1. sinafl

    Bose Headphones

    I am considering on buying the Bose Headphones. I mainly listen to rock and rap. The only problem is that I hear there are better headphones for this price. I looked at the shure e3c but I dont like earbuds. Is there anything that looks as good as the Bose and is better?
  2. sagrr

    ATH-F700 Disspointing

    Hey everyone,   I don't usually do reviews, but I felt like there was little information about these headphones on here.   I just got the Audio Technica's FC700's. They suck. The highs feel like a tiny sword is gently poking at my eardrums.   avoid these!   this review sums it up...
  3. papermoon

    Audio Technica ATH-FC700A or Sennheiser HD 218?

    I am looking for a headphone I can wear on a train/bus commute that is bassy and great coming out of an ipod. I have an MDR V6 and I find it waay too bright on the treble. Durability is also a big factor (I have read some comments about the HD 218 breaking easily, does anyone know if this is...
  4. geoxile

    How are the ATH FC 700s?

    Still looking for portable headphones on the cheap. Is the SQ decent?
  5. GnuB

    Audio-Technica ATH-FC700A for $25 again (was 25 then 34)

    FYI.   Don't know whether this is a real deal or not but I picked up a pair just for grins.   EDIT:  Oops! they changed the price to $33.24 on Buy.Com,  it was $24.99 w/ free shipping.  Amazon is/was the same price and both were...
  6. davidvanderbilt

    Audio Technica ATH-ESW9A vs ATH-ES7 vs ATH-FC700A vs Sennheiser HD448 vs Sennheiser PX200II

    I am having trouble deciding which headphones to get. I had the M50's but i returned them due to their bulkiness and making my ears feel hot and uncomfortable after a short time. I wasnt amazed with their sound quality but I didn't have an amp. I am going to get an amp probably, but I was just...
  7. leokennis

    Audio Technica ATH-FC700 - foldable...with soundstage!

    Just a quick note. I've been listening to my latest purchase for a week now. The Audio Technica ATH-FC700: Yes, it's that sexy, but what Audio Technicas aren't ? But whatever. I have always been a very happy Sennheiser PX100 user. However, for my 'home setup', I used a Grado SR60. I...
  8. leokennis

    Are there Audio Technica ATH-FC700 fakes on the market?

    I just noticed the thread about fake ATH-ESW9's. Recently, I bought an ATH-FC700 from eBay (info on the phones here: - Audio-Technica ATH-FC700 Portable Headphones -). I bought it from 'bestgood88', a Hong-Kong eBay-store operating powerseller with 100% positive feedback on...
  9. julioforo

    What do you prefer? Audio-technica ath-fc700 or Sennheiser px200-II?

    What do you prefer? Audio-technica ath-fc700 or Sennheiser px200-II?
  10. julioforo

    akg k530 or audio-technica ath-fc700???? Come on!!! What do you think?   or,pcatid,4,pid,6,_psmand,1.html     this is the question...
  11. julioforo

    fake ATH-FC700?

    Hi!!   I'm thinking of buying this:   This is the conversation with the seller:   Hello... You know that ebay is full of fakes of this...
  12. kidgfoo

    Audio Technica ATH-FC700A??

    I'm about to get a new mp3 player. I was wondering if i should get these portables, but after some searches, there is not much to say. I was wondering id anyone has them and what they think about them. Or I'd like to know if is should skip them and so for the ES7. If so, where can i get some...
  13. buffalowings

    audio technica FC700a vs M50

    can the audio technica FC700a's compare with M50's? I love my M50's, but they aren't the most portable cans around so I'm looking for alternatives   James
  14. massec

    portable mp3 headphones noisy enviroment

    I'm looking for a pair of headphones for use with my sansa clip mp3, to and from work on the bus and walking(I'm in the uk so they really shouldn't break at the first sight of rain), which can then be placed in my bag throughout the day. So it they should preferably have very little sound...
  15. phixeos

    K81DJ vs ATH-FC7

    I've always used canalphones, but recently, I've wanted to try some headphones instead. My 2 top contenders are the K81DJ and the ATH-FC7. I'll mostly be using these headphones for walking to work, on trains, etc. I want headphones that are fairly portable, comfortable, decent noise...
  16. phixeos

    Does anyone else think that the "elbows" on headphones look weird?

    I'm looking to buy a ATH-FC700 and while the cups look awesome, the elbows on the phone just look weird when you wear it. It just out to make all this extra space between the  band and your head. The last time I had phones like these with the bent elbows, I just looked like a loser wearing them...
  17. phixeos

    Anyone buy from The Sound Professionals before?

    I'm looking to by AT ATH-FC700a for my little sister (she wants the red one specifically) and The Sound Professionals look like they have the best deal. Anyone buy from them before or know if they're trustworthy?   Here's the link to the site...
  18. TrollDragon

    Pictures of Your *Budget-Fi* Portable Rig (< $200)

    Greetings & Salutations!   As much as I like drooling over the Amazing Rigs in the regular thread, it sometimes just get a little too overwhelming... There needs to be a place for us average "Joe's" to post pictures of the Budget-Fi gear that we love and use every day. You know, those of...
  19. Audio Technica ATH-FC700A Portable Headphones with 40mm Neodymium Drivers, Black

    Audio Technica ATH-FC700A Portable Headphones with 40mm Neodymium Drivers, Black

    Designed for pristine sound quality, long-wearing comfort & aesthetic design— these headphones deliver a real sense of depth to the sonic image. Newly developed 40 mm neodymium drivers ensure high quality sound with popular portable players. The headphones fold for extremely compact portability...