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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. subwoof3r
    Very nice cable
    Is it as soft as TM9/YIN cable ?
  2. golov17
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  3. iron2k
    I have the same blue cable and it's very soft and light
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  4. rkw
    Confused about what the list is supposed to be, "good" or the "best" in their price class? Shozy BK and Black Ling were well regarded, but not good enough any more? And TO400 had very mixed reaction in this thread.
  5. Marcos Fontana
    List updated. Everybody is helping to build it. It's only a reference to help the newcomers. The objective is to list the good earbuds, not only the best.
  6. seanc6441
    I thought it was a list of earbuds he wanted to buy. That's why I was curious as he was listing so many earbuds... And so I said maybe buying both the Black Ling and Bell-ti would be overkill... Lol

    As also i said to400 over bk because it has a very similar timbre in the mids but sounds cleaner. Thinking he may save himself a lot of money by trying out the to400s first...

    Now seeing as its a recommendation list I wouldn't be removing options just because it's similar!
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2018
  7. golov17
    btw CampFred2 have good cable too...
    and great sound )))
  8. cocolinho
    USD120 for the blue VE cable on their website and we know nothing about the specs. 0 info. that's crazy
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  9. euge
    How's the sound-stage compared to yin or tm9?
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  10. subwoof3r
    I remarked the exact same, I really hope at this price it is at least full silver (and not plated).
    Also, nowadays it is very difficult to find a very soft cable on the market (especially aliexpress) which looks premium like this, so I guess VE did that in this mind? :)
  11. wskl
    On VE's Facebook, they said it is pure silver cable. Also for ZOE owners, you can get it for half price.
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  12. exavolt
    Nope. EBX doesn't have the same issue. I was A/B-ing EB2-EBX last night and noticed dip in the mids for EB2 too, which probably one of the reasons I don't enjoy the EB2. EBX is pretty flat with minimum dip or peaks.

    I was skeptic about improvement I will get from the EBX from the EB2 before ordering it, as some reviews are saying that EB2 is 85-95% of EBX. But I am glad I decided to purchase them while there was 11.11 sale. The price difference is justifiable and I would pay it at its full price ($119).
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  13. cocolinho
    Ok but nothing on their website which should be I guess their main showcase for products
  14. golov17
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  15. Marcos Fontana
    Yes, the initial idea was that. I will use this as a references list to buy my collection. I will not buy everything. But I will keep this list updated because it can be useful for other newcomers. I will try to put a small text with important information, like that about the shozy bk and to400. The list is being updated all the time. I will update the initial message of the the list to avoid misunderstanding. This is not a list to say that anything is inferior or bad, is a reference list to newcomers, like me. The reason that I put everything there is that I want to avoid any injury to any manufacturer.

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