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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. MisterMudd
    Darn it. Been reading through this thread and now I am buying, buying, buying. Having a great time trying different buds though. Forgot how much I liked good sounding bargain buds since picking up the Monk OG way back (which I still have and use). Right now I like Vido for the bass and headroom, and Qian 39 for the amazing detail. Thanks to everyone who participates on this thread, and keep the recommendations coming!
  2. wskl
    Looks like AE sellers have now revealed their 11.11 pricing
  3. Carrow
    Anyone have recommendations for earbud storage boxes? I have enough pairs now that they seem necessary (they say as they make plans to buy some more next week)
  4. exavolt
    there's pre-order price and sale price. some of them will have higher sale price than the pre-order price. For example, EB2 will be 22.87 with pre-order and 23.75 sale price.

    For those looking for Svara L discount, AVCCK store will sell them at 54.00 from 59.76 / 58.32 (AliPrice says that they were only 49.68 in August).

    I use bolt organizer / small-parts organizer like this.
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  5. HungryPanda
    I have three aluminium flight cases

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  6. RodRevenge
    Thats a well equiped panda.
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  7. HungryPanda
    And each individual little case is labeled

  8. Willber
    I find the RY4S UE to be tighter, clearer and more spacious than the SL 1.0 (which incidentally has a black braided cable). No contest IMO.
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  9. RodRevenge
    Guy any yuin shell type bud with the monk plus sound signature (or atleast close) i read that the auglamour rx-1 is similar but im looking to widen the options it is for my gf she loves (i do too) the monk's sound.
  10. FastAndClean
    lets go baby
    Screenshot (197).png
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  11. Blueshound24

    I use a couple sorta like this:


    The compartment sizes can be adjusted for size as well.

    And you can see through them to see what buds, IEM's, tips, cables or tools are in them without opening it up.
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2018
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  12. Willber
    I hang mine on hooks attached to a shelf. Helps keep the cables straight.

    ETA: To be more accurate, I keep my favourite 20 like that (4 per hook) - mainly buds plus a few IEMs and my KSC75. The rest are returned to their original packaging and ̶c̶h̶u̶c̶k̶e̶d̶ placed in a drawer..
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2018
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  13. subwoof3r
    Hey everybody!
    I decided to open up my Willsound PK32 that have issue (that some of you known in the past) :)

    Here is some pics :

    Internal PK2 shell

    Rear driver

    And another pic of rear driver

    Always interesting to share (I hope) :)
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  14. doggiemom
    For pricier buds and/or those that come with nice cases, I use these:
    Each case holds 10-12 buds (assuming 2-3 in the long ends).
    For others, I use these:
    Several stores on Ali have them. You have to check each store and play around with the quantities ordered to find the lowest price with shipping for the quantity you want to buy.
  15. Lothar101
    For those of you that use foams on your NiceHCK EB2's. What type are you using full or doughnuts? I like mine foamless but need to use foams for a better seal. Going to try factory doughnuts first to try to keep those sweet details.

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