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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. Zerohour88
    the puresound you got was the classic version, right? I suppose it wouldn't be that far off from the vocal/pop version

    a bit confused on the K's 300 (and looking closer, the 500 too), I see 2 cable options (with different prices) for it on the K's taobao page but not on the aliexpress page (2 shell color options only, both same pricing). I'm pretty sure its the Samsara, at least.

    Last edited: Oct 31, 2018
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  2. toear

    That cable looks off if it's supposed to be a samsara. Maybe the 520 version?
  3. chinmie
    yes, classic version. i haven't tried the vocal version, so i can't give impressions on it. from what i see from that link, i think that's the Samsara version (by the looks of the cable) but i might be wrong
  4. hongky
    Which one better between K's 500 and Toneking TO400s or TO600
  5. DBaldock9
    I haven't heard the TO600, but I prefer my K's 500 over my TO400s.
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  6. silverfishla
    I got the the RY4S this afternoon.... it’s a blast. Now that’s a good earbud. I ordered 4 more.
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  7. chinmie
    TO400s < K's 500 < Samsara 300 for me
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  8. exavolt
  9. KevDzn
    For me the TO400s sounds much much better with 8-core 7N copper OFC than the original silver plated cables.
    BASS is tighter and has more authority then before. MIDS sweet/airy and intimate. TREBLE has more weight and cleaner.
    Overall it adds more 'body' to the sound signature and still maintains its excellent clarity.
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  10. seanc6441
    If the drivers are 15.4-15.6mm it would be worth transplanting them into mx500 or similar shell with bass ports. The TO400 shell while nice has no porting for improved sub bass, thus possibly explaining the roll off I heard in my unit. Maybe with that and a new cable you could transform the sound, but other than the bass it's a really exceptional earbud for that neutralish, low mid leaning but airy signature that is sought after. I really liked it in many aspects for something to alternate with brighter tuned earbuds. But the bass was just lacklustre for me.
    Last edited: Nov 1, 2018
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  11. KevDzn
    Yeah I agreed bass takes a step back but I think the TO400s main strength is its mids and clarity.
    Btw there's bass ports on the underside of the buds.
  12. hongky
    Thanks, but Samsara is over my budget
    Any other recommendation for $100 budget ?
  13. theresanarc
    Looking for the cheapest 16 ohm impedance earbud with a small shell like a yuin PK or Qian39/monk lite shell.

    Don't care about sound quality because I won't be using these as my main music one, I want these to listen to movies or podcasts at the lowest possible volume without any hissing. The 32 ohm ones give hissing at the lowest volume.
  14. chinmie
    can't go wrong with Willsounds
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  15. hongky
    Already have Willsound MK2s

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