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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. Marcos Fontana
    Yes, you are right, Liebesleid and cypherus included in the list.

    I will need to get a loan (kidding) :) Omg, it's a lot of money.
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  2. chaiyuta
    Bell-Ti is one of K's products.
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  3. Qualcheduno
    So, here are my impressions of the Svara-L after a week of use and break-in: with the stock thin foams, they are mildly V-shaped, with the mids a bit recessed but never being overshadowed. I feel that this is the most balanced configuration, but one can always move to full foams for more bass rumble or remove them for enhanced sparkle. My only gripe with them is the cable: it's not bad, but it's a little underwhelming given the price (I'm only talking about aesthetics, not SQ).
    Overall I'm very happy with them and I recommend them to everyone looking for a V-shaped but still balanced pair of buds.
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  4. BrunoC
    I believe these two deserve to be on that list:

    - EMX500 <- This is considered the budget king (I bet it's the same driver of the RY4S - similar clarity and dynamics. EMX500 has a bit more bass)
    - Toneking TP16 <- Very good for 13€. Good extension on both ends with somewhat a balanced coherent sound. It was more expensive one year ago.
  5. golov17
    Happy Day )))
    P81205-173054-001.jpg P81205-174343-001.jpg
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  6. Marcos Fontana
    List updated. I'm sorting it based on price. Soon I will update a new version of the list in a right place.

    Ty all for the contribution!
  7. chaiyuta
    @golov17 : what is inside VE box? Is it a new released model?
  8. darmanastartes
    You could link to the post you keep the list updated on in your signature.
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  9. Marcos Fontana
    Ty you very much. I updated the list with EMX500 and Toneking TP16. I also added the post to my signature. I will sort the list by prices and some other useful information. I will put the reviews URL and the store URL to help everyone. All contributions are really welcome!
  10. golov17
    Old stock first Zen ))
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  11. j4100
    Oh! Nice! Lucky you.
  12. snip3r77
    Vidos are good as gift too :)
    EDM lovers would be amazed at the sub bass
  13. waynes world
    Happy you're enjoying them! I actually like the cable - just the right thickness for me. But I also like the fact that they are removable. Sometimes I like to wear them "down", in which case I put on them on the Senfer PT15 cable.

    Yeah baby! It's nice to see you two getting reacquainted :)
  14. golov17
    By the way..
    With all my love for Blox, I have to admit that CF2 is even better than Yin, the middle is more detailed and a little more mid bass, which makes their sound more fun and interesting..
  15. chinmie
    i like the B200 better than the TM9. even if it's more raw sounding and seems less polished compared to the TM9, but the energy and the kick is unmatched. only the Willsound MK2 best it with similar sound and approach
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