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Audio Technica ATH-FC700A or Sennheiser HD 218?

  1. papermoon
    I am looking for a headphone I can wear on a train/bus commute that is bassy and great coming out of an ipod. I have an MDR V6 and I find it waay too bright on the treble. Durability is also a big factor (I have read some comments about the HD 218 breaking easily, does anyone know if this is very prevalent?)
  2. TheGame21x
    Well, I haven't heard the 218s but I have the FC700As and if you're turned off by bright treble, you'll probably want to steer clear of the FC700A. The sound signature isn't necessarily what I'd call bright but the treble is overemphasized to the point of being very harsh, fatiguing and sibilant on many tracks. I can only listen to them if I'm able to EQ down the treble by more than a few decibels.
    The FC700As really aren't bad overall and compete well with the HD228s (bigger brother of the HD218) but their treble presentation is too harsh for me.
  3. JamesMcProgger
    I've only tried the FC700As and lets just say i find the sound totally meh. they do fold nice in a small ball and comes with a pouch to carry and extension, which is necessary because the headphones comes with a very short cable ( 0.5 meters) also they fit weird, the headband tends to go slide slightly to one side (or my head if deformed)
    very portable is their only pro, imo
    have you considered the portapro?
  4. papermoon
    I have considered the portapro, but I want a closed headphone b/c I'll be using it to commute and don't want to bother others around me etc; I'm around the 30-50$ price range, so thats why i was looking at the FC700 and HD 218
  5. ljokerl Contributor
    Sounds like you want a fairly dark sound - I don't think the FC700 fits that description and the HD218 is pretty useless on public transport (extrapolating from experience with HD228). Any chance you'd be willing to try small circumaurals? The JVC HA-S700 has pretty laid-back treble  Otherwise the Meelec HT-21 would be a good option except that the scheduled release date is 'sometime before Christmas'.
  6. papermoon
    Why do you think the HD 218/228 is useless on public transport? Do they not isolate well enough? What about JVC flats btw? do they have a dark sound? I will consider the HA-S700
  7. ljokerl Contributor


    The 228 has poorer isolation than some semi-open headphones. The combination of supraaural fit, flat pads, and weak clamping force just doesn't work for a headphone that needs to isolate. The Flats are pretty good for $10 but your budget allows for better phones. I wouldn't call them particularly dark - they have plenty of treble.
  8. papermoon


    the Meelec HT-21 looks a pretty good buy for me, they seem to be bassy, and they look really stylish! If the "sometime before xmas" release date is true, i wont mind waiting on them, so i guess i'll pull the trigger on those as soon as they come out.
    Also, beside the isolation issues, what do you think of the hd 228's?
  9. ljokerl Contributor
    By the way listening volume is another factor - you are more likely to find even a balanced headphone fatiguing if you listen at higher volumes. The HT-21 is a well-balanced set that has less bass and less treble than the FC700, though not by much. The FC700 is pretty muddy and congested in comparison though. Regarding release date, you may simply want to email Meelec and ask them because the press release is from a few weeks ago and these things get pushed around. 
    Aside from isolation I think the HD228 is a good headphone - very comfortable, well-balanced, 'pleasant'. Theres a full review of it in one of the links in my sig. It's still overpriced at MSRP but refurbs are priced competitively.
  10. papermoon
    also, what about the px100? how do you think it compares to the hd 228's? I heard a px 100 today and i thought it sounded excellent (loved the bass one it), but I can't find it anywhere fore $35 (the price listed as street price in your review). It is $70 on amazon vs. $30 for the hd 218...
  11. kjk1281
    The reason the PX100s are expensive now is because they have been discontinued, replaced by the PX100-II. 
    Personally, I like the PX100 and HD218 equally.  Both headphones can be a bit too bassy with darker sources, though the PX100 here has the advantage of being open-backed, allowing some of that bass to escape.  The HD218 on the other hand seems more dynamic, with better clarity in the midrange and treble, though its bass is a tad more boomy.  Keep in mind though that the sound of the HD218 (and presumably its brother, the HD228) is highly dependent on fit; if the headphone isn't situated where drivers aren't pointed toward the ear canal, this could result in muddiness.  Also, completely disregard the reviews on Amazon, Newegg, etc. that say that these lack bass.  Really not sure how one can come to such a conclusion.
    The HD218, despite its closed nature, does not isolate completely, as ljokerl has already pointed out.  Expect no isolation with the PX100.
    As much as I like them,  I don't think either the PX100 or the HD218 are worth anywhere near their respective MSRPs.  However, as you've stated, the street price of the HD218 is now sitting at around $30, which I think is a pretty good price, though you can get them for half as much if you don't mind refurbished units.
  12. JamesMcProgger
    so, papermoon, what was your choice?
    have you consider the denon p372?
    i dont have it and never try them. (but i did order me a pair) and a great reviewer who is posting in this thread thinks they sound better than the ath a700fc, thats a big plus on their favor [​IMG]

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