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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. LordZero
    One for me too!
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  2. assassin10000
    If you were wearing cable down, try wearing over ear? You can also double foam (donut over regular, or even double donut). Plus there is the wings you can try.

    Could be the smaller shell design that is 16.1mm dia. is too small with a single foam for you. Do you prefer smaller shell earbuds (pk) or larger (mx500)?

    For me they sat perfectly when worn over ear.
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2019
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  3. baskingshark
    Thanks for everyone on your advises about donut and full foams.

    I quite like the NiceHCK ME80 sound signature after more listening with them.
    Other than the Rose Masya Mk 2 that was recommended, are there any other earbuds with the same form factor as the ME80, but maybe a set that is midcentric with good quantity of subbass? Budget ~ 100 USD but maybe can increase it a bit if it is highly recommended.

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  4. BloodyPenguin Contributor
    My thoughts on the Rose Masya MK2:

    "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet" - William Shakespeare

    Nothing could be more true of the Masya MK2, as it is a direct evolution of the original.

    The silkiest of sound, only tweaked to provide deeper bass and even more clarity.

    The build quality has also been upgraded; the housings are now slightly smaller in depth and have been smoothed to feel even more premium in the hand.

    Accessories now include both the OCC cable and a silver-plated copper cable, along with ear guides to allow for more flexible fit.

    *Disclaimer - These might be fancy words, but it is a fancy earbud. I was provided a sample of this earbud for review and to compare with the original*






    Last edited: Nov 23, 2019
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  5. 77asdor77
    Can aynone suggest me good earbud under 15$ ? I have snow lotus 1.0 and its pretty good but
    I want to try something new :)
  6. dharmasteve
    The Rose Masya MK2 is a top notch earbud. Not to be confused with the Rose Masya. Big bass, nice mids and highs that really respond to equalization for those who like that. I really like them a lot.
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  7. RobinFood
    Finally got the chance to try the Moondrop buds, namely the Liebesleid and the Chaconne.

    I first tried the Liebesleid, and had a wow moment. It had amazing resolution, great mids, nice bass, but the stars was the treble sparkle and how emotional the mids sounded. They sounded great, detailed, wide, and sparkly sweet.

    The Chaconne had much better fit. I didn't think the Liebesleid was uncomfortable at first, but switching from the Liebesleid to the Chaconne the Liebs felt much more loose and prone to accidentally falling out.

    I thought the Chaconne had the same signature open sound and extreme resolution, but it lost the sparkle of the Liebs and the bass also seemed to have ever so slightly less punch. The mids though somehow felt even more resolute and expressive. Female vocals especially were extremely emotional and clear sounding.

    Both sets had top of the line soundstage and positioning. The main difference I felt is that the Liebs are ever so slightly U shaped, with sparkly highs and nice warm bass, while the Chacs felt more expressive for vocals and fit better. If I were to buy one, I would probably get the Liebs. The sparkle on the highs was really special and helped pull out a lot of detail, the mids were still top-of-the-line, and while the fit is the only thing I feel is a little sub par (loose), they are about 100$ cheaper.

    Compared to the Smabat ST-10, I feel like the rumble on the Smabat's sub-bass is better, but they sound much colder overall, and the mids on the ST-10 are extremely clear and resolute sounding but sometimes sound sterile and lifeless. The stage and imaging is about the same.
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  8. BloodyPenguin Contributor
    OMG! Haaa! I was so tired when I posted this I labeled it wrong!!! Haa! Thank you for the correction, I have edited my post.
  9. ricesteam
    Where do you buy the Rose Masya Mk2? All I can find are Rose Masya Pro.
  10. Jsingh4
    Which earbud has slamming bass and deep soundstage with clear mids?
  11. LordZero
    Can someone compare the nicehck pk2 diy with the B40?
  12. dharmasteve
    On Penon the Rose Masya Mk 2 is called the Rose Masya Pro. I bought it from Penon and for some reason they call it the pro. I had to draw it to their attention that they had the wrong figures up for the Mk2. They have now been corrected. I have quite a few IEMs and Buds and can say that I listen to two generally. The Rose Masya Mk2 and the Blon 03. You could very possibly get a discount if you ask.
  13. robar
    If you're looking for budget solution and know how to solder, I can recommend this: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32980742390.html
    Big bass, clear mids, deep soundstage just as you ordered. It beats anything I have or had up to this point (more than a dozen buds under 15usd). Only con is that in stock tuning the 3-5khz range can be a bit sharp depending on your source or individual song. (many earbuds have this trait, depends on foam choice too) I'll experiment with tuning and different shells in the future but for now I leave it as it is because it's already so good.
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2019
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  14. BloodyPenguin Contributor
    This is how I got confused. I was told I was getting the Pro. It even had the "Pro" photo on the box, but is labled the MK2 and had the MK2 inside.

  15. HungryPanda
    Get the K's 300
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