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Pictures of Your *Budget-Fi* Portable Rig (< $200)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by trolldragon, Feb 13, 2013.
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  1. Podster
    Julian, like the data capabilities of that iRiver and the Koss headband upgrade is nice for those who can't stand the pesky ear clips[​IMG] I'm with you on the Porta Pro love Troll, have always been an under rated/appreciated headphone and I have always felt people thought they looked dumb and therefore[​IMG]
    Achmedisdead, not sure if you can really say budget with the FC700's but still a sweet two piece arrangement, my buddy took it from budget for sure by running his clip into a Shadow. When he is riding his scooter he drives old Ety 6i's and to me that is killer compact, I do realize for some ymmv[​IMG]
  2. julian67

    The custom screen and metadata display capability is all down to Rockbox so you can do the same on any player that supports Rockbox. I even customised my tiny Sansa Clip+ to display the same stuff except the picture. With a little care over scroll speeds and alternating fields it works well.

    Yes the Koss do deserve some praise. They work well with these more powerful players and I like that there are no logos or attempts to make a fashion statement.
  3. Achmedisdead
    The FC700 only cost me $35....[​IMG]
  4. Podster
    My apologies Achmed, I did not know they retailed for that little, beautiful cans especially for $35 bones[​IMG]
  5. tds101
    I want to apologize for not posting my pictures, as my nokia lumia 920 seems to be having memory leak/battery issues. All my pics were lost, and the darn thing is stuck in a restore loop. Wish me luck please,... Or I'm stuck using an old iPhone 4. :frowning2:
  6. Achmedisdead
    I don't know how much they cost originally, to be honest....I got them on Amazon described as "used, like new" condition for that price. They're not the best headphones I have, but they have a nice balance to their sound and they're easily powered.[​IMG]
    That's a bummer. [​IMG]
  7. tds101
    I got lucky, as my bro sent me back my Motorola Atrix 4G - thanks Achmedisdead!!! :)
  8. TrollDragon
    The SOMiC's are here... The SOMiC's are here... [​IMG]
    SOMiC EFi82MT and the portable rig, (C3 & E11)
    (The phone does not do Red very well.)
  9. Achmedisdead
  10. tds101
  11. KosanRio
    My Note II and my Sony MH1Cs.
    I'd be using my PortaPro KTCs but as you guys know they have a bad habit of breaking.
  12. julian67
    A $530 phone with $70 IEMs is budget? I think you wandered into the wrong end of town.....
  13. KosanRio

    I paid $30 for the headphones and bought the phone last year on contract for $299. The phone is also a necessity it's not a dedicated audio device, I'd own it either way.
    Also I see PLENTY of people in this thread with iPhones and headphones in the same price range as mine...
  14. julian67
    OK I'm just a lot poorer than I realised because however I look at it $300 down + a monthly contract doesn't look budget-fi to me.

    Maybe this thread is full of expensive kit but a quick skim of pages shows Sansas and Creatives and Fiio and iPod classic and Superlux and some more Sansas. Also some more Sansas. Mixed in with some other Sansas.

    Anyway I think you get the prize for highest priced budget-fi in the thread so far.

    Tera Player anyone?
  15. tds101
    If you got it for $99 or less on contact, Ok. @$299 your officially disqualified. It's the law of the west!!! (old cartoon reference btw)
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