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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. Jsingh4
    Thank you so much although i was wishing for something even smaller like with a 14.2mm diaphragm
  2. mynamekok
    What're differece between Turandot and Shozy?
  3. ClieOS Contributor
    Most common 14.2mm driver are those used on earpod (and previous generation of iBuds), and those just don't really sound particularly good.

    However, while it might not be a flagship, Smabat M1 Pro does use a 14.2mm driver and it will beat any earpod / iBuds by miles.
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  4. ClieOS Contributor

    ...if only there is a way to find out what people posted in the past... :wink:
  5. oneula
    other than my TY Hi-Z HP150s some of this years CF bud haul(except for Zen Omega) from daily drivers at the top o serious listening high impedance ones like the zen/sun requiring proper amplification

    1st row L-R: FAAEAL 64ohm Snow Lotus, Moondrop 32ohm Shiroyuki, FENGRU Tingo 32ohm TC200, Willsound MK2 mmcx
    2nd row L-R: FAAEAL Datura Pro, Venture Electronic Sun DICE, Venture Electronics Zen2 Omega, Willsound MK32-8

  6. felix3650
    Thanks guys. I'll probably give them to my father and get back the monks from him lol.
    Maybe the original monk will sound a bit better balanced out of the DC01 :)
  7. Jsingh4
    How are Venture electronics Zen 2 do they come under Total or first tier buds and how do they compare to other TOTL buds.
  8. oneula
    The Zen2s I have were not his TOTL Zen2s which were the black or white cabled Zen2s
    He's since updated his line with the Suns and the one's I have are his updated ZenLL Dice at $158usd and his Sun Dice at $298usd.
    His top of the line Sun, the Sun Copper runs $598usd while his TOTL iem the Grand Duke runs $1298usd

    If you match these up with his amps which is the preferred thing to do, then the Defiants run from $1298-$1798 usd while his Enterprise E Lite runs $2560usd

    so if you want his complete TOTL package then you would be spending something like $3000-$4500 usd for an amp and bud/iem.and no source
    About the cost of an Altmann Tera Player.

    The nice thing about the Suns and Zens is they only sound better the more power (especially clean power) that you can give them. Which is kind of rare for something so small. They are almost like an investment as you start building out your source options. From what I have read, I don't think anyone has maxed them out yet with their gear.

    Definitely not cheap chifi stuff, although their roots are in the Monks.

    Its personal taste in the end
    everyone has a brand or sound that they like
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  9. HungryPanda
    Having a child does change things
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  10. groucho69
    Only everything
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  11. oneula
    Then there's newbies like this out there
    sometimes watching guttenberg all I can do is shake my head and wonder, "really?"

  12. jant71
    Not sure if they are of interest but saw Philips has a new Earpod style earbud coming....
    ...the TAUE100BK .Always hope that Philips will have another good bud like they used to have a few really solid sounding inexpensive models.
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  13. fonkepala
    That they do, that they do...
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  14. assassin10000
    I think I may have lucked out. 8 days shipping for the Smabat M1 from the 11.11 sale. I was expecting a much longer wait.

    Just showed up in the mail earlier today.

  15. Mhog55
    Let me know what you think of them. Mine should be here tomorrow.

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