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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. cqtek

    I write a little review of NiceHCK EB2. I hope you like it.
    The pity is that my camera is in the technical service and is still not fixed. I did not want to take photos with my cell phone.
    I hope you forgive me if I have not expressed myself correctly in English, my native language is Spanish.

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  2. mbwilson111
    Very well written review. I am very happy to have my EB2.
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  3. fairx
    Im in phuket right now. Just curious if theres any boutique Thai earbud available around here?
  4. Carrow
    Any good deals available for AE for 11.11 this year?
  5. seanc6441
    Not many compared to last year... Nicehck ebx is a decent enough price i guess, think it was less last time though.

    Other sellers have raised rrp as a false sense of price drop.... Very devious practise!

    If anyone else finds any lets post here, together we can find something with a great deal im sure :)
  6. BadReligionPunk
    Have not seen many great deals on earbuds. Senfer PT25 for $22, EB2 at $22, EBX for $79. There are a lot of really good deals on iems and headphones though.
  7. mbwilson111
    I think there are deals on and off throughout the year and that 11:11 is not that special overall. It is not necessarily your one and only chance to get a good price on something.
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2018
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  8. seanc6441
    Last year it was reallygood though. $50+ off the black ling, k's samsara, ebx. There was atleast 10 good deals to be made.

    But there have been good deals at other times than 11.11 so you have a point.

    FYI to all, use a google chrome extension to check aliexpress prices presale and see if they were bumped or not. Don't be caught out by sneaky sellers (even some of the more respected sellers mentioned a lot on here are doing it...)
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  9. mbwilson111
    I have been listening to these Meliconi Mysound Speak Flat buds for hours this evening... I think I am on my sixth album. Very addictive sound. They arrived Sunday and I have been either listening with them or burning them in ever since. At first I was unsure. I ended up putting on foams to make them stable in my ears...as I do with almost all of my buds.

    There was still 1 more open box one left on Amazon Uk for £5.54. I ordered it just now. Both of mine are grey. None of the other colors had them this cheap. I think I would have chosen the grey anyway. They want £13 for the new in the box ones so I will have two for less than that. I wanted a spare in case the cable breaks.

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  10. hongky
    Is there any comparison between Toneking TO400s & TO600 ? Which one is better ? Any better option with max budget of $100
    Is it a good buy for 11.11 ?

  11. waynes world
    Honestly, I'm not very good at expressing my bud comparison thoughts. But if @DBaldock9 doesn't step to the plate, I will do my best!
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  12. DBaldock9
    Well, both earbuds have really good low Bass - with the Svara-L seeming to resolve Bass details a bit more clearly.
    And, the Svara-L has a bit more Midrange, with a bigger, more open Sound Stage.

    For my ears, the size and shape of the Svara-L is a bit more comfortable than the MX500 shell of the RY4S.
    But, they are 5x more expensive ($10 vs. $54).
  13. Willber
    I presume you are talking about the RY4S UE? The stock RY4S is about $5.
  14. DBaldock9
    Yes, I ordered the UE cabled model.
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  15. exavolt
    Thanks for the comparison. Now I am not sure which one to get for 11.11, Svara L or EBX.
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