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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. Danneq

    But what if you're into prog rock with weird time changes all over the place? (example 70's prog rock band Yezda Urfa who sounded a bit like like Yes on amphetamine):

    Perhaps this song is a better example:
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2018
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  2. Danneq
    Try clapping your hands to the song The Basis of Dubenglazy While Dirk Does the Dance!
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  3. mbwilson111
    Found it on Youtube. I managed to listen for over a minute... no clapping...no toe tapping either... lol...
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  4. Danneq
    Then you missed the Harpo Marx car horn honk at 1:09? (Something @groucho69 might like). All good music needs some car horn honk.
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  5. mbwilson111
    Haha... I think I stopped at 1:07
  6. norymeoreason41
    Hi everyone - please forgive me if this exact question has been asked already....but I really am having a hard time following all of the different options out there on earbuds. I'm looking to pick a new set of earbuds and love the idea of grabbing some of these off-brand gems as they are such great bargains. Can anyone advise on a great set of relatively easily accessible earbuds that would sound ok straight out of an iPhone? I would like something warm and nicely balanced. Comfort is also important as my ears are sensitive/get sore when having larger earbuds in my ears for extended periods of time. Thank you all!
  7. rkw
    The topic is really about stereotypes: Asians can't dance... white folk got no rhythm...
  8. doggiemom
    My husband and I went to see The Lone Bellow last night. They are a great Americana band that always put on an incredible live show. They encourage the audience to clap out rhythm patters, sing along with refrains, etc........ at one point they initiated a clapping pattern where every fourth clap was on an off beat...... OMG...... nothing worse than seeing an audience of white people with an average age of 55+ trying to understand syncopation. :joy::pray::raised_back_of_hand::raised_hand::pray::wave::thinking:

    Other than that, :wink: it was an excellent show, and they hung around after to meet the fans:
    The Lone Bellow.jpg
  9. waynes world
    Wow - they're great!

    I was out all day, doing yardwork and dancing in my spastic way to Gentle Giant (the neighbors must have love it!).

    But I think that these Yezda Urfa folk "out Gentle Giant" Gentle Giant lol!

    Edit: Whoa - "The Basis of Dubenglazy While Dirk Does the Dance" is pretty nuts lol!
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2018
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  10. Zerohour88
    For starters, specifying a budget would help.
  11. norymeoreason41

    Thanks for the response. I’m hoping to stay under $50 - but would go to $75. These really will be my beaters that I take around (walking around, listening at work, occasional use at home). Thank you again!
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2018
  12. waynes world
    Svara L (32 ohm) sound awesome, are well built, and have MMCX cable connectors (so you can get different cables if desired). The shells seem more comfortable than mx500 shells, so maybe they are a bit smaller. Also, you can wear them over ears which helps keep them in place.

    11.11 sale price is $54:
  13. exavolt
    After chaiyuta's post, I'll personally wait before grabbing any Svara.

    If you are looking for best bang for the buck earbuds for mobile under $50, I think most people here agree that RY4S is the current king. They are warm with foam / good seal.
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  14. Willber
    Hmm, that's a bold statement. I have the RY4S and RY4S UE and they are both very good, but better than anything under $50? My EMXS-500 are better in some ways (e.g. soundstage) and I would hope that the EB2 I have on order will be better than all of them. But I realise it's all subjective...
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  15. exavolt
    Thanks for the recommendation :D

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