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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. czy6412
    Is there anyone knows what is the best earbud regarding details retrieval and soundstage
  2. DBaldock9
    There are a lot of answers to your question - but I really like my:

    1.) Wong Kuan Wae "Blur hALF/hALF" (2.5TRRS, 150Ω)
    2.) Wong Kuan Wae "Blur 魔音" (2.5TRRS, 300Ω)
    3.) K's 500-Ohm v2 (2.5TRRS, 500Ω)
    4.) Svara-L (MMCX, 32Ω)
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  3. czy6412
    Yep I have Blur 魔音, K’s Poseidon, Zen 2.0 Black, Moondrop Liebesleid and Blur 魔音 is my favorite among those. I wonder if there is something that is a step up from Blur 魔音. I was looking at cm2000ti but the impressions from Canjam Shanghai seems not really positive on it.
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  4. seanc6441
    Rose Mojito is a contender. Excells at both things you mentioned.
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  5. czy6412
    Yes I had Mojito in 2016 and I was not a fan of its sound signature
  6. seanc6441
    Me neither at first but i created a foam mod and used an OCC copper cable and I'm very happy with it now. I would say the difference is substantial taking it from grateing and sharp to sparkly and bright (but tolerable).

    Stock sound was too heavy on the bass notes, lacked bass tightness and sounded slow. The low treble was piercing and the vocal range was recessed. Fixed all those issues for me.

    Other than the Masya I think others enjoy the Nicehck EBX, there's the Moondrop liebesleid which is said to be smoother than the mojito but have great mid-treble clarity and quality. But I have not heard those two.
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2018
  7. rkw
    I heard that the lower priced one is tuned for strong impact and bass. Do you know anything about the other?
  8. ClieOS Contributor
    No idea at all.
  9. ClieOS Contributor
    Pretty much the same as what I have read about CM2000ti so far. A few pointed out that it follows the same tuning as the previous CM707, which to me is a very underwhelming sounding earbud (though seems to gain a very small cult following in China), and that's certainly isn't pointing at the good direction.
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  10. Danneq
    Price level?

    Simphonio Dragon 2+ is slightly bright (with great detail, that is). Not razor sharp like Rose Mojito, but more bright like Moondrop Liebesleid, and the soundstage is pretty big. Cypherus Zoomfred has got a pretty big soundstage and quite good detail retrieval. It is not an analytical earbud, though (but sub bass to die for). Blox TM9 has got the soundstage, but perhaps a bit too laid back when it comes to details...
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2018
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  11. chaiyuta
    In Twitter (Japanese) too, I saw many underwhelmming feedback about its high-frequency even if 200-hour burn-in passed, it still keeps hot and sibilant. However some informed that it depends on system macthing. He further said that CM2000Ti + iTube2 combo is his favour, though.

    Now, I am waiting for korean impressions of UCOTECH ES-P1. :nerd:
  12. seanc6441
    At $400+ any critism of the cm2000ti would be a red flag to me to be honest. It's competing against the big boys at that price and shouldn't be slugish in any department.
  13. ClieOS Contributor
    If CM2000Ti + iTube2 sounds good then it is even more troublesome than I've imagined - given iTube2 is meant as loadspeaker pre-amp / buffer only.

    I am interested in the new Ucotech as well, though I think it probably is going to be a bit overpriced like its older models.
  14. Themilkman46290
    I don't think you can compare cm2000ti to $300-400 chifi buds, it's audio Technica, so you have to compare it to $100 chifi (considering superficial price inflation and 30% for marketing)
  15. subwoof3r
    The more I listen to my GM500, and the more they impress me with the amount of details and instrument separation they can do (especially for the price).
    For sure, one of my best details retrieving earbuds to date :)
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