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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. Danneq
    I haven't heard Yin but the soundstage on TM9 is bigger than on CampFred 2 (and also than on ZoomFred, which in turn has got a bigger soundstage than CF2). But overall I agree with golov17 on his views on CF2 vs TM9. (For me it works great to not use foams on TM9, but instead use silicone rings with fins from the VE EX pack where I have cut off the fins).

    I probably pick both CF2 and ZF over TM9, but the soundstage on TM9 is quite special.
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  2. Zerohour88
    second this, definitely no regrets in getting the EBX over the EB2. Sure, if you want value, you might go for the cheaper option, but I wanted a definite upgrade and a taste of that "TOTL" sound.

    I'll probably be using the EBX far longer than any of my buds, since it seems the jump/upgrade to $200+ range isn't as well-defined as I'd like.
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  3. golov17
    Ordered ZF Pro bro )))
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  4. Danneq
    It was released after I bought my pair of ZF. There might be a small difference but I think ZF is good enough. Hope you like ZF too (even if the cable is a bit stiff).
  5. golov17
    cable norm )))
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  6. exavolt
    Anyone ordered that new Y****o new model?
  7. LazerBear
    Hmm.. I'm biting haha, I'm trying to return the EB2. Out of curiosity, do you think that the EBX is superior to the Shozy Cygnus? They're listed for a very similar price..
  8. ClieOS Contributor
    Mod'ed a FiiO short mmcx cable with the smallest 2.5mm balanced plug I have so I can listen to Masya 2 with EarStudio ES100's balanced output.


  9. seanc6441
    Big soundstage is not always best in my opinion. I find good placement of imaging, separation and air to be the important factors. The tm9 has a big soundstage because the low mids have a big dip. You do that with any earbud via EQ and you get a similar effect.

    To me gaining soundstage is not worth recessed low mids, better to make small adjuatments and gain soundstage via refined frequency response and good separation rather than disrupting the balance.

    Not that people will not love the tm9's large soundstage, it's just to my ears i prefer good placement and nothing to sound too distant or too close. Music sounds more alive when the soundstageing lets the music present naturally.

    It was the same for me with Mojito, with dipped mids the SS was huge and like a big arc in the mids. Fun for awhile but it felt empty at times...But once you neutralised the dips it became much more natural, a bit more forward but with excellent separation and refinement which made it still sound full, big and open but much more alive than before.
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2018
  10. j4100
    That's a serious cable on the Monk plus late fall edition. I thought I was finished buying stuff, but I'm going to order one of those on the 12th. See the VE FB page for details.
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  11. waynes world
    I'm jealous - I want a shorter balanced cable like that for my Svara L's and ES100. I'm guessing that Fiio doesn't provide that cable with a balanced plug themselves (I'll look).

    How does the Masya 2 + ES100 combo work for you?
  12. ClieOS Contributor
    As far as I know, FiiO's short cable are all 3.5mm single-ended. But they can be converted to balanced by a plug mod.

    So far Masya 2 is playing fine with ES100. I am still trying to find the right foam pad combination to get the best out of it. Right now I am on double foam - a full foam over a donut.
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2018
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  13. Danneq
    I still think that imaging and separation on TM9 is on a TOTL level. However they are a bit distant sounding and lack a bit of punch. I find them to work well with rock, jazz, acoustic. Perhaps lacking a bit of bite with metal. In that case a Cypherus earbud or something like SWD2+ works better (or the Tomahawk which I keep because they sound so sweet with metal).
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  14. seanc6441
    Imaging is good actually I won't dispute that but deeper string instrument and the vocal body is not quite there with the tm9, which may have been resolved with the Yin.

    TM9 should have been the prototype and the Yin should have been the release to the public. It has too much flaws for a $289 earbud. Honestly the $8 RY4S had less 'issues' overall which is worrying. The emx500 which has a similar mid dip though had a better treble quality and presence was more impressive to me. I'd wager opening the second bass port on an emx500 would give it the same sub bass extension too at which point I'd gladly put down the tm9 for the emx500...

    For a company who had not released an earbud in a long time and the hype that surrounded the TM9 I think it was disappointing. Which is telling by how quickly the Yin was released after it. I know we all have different tastes but the tm9 had too many quirks IMO, to much deviation from neutral that made it abit disjointed and unsuitable to some genres or tracks.
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2018

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