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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. golov17
    Of course, I recently connected Blox be7mk1 to Hifiman HM-801, and I must say that this is a match created in heaven. For all this is about synergy ..
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  2. Sgt. Ear Ache
    soooo, any fellow Canadians notice the change in Ali shipping recently? Doesn't seem to be any more free shipping to Canada. Not only that, but ordering quantities above 1 brings an exorbitant increase in shipping fees...like it goes from $2.60 up to $77! Yeesh...I wish I'd ordered a dozen RY4S sets a month back when shipping was free to Canada!
  3. cocopro
    Canada Post strike probably raised too many "where's my ***?" complain.
  4. toear
    Now that it is finishing I think things will return back to normal soon. I just checked my calendar and it looks like some stores are returning back to free shipping...
  5. Sgt. Ear Ache
    yeah I thought about the strike being the cause. Hope that's the case...
  6. ShabtabQ
    Received my RY4S UE today, initial impression : lows have a good impact, imaging is impressing with decent soundstage, I will compare it with Senfer PT15 and NiceHCK EB2.
  7. theresanarc
    Finally got my Edifier H180s that I ordered 2+ months ago, not sure what to make of them though. I originally bought them because I thought it was the same shell as the Qian39 and while it's similar, it's also bigger which makes it a bit pointless for me as I wanted smaller.

    The sound is V-shaped I suppose, both bright but with bass. I do prefer the sound of the Qian39's as well not just their size but these are a nice change in sound as well. I also ended up ordering the SHE3800s while waiting for these but they'll have the same shell.

    Also, bit pathetic that this is from the official Edifier store on AE yet it only comes with one pair of foam covers and they don't even fit properly, I ended up using a past one that came with a Monk+.
  8. artpiggo
  9. Danneq
    As for Cypherus, the 2 regular earbuds sold right now are CampFred 2 (I think it's $199) and ZoomFred (if I remember correctly it's $249).
  10. cocolinho
    yes that's correct I was debating if I should move to the ZF but I'll stay with my currrent set up being WS MK1 SE + MK2
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  11. golov17
    Love this cable from VE )))
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  12. redkingjoe

    So happy with new toy!

    Great sound, good style and well built.
  13. LazerBear
    Hello guys, I received my NiceHCK EB2 last week and I find it very nice. My only issue is that it seems there is a dip somewhere in the mids that leads to vocals in particularly congested genres (such as metal and stoner rock) to be very recessed, to the point where I can't really listen without raising the volume to a point where drums and guitars are too loud to be a comfortable listening experience. Would you say that the EBX has the same issue? I could be tempted to give it a try, given the fact that everything else about the EB2 has been very positive for me, from build quality, to the cable, to the performance in other genres.
  14. Marcos Fontana
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  15. Marcos Fontana
    List updated.

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