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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. exavolt
    Now, how would you compare MK2 against GM500 as The Panda prefers MK2?
  2. HungryPanda
    I also really like the GM500
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  3. subwoof3r
    I would say it depends on what you want to listen and on which bump you prefer: either mids or bass.
    I completely agree with Panda about the forwarded upper mids, so it helps a lot for vocals especially.
    For "relax" listening, I would say GM500, but if you want fun and energy, then I would call the MK2 :)
    I can even more appreciate details retrieving on GM500 than TM9!
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  4. Narayan23
    What´s your opinion on the GM500 sound compared to the RY4S? TIA.
  5. subwoof3r
    Unfortunately I don't have received my R4YS yet, I hope this week :)
    I stay you tuned
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  6. chaiyuta
    1months ago, I had a chance to listen SVARA-M which is directly purchased via the official taobao store, and I told one, who now becomes the local distributor for SVARA, that SVARA-M is pretty good SQ. It seems SVARA already accredited my local authorized distributor, and the distributor informs that SVARA is going to release the revised version of SVARA both M and L in the next month. One thing for sure is that MMCX socket becomes submerge inside its housing.

    1) The current version of SVARA-L and SVARA-M
    SVARA L-M.jpg

    2) The upcoming revised SVARA
    SVARA 2018 01.jpg
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  7. chaiyuta
    Though, if the second-hand CM2000Ti price in the Japan market goes down enough (approx. under 250USD), I might pull trigger on it. Cause I am pretty much playing on upgraded cables. It might be the same case as Rose Mojito which many don't like its high-frequency area with the stock cable. While I am one of happy listeners when pairing it with 3rd party upgraded cables.

    By the way, It seems no news about Ty Hi-Z brand since he released 800-Ohm earbuds. Do you know any news?
  8. mochill
    Need more information on the blox earphones
  9. ClieOS Contributor
    As far as I can tell, they are pretty much still selling the same old models.
  10. doggiemom
    I wasn't going to buy any new buds for awhile because I want to buy a turntable....... but "screw it." :ksc75smile:

    I'm Asian, so I can't dance. :joy::footprints::footprints::footprints:
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  11. waynes world
    Do you have any thoughts regarding the SQ differences between the two?
  12. chaiyuta
    Sorry I've never tried SVARA-L before. The version I tried is SVARA Pro (snail chamber design) and it is M-version which is equivalent to PK-size housing with a bit smaller.
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  13. DBaldock9
    Well, Karate can look a bit like dancing... :ksc75smile:
  14. mbwilson111
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  15. rkw
    Not as bad as clapping on the wrong beat.


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