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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. Willber
    Yes, I noticed the similarities. Looks like a good system, but I prefer me 'ooks!
  2. jant71
    You can store about 8 earphone cases in each bin(4" x 4" x 12"). 48 bins so should be close to 400 earbuds.

    Or perhaps something more like this...
  3. seanc6441
    You need a full size pelican case for your collection or else you're not a REAL audiophile...
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  4. ClieOS Contributor
    [NEWS] Simphonio announced a new earbud - the D3, as current D2+ upgrade, with new diaphragm, 120hom impedance and pure silver cable. Estimated price >$400.
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  5. chinmie
    same yuin shell factor?
  6. waynes world
    I abide by your assessment :)

    Once I get a good fit/seal with the Svara's, I'm pretty impressed with their bass and overall clarity (not to mention the soundstage and imaging). Fwiw I use donuts on them and wear them over ear. I tried a pair of the 100 cheapo foams I just got on them, but for me, it's donuts for the Svara's (the cheapo foams work well with the RY4S though!)
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  7. DBaldock9
    Add a lounge, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom off to the side, and this should work for you... :ksc75smile:

  8. singledot02
    I want to try BUDS WORLD! Please Help!

    Currenty Eying for:
    Linsoul BLD 150ohm, NICEHCK EBX, Svara L, Wilsound Mk2 FINAL (online store from PH)
    not sure if these BUDS i mentioned is a big upgrade from famous RY4S UE and EMX500 or even the Snow Lotus 1+ or VE Monk + SPC [​IMG]


    BUDGET: below $50
    Player: LG V30
    Genre: HipHop, Metal, Rock (all rounder i guess?)
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  9. DBaldock9
    I'm not too sure how many of the sub-$50 earbuds are high enough impedance (more than 50-64Ω), to trigger the LG V30 into high output mode.
    My V30 is rooted and running LineageOS, which doesn't support switching modes right now... :slight_smile:
    But, I can say that the (currently $54 - but might be less during 11.11 Sale) Svara-L (32Ω) really does sound good with the V30.
  10. ClieOS Contributor
    AFAIK, yes.
  11. FatTeemo
    Hi everyone I've been away for a while and tried to read the older threads to catch up but it's simply too confusing. I recently got an LG V35 thinq and I want to upgrade my earbuds to take advantage of it. Right now I'm just using the cheap monk earbuds which are nice, but it's just not at the level I want. I generally prefer a more neutral signature since I like all kinds of music. However, a slightly warm signature with slightly more bass than neutral would be nice too. What recommendations do people have for a $50 to $100 budget? I definitely want to stay closer to the $50 side. Thanks!
  12. mochill
    Where is the link
  13. ClieOS Contributor
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  14. vetsin
    I just received my packages from AliExpress. :) RY4S and Toneking T0200 are here.
    Tried them out quickly without foams. The RY4S hype is real. Amazing sound for the price. It is brighter than the Toneking.
    I think I want another one as spare.
    Thanks for the recommendation!
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  15. snip3r77
    Bros here that gotten the HI cable vs UE cable can A/B ? Thanks

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