears. i was wondering if the alessandro ms1...
  23. deniall83

    Anything similar to Grado's without the brightness?

    Long story short I bought some MS Pro's and while they sound great, I find I can't listen to them for long periods due to the harsh brightness which make my ears bleed. They also aren't very comfortable and I find myself having to change volume on every track that comes on which makes listening...
  24. deniall83

    Need an amp and DAC for Grado's, $1000 budget for both.

    Recently got myself a pair of Alessandro MS Pro's and since I no longer own an amp or DAC I have decided to get both for my computer rig. I have searched and read a ton of threads on amps suited to Grado's and the general concensus seems to be that hybrid tube amps suit them very well. The...
  25. orrb_05

    New Headphones (Alessandro MS Pro)

    I ordered a pair of these based off of reviews alone - hope they are to my taste. I had a set of Grado HF-2 that were new in the box when I got 'em and they sounded fantastic. Hope these MS Pros are close to that soound