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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. ClieOS Contributor
    EBX is a very nice sounding earbud, but not quite the flagship level as BK. Personally, I would rate it closer to the level of a second-tier.
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  2. silverfishla
    Well, I guess all the hype finally sunk in...i’ve Bought the Penon BS1 with balanced plug to use with my Shanling M3s. I’ve also got the Rose Mojito and Masya in balanced configuration, so I’ll let you all know how it compares. Seriously, this has got to be my last bud....
  3. snip3r77
    I need a step up from graphene. What's my poison? Thanks
  4. mbwilson111
    Good luck with that.
  5. silverfishla
    Yeah, I know! HaHa! Seriously, no, my last bud...seriously! seriously.
  6. redkingjoe
    Last buds this month, seriously
  7. rigui
    I have a question, will K's 300 samsara have a good synergy with my LG G6? I'm planning to buy on this sale on AliExpress. Thanks
  8. groucho69
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  9. kurtextrem
  10. vladstef
    Tried to find some nice discounts for 28.03. on Aliexpress:

    - Moondrop Nameless: 18$
    - NiceHCK EBX: 107$
    - NiceHCK Graphene (older version): 22$
    - Senfer PT15: around 10$ with a simple cable
    - Memt T5: 18$
  11. seanc6441
    Depends I think there are two versions of the G6 one with quad dac+amp (like V20) and one with snapdragon audio which won’t be as high fidelity or powerful I assume.

    If it’s the quad dac then yes I should sound great (this G6 is supposed to sound like V20 with slightly less bass and more treble, not a huge difference though I imagine.) The samara by reviews sounds well balanced and decently full sounding with some warmth, perfect for the V20/G6 to balance out the neutral/cool nature of that sabre dac.

    The power output of these phones in high impendance mode (again assuming you have quad dac variant) is definitely enough to power them well.
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2018
  12. miroslav
  13. H.L.
    EBX is rated as a better sound quality than Shozy BK in my country.
    It is a flagship level.
    There may be a difference in the quality of the machine.
  14. rigui
    I own the G6 with the quad dac version. I was thinking pairing it to Samsara because of G6's neutral to bright sound. I also want to try high impedance mode. :)
  15. seanc6441
    Sounds like a perfect match to me! I have the V20 and I think any earbud described as warm full and balanced will pair excellently with this phone. The 300 ohm is an advantage so you can use the high impendance mode, which I’m sure will sound powerful and dynamic.

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