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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. nihontoman
    well, burn in, working in of mechanical moving parts can in theory only be beneficial, because the stiff areas of the driver that need to be more flexible get worked in and should in theory be able to move with less internal stress and friction. I'm pretty sure that placebo is a real thing in burn in, but at the same time, more freely moving drivers mean much less distortion and truer to life reproduction of analogue signal.
  2. Willber
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  3. RodRevenge
    Btw guys, offtopic i know, but, my es100 just arrived, great little thing.
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  4. waynes world
    Yeah baby, indeed it is! Do you have any balanced buds to try out with it?
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  5. RodRevenge
    Yeah, i have a Monk+ espresso in 2.5 i received it as a "sorry for the trouble" almost a year ago, thats what i've been rocking since the es100 arrived and by 11.11 im getting the Linsoul's twin you talked about before.
  6. waynes world
    Well in that case, I suppose I don't need to suggest / order / demand that you to get them!

    Seriously, good choice - you're gonna like them :)
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2018
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  7. rkw
    I've had the same thought as well. If burn in is real, it would also be logical that there is an ideal time when the component reaches its peak performance and then begin to degrade with further usage, like a bell curve.
  8. BadReligionPunk
    I look at it like having a new baseball glove. Its really stiff at first and while useable, its not really in its optimum state. Only after breaking the glove in does it become really usable. I only feel that breaking in is a real thing because I have had 3 different warranty claims on headphones in the past and all companies involved sent me new in box headphones as replacements. 2 of the headphones had broken ANC, but the headphones still worked fine without ANC. The 3rd headphone only had a broken inline cable mic. All 3 sounded completely different out of the box then their used counterparts. I also burn in headphones while listening to music. Sometimes, some phone change a little bit in character while I am listening. Usually less grain or less harshness ect.

    My only beef with burners is those that say it takes 100 hours or 200 hours to burn in something. My experience is that its actually a pretty fast change that happens fairly quick within the first few hours.
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  9. norymeoreason41
    I really want to thank everyone for the great recommendations. I went ahead and pulled the trigger on on this one. I'm so excited, I ordered now vs. waiting for the 11.11 sale. :) I'll report back once I receive. Thanks again!
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  10. Qualcheduno
    Tips for sharing a link from the Aliexpress mobile app.

    We all know that the "share" function on the AE app isn't very well implemented, because it gives us links which work only for those having the app.
    So, here's a workaround for this problem:

    First, simply use the share function and copy the link to clipboard, then paste the link in Chrome's navigation bar and go to the first result. Change the layout from mobile to desktop, and copy the link in the address bar. This link works for everyone.
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  11. miroslav
    So is there a difference in sound between the two?

    I just got the non-UE RY4S and they are very nice for the price, but not at the level of Snow Lotus 1.0+ or EMX500s IMO.
  12. singledot02
    Plan to buy RY4S UE but, was the Svara L, Willsound MK2, Linsoul BLD150 (but why no 3.5mm) and other $20-$70 price buds really a huge upgrade? i mean was it worth the price?
    Player: LG V30
    Genre: All but mostly HipHop, SlipKnot, Korn and some Dream Theater like bands..
  13. jogawag
    UE RY4S has clearer treble like EMX500 than non-UE RY4S.
  14. jogawag
    RY4S UE has V-Shaped sound signature.
    But IMO Svara L, Willsound MK2, (perhaps Linsoul BLD150 also) has strong bass sound signature.
    So RY4S UE is low price but more fit to your Genre.
  15. RodRevenge
    According to @HungryPanda the Linsoul is neutral not bassy.

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