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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. citral23
    Follow-up on shiro-yuki impressions after more time with them, still think they lack a bit in bass department, the mids are OK but a bit grainy, and as such don't scale too well with volume, best heard at low to moderate volume, treble is polite. It's so-so but there's nothing inherently wrong with them and I find them lovely as a collectible, will use them now and then for low volume at night.

    Ordered the ry4s ue and snow lotus 2.0 too compare, will post a comparison once it's here, along with the nameless that shouldn't take too long anymore.

    And the yincrow rw-1000 because I'm incorrigible and hope it will be a better low ohms all-rounder than the EBX that is too fatiguing for me for extended sessions.
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2019
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  2. j4100

    Oh good. EA has arrived.
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  3. fonkepala
    First impressions on the sound quality & ergonomics/build quality please?
  4. fonkepala
    Thanks for sharing. Judging from your description of the Shiroyuki's sound, would you say they're similar to the Monk Lite 40ohm?

    Really looking forward to your comparo between the Shiroyuki, Snow Lotus 2.0 & ry4s ue.
  5. fonkepala
    Thanks! Can't wait for mine to arrive.

    Thanks for this. I googled up the KC08T after reading your post (wasn't aware of it beforehand) and saw that its price is $100 dearer than the KC08....yikes!
  6. citral23
    Sorry I don't have the Monk. The shiro is not super easy to drive, not BK2 or EBX easy I mean. The closest it sounds like in what I have is the TO200, but that one has a more mature sound imo, shiro sounds a bit cheap in comparison (well it's 10€ or so)
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  7. ClieOS Contributor
    Ali price for KC08T is usually a bit higher at $199, where Taobao price is usually around $170. This year I got a great deal on 11.11 that put it at $140, so that makes it my bargain-of-the-year purchase.
  8. bjk8kds
    I'm newbie here.
    I'm planning to buy kp120 (w/ mic) in the future. Is kp120 worth (sacrifice) to buy?
    AFAIK no one bought kp120 in my country or at least in my domestic forum (Indonesia). So maybe i'll be the first (?) here.
    FYI. My earbud right now just under $15, sabia v7 and headroom ms16.
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2019
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  9. ClieOS Contributor
    I'll say it is worth buying.
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  10. fonkepala
    Nice. Too bad I can't shop on Taobao :frowning2:
  11. baskingshark
    I just entered my 3rd rabbithole of the world of earbuds thanks to @mbwilson111 (IEMs and headphones being rabbithole 1 and 2).

    I have to make a confession, I last used earbuds 20 years ago, and I always had a negative impression that they were inferior to IEMs because of poorer isolation and hence they should be inferior in details and subbass. At the recent 11/11 AE sale, I got the NiceHCK B40 and ME80 as they were cheap, and I gotta say, I have been proven wrong about earbuds. I'm quite impressed by the earbuds' technicalities and subbass when compared head to head with IEMs. No doubt isolation is not their forte, but they make it up by having a better soundstage then IEMs. They are like mini open backed headphones in a way, but might be more convenient in hot weather even.

    Just to check, do donut foams and normal foams make a difference to sound? And between the black, grey and blue foams, are there any differences to sound, or it is just asthetics?

    I quite like the shape of the ME80. Am wondering are there upgrades to the ME80 with similar shape, but having a warm signature with good subbass? TIA for your advise!
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2019
  12. citral23
    This is just aesthetics. Donuts sound brighter for me than full foams, which is logical as foam tames the highs. Some thick donuts also improve the seal and hence the bass for me. I just use full foams on earbuds I find too bright, and donuts otherwise.

    I've not listened to the ME80 so it's difficult to recommend something similar, but I'm sure others will. Personally I find my BK2 and TO400s to be the best all-rounders, with the BK2 having the most sub of all my earbuds.

    This might happen to you too, since discovering earbuds I've sold most of my IEMs and buy very little anymore. There are some 60-80$ earbuds out there that have really great sound, yes it's more akin to open back headphones, or being close to speakers, I find the sound to have a much more organic nature, I'm still suprised very often by the hit of a bass tom, or other percussive instruments sounding so real, with a physical impact to them.

    Isolation is maybe a bit overrated, I doubt we're in good conditions to listen critically waiting for the bus, it's more likely at the end of day in the bedroom, so why isolate ourselves and get poor soundstage and "in the head" effect, not sure. And during the day I prefer to be aware of my surrounding now. So IEMs are really only used for very specific conditions, like the office being really too noisy and I want to "escape" the stress.
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2019
  13. fonkepala
    Welcome to the rabbit hole :)

    What do you think of the B40?

    And since you're looking for something similar to the ME80 but with warm sound & better subbass, am I correct in assuming that you find the ME80 to have a bright sound signature with less bass?

    I'm quite new at this as well, so I don't think I'm qualified enough to answer re: foams and how they modulate the sound. IIRC, donuts are supposed to enhance lower frequencies without sacrificing details and treble. Full foams smoothen things out across the board. I may be wrong, though. Others might be able to give more definitive and authoritative answers re: foams.

    It's a nice warm fuzzy rabbit hole, right? :)
  14. robar
    Yes donut foams will alter the sound. In my experience they will make the sound more v-shaped and open, improve clarity. Generally they push back mids and give more presence to bass and highs. But you have to test it out, everyone's ears are different.The colors don't matter usually, but the density and thickness do. To compare density, hold two foams in front of a white computer screen for example, you'll see how much light they let through. I'd describe the B40 stock foams as average thickness, quite dense. With less dense foam you'll get crispier more open sound with less but tighter bass. Thickness will improve seal, thus increase bass and warm up lower mids. A lack of good seal can make the sound thin and harsh, even if you feel the fit is ok. If you push the buds slightly in your ears, and notice a big difference, then you would benefit from thicker foam.
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2019
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  15. dharmasteve
    The Rose Masya Mk 2 (some call it the Pro) has a strong bass profile (they are a different bud to the Rose Masya). The are quite a large bud so a good size ear canal is needed. To my ears they have a stronger bass than the TFZ No.3, but some would find them uncomfortable. I'm a big fan of the Blon 03 but would say this has just as natural tuning, maybe very slightly veiled in comparison with the Blon 03 but with big bass............ IMHO. Not veiled compared to the TFZ No3.
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2019
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